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"Nobody's answering?" Looking at the group of people who were keeping quiet on top of the slope, Baiyi tilted his head and continued, "Perhaps they are too noisy so you guys can't hear me at all..." He pointed at the two groups of people who were fighting with all their might and nonchalantly threw a Pyroblast spell at them. At once, a few people were blasted up high to the sky. They were all from the rebel side.

Then, instead of using a wide range of lethal spells, he cast some low level spells and bit by bit, he whittled down the number of the rebel force who were still engaged in battle in the valley, putting more pressure on the group of people standing on the high slope and alleviating the burden from Attie's group. Now that their enemies number was decreasing, she could take some time to observe the situation on Baiyi's side.

She looked over at the strange man in grey armor, leisurely riding that terrifying war goat and slowly slaughtering the rebels one by one. The relaxing manner that he carried himself was as if he was having an outing going for a picnic somewhere instead of a terrible battlefield.

She looked at the other side of the valley. The three Divine Warriors had completely routed the group of rebels in front of them and was busy retrieving their spears while at the same time, taking down the remaining stragglers that were trying to flee. It appeared that they had not had enough yet and was dying to rush up the high slope.

There were at least 1000 rebels added up together, and in an instant, they were completely turned to ashes? A chill ran down Attie's spine. Why is there such a monster in this world? What exactly is the difference between the grassland and the outside world? If there's no Eol Mountains and the dense jungle that acted as a natural barrier between them, would they still be the master of the grassland now?

Be that as it may, Attie heaved a sigh of relief secretly. She was grateful that she had showed restraint when she came face to face with them yesterday. And now regardless of what their true purpose was, whether it was to kidnap herself back to the Southland to become a servant or not, it was a fact that they had just saved her own clan. Perhaps, I really have to become his servant now? Sigh... What exactly does he see in me?

Such a thought reminded her of an old prophecy that was made a long, long time ago. That time, she was still a young kid and an old trembling shaman told her, "A black devil with the head of a human and the body of a goat would come and he would covet the War God's Sword. With his sword, he would take away his woman, bringing disaster and prosperity to the mighty grassland..."

At that time, Attie who had yet to possess the War God's Sword could not understand the prophecy at all. Thinking that it was nonsense, she did not take it to heart. She only knew that the prophecy had been passed down since a very long time ago even before her birth but not many people had known about it. After all, such inauspicious words were always unpleasant to hear. After that old shaman died, nobody else in the tribe remembered the ominous prophecy anymore.

Looking at Baiyi who was dressed in grey riding on the goat, Attie could not help but wonder... Grey was almost close to black and his legs were hidden by the goat's body, making him looked like a centaur. The sudden realization hit Attie hard without warning. Could it be that the prophecy is coming true now?

As quickly as the thought came, she shook her head again. The prophecy was too old, perhaps the earliest version had already been twisted again and again so the version that she knew of could hardly be true anymore. On top of that, the War God's Sword was not in his hand at all. The man who stole the sword looked like a normal human instead of a full body armor.

For that reason, she decided not to let her thoughts bother her anymore and focused all her attention back on to the fighting in front of her. Thanks to Baiyi's support from the side, the number of casualties on her side was far less than that of the enemy. There was no doubt that victory would soon become hers.

Seeing that the vanguard troop had now been almost completely annihilated, the Khan of the Ashva Clan, the only surviving clan on the battlefield, was so horrified by the scene in front his eyes that both of his palms were already wet with sweat. At that moment, he was the person with highest authority and he was busy contemplating the situation. Before, he had joined forces with the other two clans to carry out the coup d'etat but he was the weakest among the three of them. However, right now, he had suffered the lowest loss. Even though their clan, who was responsible for the rearward position in the formation, was attacked by the gigantic goats, and counting the loss of his followers at the right side, his loss was still the smallest compared to the two other tribes.

Looking at the situation that was unfolding in front of his eyes, he believed the chances of him becoming the new king would be very, very high if they call the battle off. The Sprinting Wolf Clan and Blue Hawk Clan who had lost their Khans would be caught in a period of civil strife and no doubt, it would be the best opportunity for him to climb upwards. But, the most important question was, would it be worth it to give up his pride and dignity as a Steppe Barbarian in order to become the King and bow down to those four foreigners? What if the matter spread out to the other clans? It would be hard for him to sit on his throne. It felt like he had reached the hardest fork in his life.

I think I'll just let the other two clans battle it out a little longer, the Khan thought to himself. He had already noticed the front and left troops that were about to take their second wave of offense towards the enemy. After losing their Khans, not only did they not lose their calm, the indecisiveness and fear that they felt previously had now evaporated from their hearts. After experiencing the horror of the first round, the dignity of being a valiant fighter rushed out from their hearts, as they prepared to launch a second round of attack to get their revenge for their Khan.

Without a doubt, it showed how gallant they were compared to the Ashva Clan. All of the strongest men of the two clans who were preparing to join the Warrior Gala were now among those troops, those people were indeed the true warrior of their tribes. On the grassland that lacked education and knowledge, such noble warriors were particularly valuable in their tribe, even more so than a cavalry squad. If those people died, it would be a great loss for the Steppe Barbarians.

