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55. I want to sleep with you (1)

"Little Luoer, this is great, we must really be fated. Unexpectedly, we were both assigned to this room." Bai Li sat on the other bed with a smile, striking up a conversation with her.

Qi Luoer's body stiffened. Hearing this, she was depressed.

She wasn't sure if what she shared with Bai Li was fate or disaster. Originally, she had hoped that she would be able to separate from her during the class assignments.

However, she had never anticipated that her wish would not be granted. Not only were they assigned to the same class, they were even assigned to the same room!

She wished to cry but there were no tears.

This sticky candy, no matter how hard she shook, could not be shaken off!

Breathing in deeply.

Qi Luoer told herself that she had to keep her calm, must keep calm, must remain calm!

If you didn't wish acknowledge a certain someone, just pretend they didn't exist, that they were transparent!

Qi Luoer was not used to using the methods of the ancient times to tell time.

Luckily, even though all her things were stolen in the forest, at that time her solar-powered cell phone had been in her pocket and hadn't been stolen by that little brat.

She took it out to have a look, it was already ten o'clock at night…..

A glimmer flashed within Bai Li's pupils, moving closer to her, she curiously eyed the item within her hand: "What's this?"

Hey! When did this fellow's movements become so ghostly?!

She moved over so silently that it gave her a fright!

Qi Luoer calmly dodged backwards: "Even if I told you, you wouldn't know. Alright, let's not talk anymore, it's time to sleep!"

She stuffed her phone into her pocket.

Bai Li smiled a brilliant smile, it was as if a hundred flowers had bloomed. Stretching delicately, she pointed at Qi Luoer: "Little Luoer, do you want to share a bed with me?"

"Share a bed with you my ass!"

Qi Luoer couldn't help but curse: "Let's sleep on our own beds."

"But… But I have problems sleeping in a bed that isn't mine.. Sleeping alone is scary. Little Luoer, won't you accompany me?"

Bai Li blinked her beautiful eyes, looking at her with pitiful eyes.

"What's so scary about sleeping alone?!

What's more, aren't we in the same room?

Didn't you say you were an orphan?

Who were you sleeping with originally?"

Qi Luoer was also defeated by her.

Bai Li dejectedly pressed her lips together: "Originally, I also didn't sleep alone, I had a little spotted dog that I hugged to sleep. Sadly, I couldn't bring it into the Purple Cloud Clan….

56. I want to sleep with you (2)

Bai Li dejectedly pressed her lips together: "Originally, I also didn't sleep alone, I had a little spotted dog that I hugged to sleep. Sadly, I couldn't bring it into the Purple Cloud Clan….

Swoon! This fellow was actually using her as a substitute for her little spotted dog!

Qi Luoer's mouth twitch, fiercely glaring at her: "Sleep! If you keep on making a fuss, don't blame me for beating you up!"

She decided that she couldn't talk to this fellow anymore.

If not, she would definitely be angered to the point of suffering a stroke!

Ignoring Bai Li, she covered herself with her quilt and went to sleep.

After today's unceasing events, she really was too tired.

She fell asleep practically as soon as her head touched the pillow.

A white light flashed within the tranquil room.

The originally charming and loveable great beauty, Bai Li had changed in appearance.

Inky-black hair loosely draped over his shoulders, and creamy jade-like skin shined with a luster like that of a pearl at dawn.

His eyebrows were smokey moons, and a fiery red lightning bolt imprint appeared in the space between his brows.

Eyes as black as obsidian, lips like a red cloud, curled up to what seemed to be a faint smile, his bearing was languid but bewitching.

It was precisely the Demon Sect's Holy Ruler —— Yue Wushang!

Lazily stretching his waist, he mumbled: "Pretending to be a woman is really too tiring. Your lord here was almost stifled to death!

He looked at the heavily asleep Qi Luoer.

The corner of his mouth curled into a smile: "I didn't expect that this girl and I would really have some affinity, to have meet her again so quickly."

Squinting his eyes, he extended a beautiful finger and gently touched Qi Luoer's charming face: "It's no wonder that whether it be her style, her appearance, her way of doing things, they were all strange, so she actually crossed over from another world. Don't tell me she's actually the celestial maiden?"

During the day, when he had transformed into Bai Li and walked with Qi Luoer on the misty road, he secretly used a mysterious teleportation technique, and had also seen Qi Luoer's life in her previous world.

He had also taken the chance to take a few glances at the lives of the other women that had been walking on the misty road, but he felt that there was nothing special about them.

Only Qi Luoer was a little strange.

After being affected by his technique, Qi Luoer basically would not be able to wake unless he wished her to.

