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14. That smile really doesn’t look like a child’s smile…

In the modern era, she had learned how to climb trees, and even climbing a building several tens of floors high was as easy as pie.

Even though this cliff was completely vertical, it probably could not deter her.

But she still had to bring along this kid.

Could she succeed if she had to carry someone with her?

She shot the kid a glance, then saw the kid nod off.

Must be quite tired.

She couldn’t help but laugh. As expected, this little kid couldn’t refrain from being tired.

This kid was indeed really weird, but had actually hit it off pretty well with her.

Seeing the kid’s tiredness, her heart softened as she rubbed his head: “Dumpling, go sleep in the tent.”

“What about you?” The kid’s eyes glistened brightly.

“I need to keep watch. This forest has so many wild animals, I can’t let the fire go out…”

There was a bit of helplessness and exhaustion in Qi Baoer’s voice.

She also wanted to sleep really badly, but there were only two people here, and she obviously didn’t want such a little child to keep watch at night.

The little kid flattened his mouth: “But—— I’m really hungry.”

Once he said that, Qi Baoer just realized that they had not eaten dinner yet.

She originally wanted to hunt for some game, but she wasn’t at ease in leaving such a little kid here.

She couldn’t help but sigh: “It’s best to eat the provisions then.”

She took out a bag of compressed biscuits and gave one to the kid.

The kid looked at the square-shaped little thing in his hands with completely curiosity.

After trying a bite, he felt that it was kind of hard, like pastries…

His little eyebrows slightly wrinkled.

Sweet again…

The pastry was too dry, so Qi Baoer took out a travel cup and drank some water.

Once she lifted her head, she saw the kid’s two large eyeballs staring right at her.

Speaking precisely, he was staring at her travel cup.

Qi Baoer obviously knew what he was curious about. Along with a slight laugh, she said: “Dumpling, drink some water.”

The little kid received it, and drank a few mouthfuls.

Oh? The water was actually warm.

He looked inside the weird but pretty cup.

Then looked at the big odd backpack next to her.

He raised his eyebrows and slightly narrowed his eyes as the corner of his mouth revealed an amused smile.

Seeing his expression, Qi Baier was a bit dazed.


That smile really doesn’t look like a child’s smile…

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