For that reason, the Ashva's Khan ordered a few of his Legendary Level warriors to halt and wait. In truth, those people who saw their own tribal people being slaughtered by Baiyi was already dying for a chance to get their revenge, Still, out of respect for their Khan, they could only stand there indignantly, staring fiercely at Baiyi--- their eyes so furious that flames could almost shoot out from them.

"Don't worry, the two clans will wipe them off. Do you see that white horse over there?" The Khan pointed at one of the people who was charging at Baiyi fearlessly--- the one who was particularly eye-catching riding his white house, "That is Amucha from the Blue Hawk Clan. I'm sure you guys must have heard of his name before. He is called the Hawk of the Prairie. With such a strong warrior joining in the fight, it would definit.. . Erm... "

The remaining words were stuck in his throat. What happened actually? Well, it was because the warrior that he had faith in was riding a particularly showy horse and when he was charging towards Baiyi, his presence appeared to be notably grand. Without a doubt, such presence would of course be the first to be noticed by Baiyi. So without any hesitation, he cast a few lethal spells and before the Khan could even finish his sentence, five ice pinnacles already pierced through his body, pinning him down in the middle of the ground.

What a pitiful guy. His Chi Shield was completely broken down by Baiyi, too...

"Whoa! He is just at the Legendary Level and you actually cast five spells on him? To top it off, you even used Chilling Blast on him, too? Don't you think you overestimated him a little?" The Sorcerer queried in the Void.

I-I'm sorry, I think I really overestimated them. With them as comparison, I can see that the idiot kid from the Merchant's family is actually quite good, huh? Baiyi replied.

His last confrontation with a Legendary Level being was none other than his first meeting with Undine. In that battle, it was not easy for him to obtain victory. He was forced to use his ultimate technique so when he was once again face to face with another Legendary Level warrior, he became particularly harsh, to the point that he even used up the Buff spell drawn on his sorcerer's armor to strengthen his power.   

Now that he thought about it, his action was perhaps a little too excessive. Those Steppe warriors did not have a body made from black gold, nor did they have many consumables that they could use as much as they liked. Followed by the strengthening of his power due to Mia's power breakthrough, he could cast much more powerful spells using his Advanced Level body. It was probably because of that, that he managed to finish that white-horsed man off in just one blow.

If that was the case, then Undine could be considered as quite extraordinary--- or at least, luxuriously equipped. If it wasn't for the fact that she was unprepared last time when she met with Attie--- where she was only dressed in beautiful evening dress with killer heels--- along with the unfortunate situation where she came face to face with the War God's Sword, she would probably be able to turn the situation around and come back safely.

It looked like a Legendary Level being who lacked equipments was actually not strong at all--- just like the group of Blue Hawk Clan who was charging towards Baiyi. After Baiyi had used a Slow spell and Chain Lightning on them, the remaining 5 Legendary Level beings and the 10 Master Level beings who used their Chi Shield to dodge the group attack managed to get close to Baiyi. Still, that did not mean they were able to inflict any harm on him at all. Instead, when Baiyi saw that two of the Master Level warriors whose Chi Shield was still recovering, he blasted a string of Fireballs towards them and blasted them alive on the spot.

Then again, their sacrifice managed to buy some time for their comrades. The cavalry who ran the fastest was already at Baiyi's side. Lifting up his saber with his both hands, he infused all of his Chi into the blade and took a huge leapt up to the sky, slashing down at Baiyi's head with all his might!

In just a flash, a shining staff appeared out of nowhere and smashed at his waist. Like a homerun in a baseball game, he flew high up to the sky, far away to a distance and landed heavily on the grass. Blood spurted out of his mouth at once. With a look of disbelief, he stared fiercely at Baiyi's silhouette, he died in disgrace with a discontented and bewildered look on his face.

He had never thought that the man who had never chanted any incantations at all would possess such powerful physical strength. He could not understand why the blow that he received from the staff was so full of sinister Chi. It was exactly that Chi that erupted his internal organ, giving him the final and fatal blow.

Unfortunately, he drew his last breath before he could even warn his comrades.

"Don't jump so high next time..." Baiyi murmured. With the Saint Quartz on his hand, he started to wave it around while sitting on the goat, locked in combat with the rest of the warriors.

Without a doubt, the battle would not last long. Once again, the Saint Quartz staff was waved and spinned by Baiyi into an airtight wall. Not only did it blocked all attacks from the enemy that came from all directions, he could even strike at them from time to time. Not long after, the warriors who were locked in battle with him soon flew away one by one. Some died in mid-air while the rest was finished off by a spell before they could even land on the ground.

"You're not powerful nor are you skilled in physical combat and you don't even have many equipments on you. Did I just encounter some fake Legendary Levels?" Baiyi who wiped off all of the enemies retrieved his Saint Quartz staff. From the very beginning to the end, he and the goat that he was riding had not moved even half a step from their original position. Just like that, standing still on the ground, he eradicated all enemies who came forward to offer him their lives. As for the goat, it even leisurely nibbled on the grass throughout the whole ordeal, gnawing on those leaves that were covered in blood splatters...

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