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104. Male chauvinist pig

Qi Luoer didn't know if she should be angry or laugh.

Seeing that Dou Ding was on Bai Li, she said: "Stupid Dou Ding, what are you doing on her? I'm your master!"

Dou Ding pouted its little pink lips: "You don't even bring me out to play! Besides, you guys never separate from each other, so there's not much of a difference if I follow her!"

Swoon, this little thing was actually quite right!

The way he said it didn't make them seem like good sisters, rather, they sounded like a loving couple…

Qi Luoer grabbed it over.

She looked at it eye to eye: "Stupid Dou Ding, what do you mean there's not much of a difference if you follow her or me?! She is herself, and I am me! She and I will part one day. Speak, are you going to follow her or me?!"

Dou Ding shrank and mumbled in a small voice: "Okay, okay. You're my master, so I will obviously follow you…"

This was when Qi Luoer finally hmphed and let go of its short little limbs.

Dou Ding rolled its eyes and then mumbled to itself again: "Women have so many issues…"

"What?!" Qi Luoer and Dou Bao shouted together.

Qi Luoer shot Dou Ding a dirty look: "So you still look down on women… you're actually a male chauvinist pig!"

Dou Bao's big round eyes spun with anger and a sense of being wronged:" Dou Ding, I don't want you anymore! Where do I have issues!"

Dou Ding's one sentence offended the two women present. Its got a headache.

It slanted its head to look at Bai Li, but Bai Li only stroked her chin, wearing an interested expression on her face.

"Eh? Why aren't you bouncing up and down like them?"

Dou Ding couldn't help but ask.

Bai Li smiled: "Why should I bounce? What you just said is right…"

"Bai Li, are you even a woman? You're actually agreeing with Dou Ding's stupid reasoning!"

Qi Luoer looked unhappily at Bai Li.

A smear of light flashed through Bai Li's eyes.

She laughed: "I'm only telling the truth. This doesn't have anything to do with whether or not I'm a woman…"

Qi Luoer stood there, muddled.

Then, a few "bang! bang! bang!" noises sounded in the distant skies, followed by a huge tearing sound.

Countless 'black clouds' poured down, descending upon White Cloud Mountain.

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