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109. Who said demon sect people have to be ugly?

A stone door blocked her way.

The stone door was without any decoration, yet it was incomparably tall.

When the two stood there and looked up, they could barely see the top.

In that instant, Qi Luoer couldn't help but feel really small as her fear for this mysterious cavern deepened even more.

She only saw to heavy stone doors, and a tiny line in between.

An ominous wind blew from behind the door, creating small gusts of wind which made the hairs on one's body stand on end.

Since she had already walked to here, Qi Luoer went all out and quickly barged in the stone door, yelling: "Demon, you're not allowed to harm others anymore!"

Inside the stone door was a circular main hall with many doors all around.

The circular dome was tall and aloof. It seemed as though there were paintings up on the walls, but the dome was too tall, and the torchlight fell short, thus making it hard to see what exactly drawn there.

Densely standing in the hall were several tens of people, most of which Qi Luoer was familiar with.

They were exactly her fellow cultivation sisters.

It was just that at this moment, it seemed as though they were in the midst of walking from their figures, yet they held all sorts of frightened stances.

Each and every face was filled with terror.

And behind them, stood six black-clothed men.

From their clothes, they were exactly the demon sect disciples seen above the black clouds.

They were grotesquely shaped, had pig heads, bull snouts…

Ugly beyond words.

The hall flickered with numerous green will-o'-the-wisps that shined green light on these people's faces, adding an even more eerie terror to the atmosphere.

Those pig headed people still held half a body in their hands, with bloodstains in their mouths.

Upon seeing Qi Luoer and Bai Li enter, he laughed: "These two girls sure smell fresh, I'd assume their flesh is very delicious too…"

The corner of his mouth occasionally dripped with saliva, as though he wasn't looking at two people, but two plates of delicious red braised pork.

The first instant Qi Luoer saw their appearance, she really had been frightened out of her mind!

Why are these demon sect people so ugly?!

Why are every one of them so strangely shaped?!

She summoned up courage, and shouted: "Since you guys are so ugly, you must be demons from the demon sect! If you want to attack Purple Cloud Clan, why capture disciples who haven't even entered the sect yet? Release them!"

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