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40. Take off shoes or take off clothes?

When Qi Luoer was in the special forces, she would always be carrying 15 kilograms and have to do a five kilometer long distance training course.

So to her, hiking was a piece of cake.

The mountain path was very wet and slippery. It was not known whether that had been done by a celestial technique, but each step was filled with mud.

For Qi Luoer, this kind of road was also considered to be nothing special. Very quickly, she had surpassed a large majority of the people and was walking with those disciples at the front.

As they walked on the path got narrower and narrower, in the end they could only proceed one at a time.

On one side was a cliff of unmeasurable depth, on the other was the side of a cliff that was so slippery it could not be grasped onto.

It was extremely steep.

For those of little courage, they stopped at the side of the path, not daring to continue…

Everyone proceeded with extreme care, for fear that a misstep would cause them to fall and die a horrible death with a torn body and broken bones.

"Aiyo!" From behind Qi Luoer suddenly came a low cry. Immediately after that, a soft body bumped into her.

The force of this bump was surprisingly not small.

Qi Luoer had not been on guard so she stumbled.

Her foot slipped, and she fell!

As she was falling she hear cries of fear ring out.

Qi Luoer looked upwards as she fell and saw a woman smiling maliciously at her.

This woman had been standing right behind her, her face was made up to be like that of an ordinary village girl's.

It was actually one of Li Chongzi's maids!

She did it on purpose!

This was Qi Luoer's first reaction.

However at the moment the situation she was in did not allow her to contemplate this matter. With a flick of her wrist, a black object shot upwards, and hooked onto the edge of the cliff.

She hung in the air as if she was on a swing.

Utilizing her arms and legs as if she were an ape, she climbed back up.

With just a bit of a short, quick effort, Qi Luoer had returned from death once again.

She was frightened and unstable, black lines appeared on her face.

Heavens, did the cliffs of this world have an enmity towards her?

During this short period of two days, she had already fallen thrice!

If she had not been carrying her flying tiger claw, it was unsure she would've been made into a meat patty this time…

Thinking of the maid that faked a fall and purposely bumped her off, Qi Luoer was filled with anger.

By now the maid had already ran ahead, between Qi Luoer and her was a distance of two people.

Because the road was too narrow, she temporarily had no way of rushing over.

41. Take off shoes or take off clothes? (2)

By now the maid had already ran ahead, between Qi Luoer and her was a distance of two people.

Because the road was too narrow, she temporarily had no way of rushing over.

Qi Luoer was fuming inwardly, just wait till they got past this hurdle, she would settle this debt with her!

While she was feeling aggrieved, suddenly a cry rang out from ahead.

The silhouette of a person fell with a blood-curdling screech!

Qi Luoer lifted her head and took a glance, she couldn't help but be stunned on the spot!

The one who fell was precisely that maid!

Thi-this.. Hadn't this retribution come a little too quickly!

Unlike Qi Luoer, she didn't have the good luck of having a flying tiger claw to use. Flailing wildly, her body flipped countless times in the air, in the blink of an eye, not even her shadow could be seen.

"Aiyo, I'm sorry. This fall of mine unexpectedly knocked you off, please pardon me, have a good trip…."

A long winded speech sounded out from ahead.

Qi Luoer took a glance.

White robed beauty! This was the voice of the white robed beauty!

Even though she was so delicate and timid, she actually dared to traverse this dangerous mountain path…

Luckily this type of mountain path wasn't that long. Hearing the sound of cheers from the front, they had finally reached the end.

A wide clearing suddenly opened up ahead, and a big road appeared.

The road wasn't that broad, it could fit about six people walking side by side.

Wisps of clouds entwined on the road, making it seem as if they were walking on clouds.

Qi Luoer breathed a sigh of relief, at last, there was a normal path to walk on.

By this point they had already walked more than 15 kilometers, a large majority of the people had not been able to follow.

Qi Luoer wiped the sweat from her forehead and glanced at the others around her, they weren't exactly in a better situation.

The weather was originally hot and stuffy, with this rapid march, everyone's hair started to stick together in clumps and their faces were a little muddy…

Qi Luoer felt a faint sense of nostalgia.

This was no different from the cross country races from her previous world.

The entire group of people seemed as if they had been dredged up from the water!

Sigh, she really missed the old days…

As she was reminiscing, a voice suddenly rang out: "Lowly slave, you caused the death of this princess's maid, this princess will make you compensate for her life!"

Raising her head, Qi Luoer saw Li Chongzi pouncing towards Bai Li with a scowl on her face!

Bai Li loudly exclaimed: "Aiyo! The bratty princess is causing trouble again!"

42. Take off shoes or take off clothes? (3)

Raising her head, Qi Luoer saw Li Chongzi pouncing towards Bai Li with a scowl on her face!

Bai Li loudly exclaimed: "Aiyo! The bratty princess is causing trouble again!"

After a giggle, she ran behind Qi Luoer: "Little Luoer, hurry up and be the hero that saves the beauty!"

Qi Luoer's face was full of black lines, the corner of her mouth twitched. This beauty's seriously regards her as a shield!

She didn't know why, but Qi Luoer had an overall feeling that this Bai Li was not simple, like a someone pretending to be pig to eat a tiger…

Li Chongzi was so angry that she almost trembled. She used a finger to point at Qi Luoer's nose, and yelled: "You, you demoness, you still want to protect her!"

Qi Luoer felt her head expanding. This unlucky Bai Li had dragged her down together once more!

She had come here to cultivate to be a celestial, not to fight aaaaaaaah!

Getting pointed at by someone, this type of feeling was the worst!

Qi Luoer rudely extended her arm and grasped onto that delicate white finger.

Her actions were as fast as lightning.

She had also attacked from an angle that Li Chongzi had not expected, by the time Li Chongzi was able to react, she felt an acute pain come from her finger.

"Don't call me a demoness! Your maid knocked me off the cliff, should I also go look for her and settle the debt?! Don't test my limits or else, regardless of whether or not you're a princess, I'll knock all your teeth out!"

Qi Luoer approached Li Chongzi until their noses were nearly touching, clearly enunciating each word.

Qi Luoer was never someone who was easily bullied.

After being continuously provoked by this bratty princess, how could she tolerate it?

"Thats right, thats right, it was all an accident. Didn't Little Luoer also fall down the cliff and almost perish? You can only blame your maid for not being proficient enough at martial arts…"

Bai Li poked her head out from behind Qi Luoer with a wronged expression on her face.

Li Chongzi was so furious her face turned white: "You… you come out! Are your skills so useless that you need to hide behind someone's back?"

Bai Li blinked her eyes and stretched.

With a cold laugh: "Since when did I say I was skilled? If you're so skilled, come here and get me!"

"You… you!"

Li Chongzi was so mad that her lips were trembling, but she dared not go over.

With just that grasp from earlier, Qi Luoer had almost broken her finger and the pain had penetrated into her bone.

Luckily, on account of the fact that they were both new disciples of the Purple Cloud Clan, she had not given her any serious injuries. It was only due to this that she was able to preserve her finger.

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