So he sat by her bedside without any reserve.

He grabbed her wrist and felt her pulse.

There was nothing out of the ordinary, only that the bleeding blisters on her palm were quite unsightly.

57. Reason for not killing her

He grabbed her wrist and felt her pulse but could not feel anything out of the ordinary.

Only that the bleeding blisters on her palm were quite unsightly.

Without much thought, his fingers softly massaged her palm: "This girl has suffered quite a bit."

Following the brush of his fingers, the bleeding blisters and old calluses on her palm disappeared without a trace.

He squinted his eyes and took a look, nodding his head with satisfaction: "Uu, much more pleasant to look at now."

Rubbing his chin, he glanced at Qi Luoer's small face. The look on his face was as if he was sizing up a healthy pair of pig trotters: "This girl can also be considered an undeveloped beauty, it's only that her skin is a little dark."

(What rubbish, she was originally a special forces soldier, after enduring arduous training under the sun everyday, how could her skin not be dark? Compared to the older and younger sisters that trained with her, her skin was comparatively better.)

A ray of light flashed within Yue Wushang's eyes. Holding a ball of light with a gentle radiance, he let it shine on Qi Luoer.

Qi Luoer's skin gradually became clearer…..

Finally, Yue Wushang slapped his hands together and carefully scrutinized his work.

"En, so this was her original appearance? In any case, she has the appearance of a celestial maiden…"

Languidly stretching his waist, he glanced at Qi Luoer once more: "This girl's spiritual roots really aren't bad. If she were to really be the celestial maiden, that would be troublesome…."

The only reason he had sneaked into the Purple Cloud Clan was because of this 'celestial maiden'.

Originally, he had wanted to find the real celestial maiden and abduct her back to the Demon Palace.

But after pretending to be a woman for a day, he felt very bored, so he decided that after finding the celestial maiden, he would kill her and slip away back to the Demon Palace.

But even after knowing that Qi Luoer was most probably the celestial maiden, he couldn't really bear to do it.

In any case, this girl had saved his life once,

and was the first woman to treat him well without any conditions…

After thinking a little, he shook his head.

Forget it, after all, he hadn't confirmed it yet.

What if it wasn't her?

Wouldn't she have died for nothing?

An innocent dying was not important, but letting the real celestial maiden escape, that could not happen!

He gave himself a reason to not kill Qi Luoer.

Lazily yawning, he returned to his bed to sleep.

58. Why aren't you called Qi Baoer anymore?

Qi Luoer who had been sleeping suddenly muttered: "I… I'm called Qi Luoer now, not, not… Qi Baoer."


Yue Wushang raised his eyebrows.

He had seen her memories of her previous life, so naturally he knew her original name.

The corner of his mouth curled into a sinister smile, he asked coaxingly: "Why aren't you called Qi Baoer anymore?"

Qi Luoer rolled over, muttering unintelligibly, she replied: "Tch, that name is too childish… Qi Luoer, I'm called Qi Luoer… I can't anyone know… uu, Qi Baoer… can't let anyone find out… I can't talk about it…."

Yue Wushang narrowed his sparkling eyes as the corner of his mouth curved into an evil smile.

It turned out that this girl was actually so afraid of others knowing her original name, this was quite interesting…

"Baoer, Baoer, Qi Baoer, Qi Baoer….."

Feeling muddle-headed from her sleep, Qi Luoer vaguely heard someone calling her.

Subconsciously replying: "Uu…"

She was just too exhausted, her eyes were unwilling to open.

Hugging her pillow, she rolled over.

"Qi Baoer, Qi Baoer……."

The sound was like a demonic magic that pierced into her head, unceasingly sounding out from the side of her ears.

Qi Luoer was unable to endure the disturbance. Without opening her eyes, she flung her pillow over: "What are you making a fuss about? Get lost!"

"Baoer, Qi Baoer, my foot hurts…."

As if the pillow had struck air, the voice rang out again.

The difference this time was that the voice sounded extremely grieved.

Bai Li? This was Bai Li's voice.

En, her foot had been sprained, it wasn't weird for it to hurt… Qi Luo hazily thought to herself.

Wait, wait, what was she calling her?!

Qi Baoer?!

Qi Luoer's eyes flew open.

Jumping up, she looked at Bai Li.

Bai Li was sprawled out on her bed

A pair of aggrieved eyes looked towards her: "Baoer, my foot hurts…"

Qi Luoer's heart jumped with a "ba-dum".

She forced a smile: "You… Who are you calling? Who is Qi Baoer?"

"Of course I'm calling you." Bai Li replied with an innocent face.

