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103. I'm your master

Even though Bai Li didn't have much courage, it would be easier to protect her since Bai Li herself was strong in mystic arts anyway.

Afraid that she would separate from Bai Li in the dark night, she held her hand and ventured forward.

A trace of laughter flashed through Bai Li's eyes.

She leaned on Qi Luoer's shoulder: "Little Luoer, being able to be with you like this really makes me wish that this road would never end…"

囧! Can't this guy forget how to be sappy?!

Black lines littered Qi Luoer's face as goosebumps emerged all over her body: "Bai Li, if you say these kinds of sappy words again, I'm going to ditch you and ignore you forever!"

Qi Luoer put down extremely harsh words!

Bai Li's body trembled: "Alright, alright. I know that it's better for some words to stay in one's heart. I won't talk anymore…"


Qi Luoer tightened her fist and had a urge to punch her head.

The corners of her mouth incessantly twitched. Why can't this Bai Li be a bit more normal?

She really only treated her as a normal frienddddddddd!

"Little Luoer, where are you going in such a hurry?"

Bai Li advanced with her, shoulder to shoulder as she asked.

"Dou Ding and Dou Bao are still in the dormitories. I'm going to help them." Qi Luoer said as she ran as fast as possible.

"No need to go…"

Bai Li suddenly stopped as her tone of voice became somewhat strange.

"What's wrong?" Qi Luoer blanked, and also stopped.


Bai Li slowly said that word, then suddenly patted the embroidered purse on her waist: "Why haven't you guys come out yet?"

"Hehe, so Master was going to get us…"

A big round head stuck out. Dou Ding shook its rounded ears.

"We've always been on my master's body."

Another head poked out. And Dou Bao blinked in embarrassment.

Ah?! Qi Luoer was dumbfounded!

She glared at Bai Li: "Then why didn't you say that earlier?!"

Bai Li innocently shrugged: "You didn't ask me earlier! You were all over the place, how should I know where you were going?"

Qi Luoer didn't know if she should be angry or laugh. Seeing that Dou Ding was on Bai Li, she said: "Stupid Dou Ding, what are you doing on her? I'm your master!"

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