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111. Selling herself as pork meat

If Li Yu and Yun Zhongyue weren’t here, that meant that they were getting reinforcements.

If she could delay things here, it’d be best to delay until reinforcements arrive.

“Hahaha! Lil’ girl, don’t use our heads to pressure us. Our sect master won’t care about these little matters! Besides, he eats people too. Your flesh is so fresh and tender, so it’s just to his liking. If we give you to our sect master, not only would we not be punished, we’d even be rewarded…”

Qi Luoer’s heart lurched.

These guys want to offer me and Bai Li to their boss?

Then, that means they’re not planning to kill us at the moment…

Her brain quickly processed, and with a wave of her hand, she took out a dagger and placed it on her neck: “Hmph, want to use us as offerings? In your dreams! I’ll just die right here in front of you! Let’s see if you can offer me!”

These six demons were stunned, as though they never thought that she would make such a move.

The pig-headed one among the six seemed to be the boss: “Stop! If you die, your meat wouldn’t be fresh. You can’t die now. What do you want?”

Black lines slid down Qi Luoer’s forehead.

Goodness, these demons actually thought of her as meat? And even said something about freshness!

But she still won her gamble. This was exactly the outcome she wanted!

“Release the other sisters! I’ll go with you guys!”

With a bargaining chip in hand, Qi Luoer’s courage was boosted.

These six were evidently stunned, and even the Bai Li behind her creased her brows.

The pig headed one gave Qi Luoer a dark glance: “Lil’ girl, how do you know if we’ll take your offer? What does you dying have to do with us?!”

The dagger in Qi Luoer’s hand slightly moved, and a slight trail of blood trickled down from the blade tip.

Her brows also creased, as she said coldly: “You guys don’t have to take my offer…”

The sight of scarlet blood flowing down her fair neck was oddly beautiful yet stunning.

It seemed as though the six didn’t expect Qi Luoer to be this straightforward, and the pig headed one hastily replied: “Wait. If you want us to release them, I have a condition!”

Qi Luoer raised a brow: “What condition?”

The pig headed one stated: “I want to see if you guys have some skill, if you guys are enough of an asset to make us release so many people. Do you dare compete with us?”

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