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1. The pretty little boy (1)

"Brother Leopard, Lord Leopard, please don't come over here. My meat doesn't taste good, haven't you heard that human meat is sour…"

Qi Baoer continuously backed away on a quivering branch with a slightly pale face.

One hand held onto the branch on the side while the other grasped a multipurpose knife.

Her nervous little eyes looked into the spotted leopard's big eyes.

That leopard wasn't small.

It catwalked closer towards the trunk of the tree she was on.

Its jade green eyes emitted a deep ice cold radiance, its saliva dripped from the corner of its mouth.

Qi Baoer nearly cried but had no tears as her chest unceasingly grieved about how bad her luck was.

When Qi Baoer had nothing to do, she liked to travel.

It was in her nature to like taking risks, and she even knew martial arts.

After traveling here, she heard that this place had a secret cave, and that cave was called the Ghost Cave by the locals.

There were many twists and turns inside that cave, even the caves had caves, and they all weaved and overlapped. It was like a maze trap, and was rumored that many people had disappeared inside that cave.

This aroused her exuberant adventurous spirit.

After preparing a knapsack, she went into the Ghost Cave.

The Ghost Cave was like a huge labyrinth.

Qi Baoer walked around for a while inside, and felt that aside from being a little gloomy, with a little more forks in the road, with an underground river that was a little too fast, this cave wasn't really anything out of the ordinary.

Intending to walk out due to her diminishing interest, she unexpectedly walked a bit too fast, slipped underfoot and tumbled greatly.

When she opened her eyes, the surroundings had completely changed.

The cave disappeared without a trace, and a vibrant jungle appeared before her…

She was originally not particularly panicked since she had, after all, an army background.

In those days, it was not know how many times she had to travel through jungles for training.

To her, this time's unfortunate circumstance was nothing special.

Besides, she knew that there was no real forest in the vicinity. She even had a compass in her hand, so she wasn't all that worried about not being able to get out.

But unexpectedly, even though she had been walking for the whole day, she still had not left this wretched jungle!

This jungle was actually so large that it didn't seem to have any boundaries.

The jungle overhead covered the entire sky, and the entire forest ceiling was a deep field of green.

Not even a sliver of sunlight could be seen penetrating through.

Countless strange shaped flowers were sprinkled everywhere, and above the tall trees were various kinds of creeping vines.

She couldn't see the sunlight if she lifted her head and couldn't see the ground even if she lowered it…

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