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105. Seemed to be squeezing into her chest

Then, a few “bang! bang! bang!” noises sounded in the distant skies, followed by a huge tearing sound.

Countless ‘black clouds’ poured down, descending upon White Cloud Mountain.

Qi Luoer’s expression changed greatly: “Not good! The Demon Sect got in! We have to run! Ah, where are the others?”

Dou Ding raised its big head: “That’s easy. I can’t find them. Follow me!”

After Dou Ding’s evolution, even though it didn’t have little wings anymore, it still was able to fly.

At this moment, it floated in front of Qi Luoer in midair and lead the way.

Qi Luoer was stunned for a while, then elated.

Hey, she got a good one! Didn’t expect that this little thing can act as a police dog…

Dou Ding’s flew very fast. Qi Louer strained her movement skills to its limits to barely follow behind it.

Even though Bai Li’s movement skills weren’t bad, she evenly advanced with Qi Luoer, without getting left behind in the slightest.

They kept going for about a cup of tea.

Dou Ding suddenly halted in midair: “Alright! They’re in a cave not too far in front. I don’t want them to see me, so I’ll turn invisible first!

As it spoke, Dou Ding’s plumply round body disappeared.

Qi Luoer only felt the inside of her sleeve sink, as though something soft had squeezed in.

She couldn’t help but laugh.

Looking up ahead, she saw a huge mountain cave to the front. It was dark, and it was unknown just how deep it was.

As she walked forward, she felt a chilly wind that made her entire body tremble blow out from within the cave.

Qi Luoer wrinkled her brows: “Bai Li, there’s something wrong about this cave, let’s be careful.”

Bai Li leaned over: “Uu, Little Luoer, then you have to protect me…”

It seemed though she was squeezing into Qi Luoer’s chest.

Qi Luoer trembled, and hastily shook her off: “Alright, alright. Follow behind me. Don’t run off.”

The two held hands as they step by step, advanced into the cave.

When they entered, the cave became deeper and darker, it was so dark that one could not see their fingers.

Qi Luoer wrinkled her brows. Dou Ding said that the others were inside the cave, but why couldn’t she see any one of them?

Upon entering, she could still only hear the whistling of the wind, but now, she couldn’t even hear any wind sounds.

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