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11. How to eat a sausage

That little kid didn't care for formalities and just took the sausage in hand.

He sized it up, and bit into it.

It was tough and didn't taste quite right…

Qi Baoer started looking like this: 囧!

Not able to withhold a little giggle, she snatched back the sausage.

Then she easily tapped the little wimp: "Stupid, you're not suppose to eat the outside packaging."

She pulled the outer wrapping downwards into three strips: "Here, now try it."

The kid got it back and tasted again, it really was different from how it tasted earlier…

"Dumpling, tell big sis, how did you appear here? Where exactly is this place?"

Qi Baoer felt that she had gotten a bit more familiar with the kid, so she started to dig information out of him.

She had to know where exactly she had fallen into.

Deep inside, she was still holding onto a feeble hope that she might not have traveled through time.

It might just so happened that the cave she was exploring was linked to a jungle…

The little kid shot her a glance: "How did you appear here?"

囧. This little kid really wasn't an ordinary blackhearted child.

She had already sacrificed so much of her good food, yet she still had not gotten close with this little ingrate…

He didn't let anything out when speaking!

She knew that if she didn't say where she came from, this child wouldn't either.

She wasn't particularly interested in where this child had come from.

She only wanted to know if she had really traveled through time…

Thinking for a while, she still decided to not say the truth.

Otherwise, this little wimp would talk on forever and ask for her to explain what it meant to travel through time.

Remember the trick that time traveling protagonists used, she decided to try it: "Big sis accidentally hit her head, and don't remember anything from the past."

"Look here, big sis gave you so many things to eat. In this jungle, if I didn't protect you, you, a little dumpling, would've been eaten by a wild animal." This was an intimidation tactic.

"Look, look. Big sis is so nice to you. If you don't want to say where you came from, that's fine, just tell big sis where this place is, and who's currently in power…" Now she tried to tempt him.

That kid crooked his head to look at her. He blinked at her several times, obviously not believing her words.

But then he laughed, and magnanimously said: "Alright, it's not like I'll eat without paying. Seeing that you're don't really look like a bad person, I'll tell you. This place is called Cloudmist Mountain, and it's within the State of Tang's borders, the current monarch's surname is Li…"

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