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Chapter 67.1 - The most beautiful scenery in life 2

Tang Xiao looked at the man who was looking at her deeply, gentle like jade and her heart completely softened.

In an instant, she felt the stars had fallen on her head.

Behind her, the wind howled but the person holding her, was like a huge heater.

Maybe it was because there were too many stars, but her eyes were growing blurry.

She grew tired in his arms and felt like her eyelids were growing heavy.

Mu Cheng didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, taking off his jacket and wrapping it around her.

Then he bent down and scooped her up in his arms.

-- In my lifetime, there are two times where I got lucky.

The first, was when I met you.

The second, was when I fell in love with you.

My only regret, is that I wasn’t able to fall in love with you at first sight.


The Third Gender’s first season was nearly wrapped up.

The last scene was when the two people would fall into the water at the same time, and at that time, their bodies would switch back over.

The male lead would scoop the female lead out of the water and then they’d confess to each other on the shore.

To Tang Xiao, this was like a nightmare.

This was because she really didn’t know how to swim, and she was scared of water.

In university, she’d learnt for four years but she still couldn’t float properly.

Learning how to swim really needed fate to be on your side.

The director had clearly not even thought of this possibility because when they tried to film this scene, Tang Xiao flailed around in the water.

No matter what was in reach, be that a person, an arm or a pair of pants, as long as she could grab it, she’d flail and grab anything nearby.

There was nothing beautiful about this scene as she howled and flailed, choking on water when she swallowed it.

Her face was flushed red. “F***! Save me!!!!! Cough … cough … cough, cough ….”

The director couldn’t keep watching, grabbing his speakerphone, “Stand up! The water’s shallow!”

Tang Xiao was like a little kitten, shaking and shivering whenever she saw water.

With the help of some workers, they wrapped her up in a towel where she continued to shiver.

They tried and failed for a whole day.

Song Liangzhe had been in the water for so long that his skin was completely wrinkled.

Tang Xiao was still on the shore, looking like she was about to meet her death.

So, this meant that Mu Cheng shouldered the responsibility of being a swim instructor.

There was no need to teach her how to swim, but at least, she needed to not look like she was about to die on screen every time she saw water.

Learning how to swim in the middle of winter really was a punishment.

In the huge swimming pool, there were only two people.

The swimming pool was heated and for Tang Xiao, who had changed clothes, she was still shaking.

Yesterday, Xiao Lin had looked at her suggestively before shoving a bikini in her arms.

She told her, that this was an item to achieve victory.

At the time, she was still a bit confused.

But when she went to change into it, she finally understood what! the! heck! this damn ‘item to achieve victory was!!!!

Her body was good so when she wore a low-necked shirt, Xiao Lin would shout that she was shameless.

So the bikini that she prepared for Tang Xiao, was pitifully small.

The things that should be revealed and the things that should not be revealed, were all revealed.

When Tang Xiao put it on, she was already about to go kill Xiao Lin.

Back then, why was she too lazy to go look at what Xiao Lin had chosen for her?

But red really was her colour.

Her skin was already fair so with the red, she looked even more stunning.

When she left, she wrapped a big towel around herself.

Mu Cheng was already swimming in the pool by the time she got out.

He suddenly burst out of the water to look at her.

Water splashed around him, as the water rippled.

Mu Cheng wiped his face, shaking his head to get some water off.

Tang Xiao stood by the side and watched him calmly.

Even after knowing Mu Cheng for so long, his face still had the power to make her completely lovestruck.

“Come into the water, it’s not cold.” Mu Cheng swam to her as he stretched out a hand towards her.

Tang Xiao sat on the pool edge and looked at the water before remembering the bikini on her body.

Suddenly, she felt a bit uncomfortable. “Why don’t we, let’s change the date?”

“En?” Mu Cheng didn’t understand.

“That, ah, it’s not a good day for me.” Tang Xiao wanted to die.

Mu Cheng looked her up and down, as if trying to find out where she wasn’t feeling well. “I remember, that your period just finished.”

“....” Tang Xiao was embarrassed.


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