59. Entice

Qi Luoer's jumped with a "ba-dum". She forced a smile: "You… Who are you calling? Who is Qi Baoer?"

"Of course I'm calling you." Bai Li replied with an innocent face.

"You… Are you ill? My name is Qi Luoer, not Qi Baoer…"

Qi Luoer used the tactic of 'defend by attacking'.

"But, you've been saying that your name is Qi Baoer, not Qi Luoer for the entire night…"

Bai Li stared at her.

Huh! It wasn't possible right?! Had she been sleep-talking?However,shouldn't the words she wanted to say have been, call her Qi Luoer, not Qi Baoer?

Qi Luoer : 囧

"The name Qi Baoer is pretty good, from now on I'll call you Qi Baoer."

Bai Li's gifted imagination attracted her a supercilious look from Qi Luoer.

"You dare! If you dare to speak it out, I'll take your life!"

Qi Luoer desperately threatened her, she even considered killing Bai Li to silence her.

How was she supposed to seal this Bai Li's mouth aaah!

If others found out about this, her illustrious reputation would damaged!

In the worst case scenario, the Purple Cloud Clan might even be suspicious about her motivations for joining them…

Was changing a name so difficult???

Killing her was out of the question. Hmm, it looked she could only try to entice her.

"Bai Li, haven't I always treated you well?

Qi Luoer said with a gentle voice, looking at Bai Li amiably.

"En, you have indeed treated me well."

Bai Li rubbed her chin and nodded.

"Then —— regarding the matter of name, could you help me keep this a secret?"

"Why must this be kept a secret? This name isn't bad. Why must you change your name?

Could it be —— do you have problems that you can't speak about? Or could it be ——"

Bai Li's face suddenly lit up: "I know! You're someone from the Demon Sect that came to the Purple Cloud Clan as an undercover spy, that's why you can't let anyone know your name…."

Black lines appeared on Qi Luoer's face, this was exactly what she was worried others would think!

Fiercely glaring at Bai Li, she coldly replied: "If I was really an undercover spy from the Demon Sect, you would have been dead a long time ago!"

A frightened expression emerged on Bai Li's face: "You… You wouldn't try to silence me by killing me right?!

Qi Luoer 'humph-ed': "This will be determined from your behavior. You only have to guarantee to stay silent for me to spare you."

60. You wouldn't try to silence me by killing me right…

A frightened expression emerged on Bai Li's face: "You…. You wouldn't try to silence me by killing me right?!

Qi Luoer 'humph-ed': "This will be determined from your behavior. You only have to guarantee to stay silent for me to spare you."

She breathed a sigh of relief within her heart. Naturally she wouldn't be willing to kill anyone over such a small matter.

A light twinkled in Bai Li's misty eyes: "Mm, I can guarantee I won't speak about this, but, my…. My leg really hurts! I'm most afraid of pain, if I get dizzy from the pain, uu, I might forget your instructions."

A threat!

This was a naked threat!

Qi Luoer sighed: "Your leg is only sprained, it isn't even broken. I can cure you, however, you aren't allowed to mention taking responsibilities ever again!"

Bai Li smiled faintly, within that smile of ultimate beauty a trace of evilness could be seen: "If you don't wish to take responsibility then don't, however, I will take responsibility for you."

Qi Luoer's mouth twitched.

This Bai Li was too weird, her words could scare someone to death!

She couldn't be bothered to speak anymore nonsense, and directly took the sock off of her injured foot.

Bai Li's ankled was extremely swollen, it was red to the point that it started shining.

It turned out that it was an extremely serious sprain.

No wonder she kept crying out that it hurt, a pretty and delicate little lady like her was naturally unable to endure this.

Seeing the seriousness of her injury, the anger remaining in Qi Luoer's heart reduced by a lot.

She gently massaged Bai Li's injured leg.

Luckily it was only dislocated, her bones hadn't been injured…

Knowing that she was afraid of pain, Qi Luoer massaged her foot extra gently.

"Mn…" A soft groan sounded out.

"What's wrong? Was I hurting you? Endure it for awhile, it's almost over."

Qi Luoer's actions became even gentler.

"That's not it…."

Bai Li's eyes misted over, a captivating trace of redness appeared on her loveable dimple.

The corner of her mouth curled, a faintly discernable smile could be seen: "The massage is just too comfortable…"


Qi Luoer froze.

Countless black lines slid down her face, as if her pity had turned into the floating clouds from that day, it disappeared with a trace!

It's comfortable huh?

Then I will let you feel even more comfortable!

Qi Luoer abruptly pressed down with force.

Crack, a soft sound could be heard!

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