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16. The most bewitching man

At this moment, the east was already pale, and in the extreme boundaries in the horizon, a stream of dawn had appeared.

Following the appearance of the first dawn, that child's body had an astonishing reaction!

The gentle rays of light rippled on his body, enveloping its entirety…

The radiance gradually dispersed, and the child disappeared. Standing there, was man clad in white.

Ink black hair draped over his shoulders. Under dawn's light, it was as if it had the luster of a pearl.

His eyebrows were smokey moons, and a fire red lightning bolt imprint appeared in the space between his brows.

Like a blossoming red plum in the midst of snow, he had a stunning, bewitching aura.

He had a pair of obsidian eyes that occasionally appeared to be as deep as the ocean, yet was sometimes so clear that it could be transparent, with an enchanting luster.

His lips were like red clouds, curled up to what seemed to be a faint smile. His entire person appeared to be lazy yet coquettish.

But the strength of the aura surrounding his body would make one timid and not dare to look at him.

He extended a jade white finger and caressed Qi Baoer's face.

The corner of his mouth revealed a slight smile: "Little girl, you'd actually wanted this king to call you big sis, but this king is far older than you…"

He gently raised his hand, and Qi Baoer's body floated horizontally.

Quietly floating into the tent: "Little girl, you have allowed this king to have a good rest, so this king shall also let you have a good rest."

With a wave of his hand, a flowerlike stream of light shot straight for the horizon.

After a small while, along with a streak of blue light, a streak of blue light flew over, landing in a spin inside the jungle.

It was actually two people. One clad in black, as neat and nimble as the night time bat.

One was clad in a blue robe and was as mind as a scholar taking an imperial exam.

These two human forms hurriedly came over, and as soon as they saw the white robe man, both revealed expressions of pleasant surprise.

The black clad man hurriedly rushed forward: "Your Highness, you have suffered. It is this subordinate's incompetence that he could not protect you. This subordinate deserves to die. I ask Your Highness to punish me!"

The blue attired person had also bowed: "Your Highness, we have received Hong Shi's emergency message, saying that Your Highness has suffered a sneak attack from Purple Cloud Clan, and we two had immediately come rushing over. But halfway through, we lost Your Highness's aura. This subordinate was incompetent, and was searching up until now…"

That black clothed man couldn't help but ask: "Your Highness, the place you hid in was so hard to find, how did those Hui bastards from the Purple Cloud find you?"

Then he looked at the surroundings: "Why isn't Hong Chao and Huang Yu here protecting you?"

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