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10. The pretty little boy (10)

She laughed: "Yes, yes, once you grow up, I'll be old, so of course you'll beat me. You have the nerve to bully me, an old woman? Alright little dumpling, do you want this chocolate or not?"

After going through such a disturbance, the two had finally gotten familiar with each other.

Knowing that this little child was only a normal kid and not a spirit monster, Qi Baoer's heart was at ease.

The little kid stretched out his hand and took the chocolate.

Carefully staring at the wrapping, a smear of confused curiosity flashed past his beautiful eyes.

Sticking out his pink tongue, he licked.

Eh? Never tasted this before.

It tastes really good!

He broke off the block of chocolate into small little chunks.

Then threw it into his mouth as he ate with utter satisfaction.

She didn't know why, but Qi Baoer felt that sometimes, this little kid didn't really act like a little kid.

Seeing him eat this way, she felt that he was like a sloppy little ruffian…

At this moment, the sun had set under the mountain, and the sky had turned dark.

Qi Baoer had walked an entire day and had long since been completely exhausted.

There was a cliff quite a distance in the pitch-black front of them.

She quickly brought the kid there.

This cliff was steep, and was probably 80,000 feet straight up. In the dim light of the night, it was fundamentally impossible to see the scenery above them.

In the dark night, they couldn't find an place where they could climb up anyway.

Feeling a bit disheartened, she could only just gather a few dry branches to start an open fire.

She took out a little mosquito preventing tent from her knapsack and quickly started a fire near it.

She then fished out a snake and bug repellent and finely sprinkled a circle around it…

She set up a simple campsite under this cliff.

The little kid sat on the side, watching her, as if she was doing magic tricks as she transformed many strange things out.

Her movements were swift and agile, it was evident that she had done this many times before.

He couldn't help but narrow his eyes, this woman really was too weird…

Qi Baoer occasionally turned her head around and saw that little kid stare fixedly at her knapsack.

She couldn't help but laugh a little as she patted her knapsack: "These are my essential items I bring when I go out. As long as you're obedient, big sis will give you lots of new things to eat."

Feeling through the interior again, she took out a sausage: "Little brat, you're hungry right? Try this."

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