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18. In the blink of an eye, the old mother hen had become a duck

After flicking his finger, he said faintly: “The strength of those ox-nosed four elders of the Purple Cloud Clan seemed to have increased by quite a bit. They suddenly came here together yesterday, so there must have been something going on here. This requires a close investigation.”

Lan Tao bowed: “Reporting to Your Highness, when we two were searching for Your Highness, we had accidentally heard some information.”

Yue Wushang lifted his gaze: “What information?”

Lan Tao said: “We heard that this year, the Purple Cloud Clan has been hiring female disciples throughout the entire State of Tang. It has been said that they had received a heavenly sign, saying that a Celestial Maiden will appear in the southeast part of the State of Tang.

Celestial maiden?

Yue Wushang cast a glance at the little tent—— was it that little girl?

Then he shook his head. If i was a celestial maiden, her celestial powers would be strong.

But this little girl didn’t even have a sliver of spiritual energy.

Aside from dressing up and doing weird things, there wasn’t anything different…

Qing Feng also looked at the little delicate tent, and could even faintly see that someone was sleeping inside it.

A puzzled expression appeared on his face. He had a frank disposition, and couldn’t help but ask: “Your Highness, this is…”

Yue Wushang laughed lightly: “Only a mere little human. No need to care about her. You two go to the Mirage Palace first, to guard against the other demon king’s riots.”

Lan Tao stared blankly: “Your Highness isn’t coming back?”

Yue Wushang suddenly smiled with an incomparable brilliance.

Yet his smile didn’t reach his eyes: “Purple Cloud Clan has killed two of my great guardians. If this king doesn’t take back this debt, how could this king possible sleep peacefully?”

Lan Tao stared dazedly: “Your Highness is saying?”

Yue Wushang faintly laughed: “Weren’t they recruiting disciples? This is exactly the opportunity to invade the Purple Cloud Clan.”

Lan Tao was scared stiff: “Your Highness is saying that you want to be a common disciple of the Purple Cloud Clan? How can this be? Many elder level characters of the Purple Cloud Clan have fought with Your Highness. I’m afraid that if you go, they’ll recognize you, it’s too dangerous!”

Yue Wushang’s eyes glimmered as he laughed: “That’s easy.”

With a wave of his hand, a stream of white light flashed.

Lan Tao and company only saw a bright light flash before their eyes. Then, a white clothed woman appeared out of nowhere.

All five facial features were peerlessly exquisite, with skin that looked as if it might break with just a puff of the wind.

Dense flowing light filled the eyes, as the corner of her mouth curled, and because of the smile, she had become seventy percent more lovely to look at.

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