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17. The bewitching man

It turned out that this white attired man was the demon sect’s Holy Ruler, Yue Wushang.

More than a hundred years ago, he unified the completely uncooperative and divided demon sects.

Established the Mirage Palace, and had already reigned for over a century.

Hong Chao, Huang Yu, as well as the latter two, Qing Feng and Lan Tao, were his competent aides.

Yue Wushang had a secret disease. Every century, he would return to being a child, and every time he changed into a child, he would lose all of his power.

In these couple of years, the Purple Cloud Clan that was headed by the so called righteous teachings were completely incompatible with the demon sect’s demonic teachings. As for inside the demon sect, there were also many demon leaders who had been covetously eyeing his Holy Ruler position.

So he kept his secret extremely well. The only ones who knew of his secret illness were only his four close generals.

Fortunately, this secret disease only broke out for one day.

He would recover his normal state after one day.

So whenever the secret disease flared up, he would always leave two of his trusted aides inside the demon palace and handle the daily affairs.

He himself would bring the other two aides to find a secret place to hide in.

Then leave when the secret disease passed by.

This ought to have happened yesterday too, even though the place where he had hidden, Cloudmist Mountain, was Purple Cloud Clan’s territory.

It was still a place that was really remote, and was normally deserted.

It was not known what happened yesterday, but it just so happened that the Four Great Elders had come over to patrol.

And Hong Chao accidentally exposed their whereabouts.

A large fight had broken out and Hong Chao, as well as Huang Yu had died under the hands of those Four Great Elders.

And at that time, since Yue Wushang was still in child form, the Four Great Elders had not recognized him.

They only saw him with two demons, so they presumed that he was also one of the demon palace’s little demon ‘whelps’.

Uncomfortable about laying hands on child, they threw him off the cliff.

They left his life or death up for fate to decide.

Even though Yue Wushang had lost all of his power at that time, he still was not of mortal flesh.

Moreover, he had fallen on top of that unfortunate leopard’s body.

Which had decreased a large amount of the falling impact.

When he had fallen onto the ground, that leopard had become his cushion.

So he wasn’t harmed in the slightest, and it could also be said that he had gotten through a scary experience without mishap…

Hearing Qing Feng’s question, the white robed man’s gaze sunk: “Hong Chao and Huang Yu have died for me. However—— this king won’t let those two die in vain. This king will inevitably demand back this debt.”

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