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19. Stealing all of her things with good intentions

A face so beautiful that it would shake one to the core, making one unable to dare look straight at.

A white colored dress fluttered in the wind, making her entire person seem indescribably charming beyond belief.

"How is it? With me like this, no one would recognize me, right?"

"Weren't they looking for a celestial maiden? This lord shall pretend to be one! I want to flip the entire Purple Cloud Clan upside down, as revenge for yesterday's enmity."

Yue Wushang's beautiful eyes flashed with a fierce sharpness.

"Besides, this lord also wants to see who exactly is the true celestial maiden." A calculating light appeared in his eyes.

"Being able to turn her to our demon sect is the best situation, killing her is also not a bad idea. The main point is to break their dreams of having a celestial maiden anyway." Yue Wushang smiled with an incomparable brilliance.

"Your Highness, it's too dangerous! You are our Holy Ruler, how could you easily take such risks? …It'll be terrible if they find out."

Lan Tao slightly knitted his brows.

Yue Wushang laughed in a low voice: "Don't worry, those ox-nosed Purple Cloud Clan members could barely fight with me, as for the others… Hmph, this king already said that he is going, do you even think you two can obstruct me?"

Then he lowered his head and glanced at Qi Baoer's little tent. A mischievous smile appeared on his face.

Slowly walking over, he opened the knapsack he was extremely curious about.

And poked around at the things inside.

Huh! He had never seen a majority of the things inside here. Then he won't be courteous and take it away!

He patted his body to look for something, and fished out an ordinary looking pouch.

And then took out everything inside Qi Baoer's knapsack.

Taking the binoculars, compass, thermos bottle, lighter, ballpoint pen, gun, and so on, and threw it all into his pouch.

Then he saw a case with a bunch of transparent looking glass bottles.

Inside were a few brightly colored, circular seedlike looking things.

He took a sniff. This—— could this be medicine?

Whatever, it wasn't easy for this little girl to bring along so many things, he'll just leave these bottles behind for her.

He could not just casually eat these medicine anyway…

His two subordinates watched with a stupefied expression, watching their always noble master, that had always looked down on everyone, look like a bandit as he completely wiped out someone's knapsack…

It was starting to get messy in the wind——

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