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13. The dumpling almost became a meat patty

She swept her gaze through the already black surroundings.

And began to frighten him: “If you still won’t call me that, I’ll just leave you here alone and not care about you anymore.

“This forest has all kinds of wild animals. Tigers, leopards, wolves, bears, and any one of them could casually take your little life at will…”


“Your skin and flesh is quite soft, just enough to be their appetizer…”


As if giving her words some power, the distant sound of a tiger roar was suddenly heard from the distance, scaring Qi Baoer into a shiver.

Uhm—— this forest area really wouldn’t actually have a tiger, would it?!

Even though she had been in the army, she was no Wu Song, who could defeat a tiger unarmed. How could she possibly fight against a tiger?

A sneer flashed past the little kid’s eyes, and suddenly, his little body was in Qi Baoer’s bosom.

He said in a trembling voice: “T… tiger…”

Even though Qi Baoer herself was scared out of her wits, she could not appear weak in front of this child.

She hurriedly patted his back to comfort him: “Good boy, don’t be afraid, with big sis here, the t… tiger won’t dare to come here.”

With her own heart filled with fear, she naturally did not feel the corners of the little kid in her arm’s face that smiled like a fox that had stolen a fish.

Qi Baoer made the fire a bit bigger, wild animals were all afraid of fire, right?

If only those large carnivores would not dare to come here…

“Dumpling, you’re so young, why did you suddenly run to this forest area?”

It was going to be a long night. Qi Baoer did not dare to fall asleep, and could only continuously chat with the little kid.

The little kid looked at her with a slight frown: “I live in the nearby village. I was playing on top of the cliff, but then I slipped and fell down.

Qi Baoer widened her eyes.

This little kid had fallen from such a height?

Wow, this kid’s really lucky!

Fortunately, he had a good leopard cushion, or else this dumpling would’ve become a meat patty…

Mn, looks like to get out of this boundless forest, the best thing to do is to climb up this cliff as fast as possible…

She planned secretly.

She had prepared a flying tiger claw in her knapsack for cases in which she had to climb.

Perhaps she’ll look and see if it was possible to climb this cliff tomorrow.

Back when she was in the modern era, she had done some climbing before.

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