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52. Little Luoer, you don't have the heart to throw me away

Qi Luoer immediately reacted.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! This wretched Bai Li! She tricked her again!

Bai Li laughed till her eyes could not be seen, then slowly put her robe back on.

She lazily stretched her waist: "Alright, you've seen it already, by now, you shouldn't have anymore suspicions about my gender right?"

"Fine, fine, I'm aware that you're a genuine woman, lets go!"

Not wanting to continue discussing this sensitive topic, Qi Luoer had no choice but to concede.

"If so, please help support me, I really can't walk anymore."

Bai Li blinked her eyes pitifully.

"Fine, fine! I'll support you as we walk!"

Qi Luoer had no choice but to surrender unconditionally. With a tug, she pulled her up from the floor.

Bai Li smiled and leaned on her body.

Practically half of her body weight was generously given to Qi Luoer to support.

Fortunately, Qi Luoer frequently ran while carrying weights as training, it was unlikely for her to be pressed down by her weight.

Half-carrying her, she trudged onwards one foot at a time.

For fear that she would be eliminated if they fell too far behind, even if she was assisting someone, she still walked at an extremely fast speed.

The road seemed like it had no end.

The two of them walked for an hour straight.

The silhouettes of a few people could be seen in the distance, as well as a red horizontal line that was extended across the road.

Qi Luoer's expression brightened. With a glance she could see that the people ahead were precisely Yun Zhongyue, who was responsible for them, and the rest of the other disciples.

囧!It seemed that the exam for immortals was the same as that of the human realm, it was set up like the finishing line of a race.

As Qi Luoer was about to walk a few steps closer, a purple shadow flashed past from behind her, running ahead of them.

That shadow belonged to Li Chongzi. Looking back at Bai Li and Qi Luoer, a trace of complacency and contempt could be seen on her pretty face.

A look of amusement flashed through Bai Li's eyes, she waved her arms: "Go go! Lets step on it! Get past that malicious woman!"

Qi Luoer forced a smile, this Bai Li was an expert at talking but not actually doing anything!

Did she think that she wanted to fall behind that woman? Could she not see that she was supporting another person?!

Humph, humph, if she could toss this burden away, she might be able to overtake that malicious princess!

Qi Luoer glanced at Bai Li with ill intentions.

53. This fellow! Will it kill you to stop being sappy?!

Bai Li however, knew what she was thinking, and hugged on to her even more tightly: "Little Luoer, you don't have the heart to throw me away, right?"

Haah, fine, fine.

This first place, she wouldn't fight for it anymore!

Qi Luoer helplessly shook her head.

For fear that someone else might overtake them from behind, she quickened her steps.

Originally, when dragging another person along, her footsteps were quite heavy.

At this moment, she was unsure if it was because she had drummed up some spirit, but she felt as if her movements had become lighter and more graceful.

Her speed kept increasing, by the time she had reached the end, it was as if she was flying!

As they approached the finishing line, they actually overtook Li Chongzi who had been far ahead of them, and rushed straight ahead!

The red line was right infront, Qi Luoer's body was just about to hit it.

Suddenly, Bai Li who was being held in her bosom, slipped and fell right on the red line.

Yun Zhongyue smilingly walked over to the two of them: "Congratulations Lady Bai, you are the first to pass."

Ah?! QI Luoer was stunned.

This, this is, too….you know!

Bai Li firmly apologised: "Little Luoer, I didn't do it on purpose. How about this, I'll let you have the first place?"

"Humph, who wants your first place!"

Qi Luoer felt her mouth twitching. She, Qi Luoer, was a proud person. She didn't need others to concede first place to her!

At this moment, Li Chongzi had also run over.

Originally, after getting overtaken by Qi Luoer, she was so furious her face had turned red.

However, after seeing what happened, a gloating look could be seen in her eyes.

As if saying: "Serves you right! Always helping her! This time's first place was snatched by her!"

Qi Luoer basically didn't care her about her at all, she was never a petty person. Glancing at Bai Li

Bai Li smiled a brilliant smile, looking at her with droopy eyes, she softly replied: "I'm much better. Little Luoer, it's so rare to see you care about me so much…."

This fellow! Will it kill her to stop being sappy?!

The rest of the disciples rushed over one after another.

More than half of the participants were unable to persist till the end. In other words, they were eliminated.

At this moment, the sun set.

Yun Zhongyue looked at the colorfully dressed maidens that appeared as if they had just been fished from a lake.

54. Sticky candy that can't be thrown off

Yun Zhongyue looked at the colorfully dressed maidens that appeared as if they had just been fished from a lake.

With a smile appearing on his face, he put his hands into his sleeves, and slowly strolled over: "Everyone, congratulations on passing the first stage of the test.

From this day on, all of you will be probationary disciples, our Purple Cloud Clan's probationary disciples are split into Jia, Yi, Bing, Ding, Wu, Ji, Geng, Xin, Ren, Gui, these ten classes. You will be split into these classes to study. Every class will have an instructor to guide you.

Pausing for a moment, he continued speaking: "In a month, there will be an assessment. If you manage to pass, you will officially become a disciple of our Purple Cloud Clan."

Excitement could be seen on the faces of all the people who had passed.

After all, if they were able to become disciples of the Purple Cloud Clan, they were already halfway to becoming celestials.

Everyone was eager to start, wishing that this month would hurry up and pass, the exhaustion on their bodies disappeared without a trace.

Qi Luoer's eyes twinkled. From this day on, she would be a part of this mystical world!

Satisfied with their reaction, Yun Zhongyue nodded his head.

Continuing onwards, he explained some of the rules of the Purple Cloud Clan: "The hierarchy in Purple Cloud Clan is strict, and the rules are many.

In front of the various masters, you must definitely pay attention to your bearing, your words and your actions.

As for naming, Clan Masters are to be addressed as Revered Superior, elders are to be addressed as Revered One, and the others are also all your seniors. Salute when you see them, address them as they should be.”

Continuing after a pause: "You cannot leave the mountain or enter the sea whenever you wish to. Rest at night, and wake up early to cultivate at dawn.

Within the mountain are twelve side halls that serve as accommodation. They all have different names, later, I will have someone assign you to your accommodations, two people to a room."

………………………………..……….Scene Change………………………………..……….

A simple yet neat arrangement, new bedding…

Qi Luoer sprawled on the bed, giving a big stretch.

How long had it been since she had last slept on a bed with a roof over her head? She truly missed it!

Rolling over once more, uu, comfortable! The exhaustion in her body seemed as if it had disappeared.

"Little Luoer, this is great, we must really be fated. Unexpectedly, we were both assigned to this room." Bai Li sat on the other bed with a smile, striking up a conversation with her.

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