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12. What lady, lady?!

Cloudmist Mountain?

State of Tang?

Qi Baoer's shoulders drooped. Doom, doomed! She really did travel through time!

State of Tang, king's surname is Li?

She couldn't have traveled to the Tang dynasty, could she?

Good, good thing it wasn't somewhere imaginary!

Qi Baoer was alright in history. She could use her ample knowledge of history to become a prophet.

Mn, she had to first ask who the current emperor was, if only it was the time when Emperor Tang Taizong was in power…

"State of Tang? Is it the Tang dynasty? Dumpling, do you know which emperor's reign it is right now?"

The little kid looked at her: "It's the State of Tang, and it's currently the reign of Kaiping, the emperor is Tang Ruidi…"

Qi Baoer was in a daze!

Wrong, wrong, all wrong!

She whirled through all the Tang dynasty emperors one by one in her head, and none of the reigns fit.

Besides, all the Tang dynasty emperors were all named "Zong", not "Di"

Which meant that she had still traveled to an imaginary dynasty!!!

The little kid looked on as Qi Baoer's face suddenly became overcast, then clear, then looked as if she had been struck by lightning in the end.

A trace of amazement and amusement flashed past his eyes: "Little lady, what's wrong? Why does it look like you've seen a ghost?"

The three words "little lady" gave Qi Baoer goosebumps all over.

She glared at this impudent little kid: "Little wimp, what lady, lady?! You ought to call me big sis!"

The little kid's eyes sparkled.

He turned his little face: "Hmph, I don't wanna."

His little mouth frowned slightly, as his long eyelashes blinked upon his faintly pink face.

His facial features were as delicate as a sculpted crystal jade. Even though it was somewhat twisted at the moment, he still indescribably cute and pretty.

He sat behind Qi Baoer.

Qi Baoer couldn't help but lower her head to kiss his little face: "Good boy, let me hear you call me big sis."

The little kid's body stiffened slightly as he retreated backwards.

Two large eyes stared at her accusingly: "You… you…"

It looked as if a big bad wolf had dirtied a little innocent rabbit.

That kind of expression was just too easy to make one want to bully him!

Qi Baoer blanked her face: "I'm way older than you, so you should call me big sis. If you still won't call me that, I'll…"

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