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Published at 21st of November 2020 07:56:03 PM

Chapter 24

Translator: Mamuni

This is wrong . I’m the main character, I’m supposed to be the one to capture Shiran-chan . . . But, it’s strange . Ridiculos, Weird, Odd, Wrong, Strange, Bizarre, Ridiculous, Strange, Strange, Strange, Strange .

Don’t freak out, it just inadvertently upsetted me . Take a deep breath . Yeah . Hahh huu . Ah, imagine Shiran-chan’s smell .   

Let’s get back to the main issue . Well, Shiran-chan has always been my issue .

Recently, Shiran-chan and Iris have strangely got closer . And then they just both had to go missing today . . . What happened on the day of the ball? I can’t help but worry . But on the other hand, I refuse to accept that something happened .

I don’t think that moody Iris would do anything anyways .

Since Shiran-chan didn’t appear at the ball . For me, I lost the significance of even going to the ball, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t have to participate . So regardless of my own feelings, I had to be paired with Anemone-chan, who was also in a similar depressed mood .

I didn’t come here to advance my flag with a regular heroine! It would be a problem if I accidentally branched into an intended route, so I would like to avoid any of those situations as possible . The other party, Anemone-chan, had a bitter face as well, so I doubt there is any need to worry .

As soon as the ball ended, I rushed home as fast as possible . If she wasn’t back yet, I may lose my mind . . .

“Hehehe, welcome back . ”

“I-I’m back, Shiran-chan . . . What the heck happened? I was worried . ”

Thank goodness, I had nothing to worry about . Shiran-chan probably just skipped the troublesome ball, and relaxed at home . The reason Iris wasn’t there was probably as Camellia said, she forgot something back home . She is also a problem child, so I think they just played hooky somewhere else .

“Ehehe, I was just . . . playing hooky with my “bad” friend . ”

“Wha . . . . ”

That’s not good . I have a bad feeling about this . I can’t help but feel broken .

. . . . Ugyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

I began screaming internally, but it began to calm down little by little .

Just think positively . Since she has returned home, I guess nothing strange developed between them . Besides, Shiran-chan and Iris have always had a close friendship . It wasn’t unheard of to hear of them two skipping class together .

Yes, everything is fine . . .

However, I realized that I have wasted my time by doing these half hearted attacks, I won’t be able to deepen my relationship with her forever .  

Her capture difficulty is definitely in the realm of demons .

So if I want to win, I must do my best attacks more than ever . So prepare yourself Shiran-chan . I will definitely have the true ending with you . Fufufufu .

My roommate has been acting weird .

Well from the very beginning, Lily has always been strange . However the weirdness has been different these past days .

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First of all, when I wake up, Lily usually sneaks into my bed and sleeps with me . Furthermore, when I get up and look in the mirror, there are many strange red marks on my neck . . . What is she doing while I’m sleeping?

Today, Lily has been holding me all morning, I couldn’t get up from the bed at all .

“So . Hey, Shiran-chan, let’s spend some time alone in our love nest . ”

“No, we have class . . . ”

“Come on, Shiran-chan . The outside is dangerous . I have to protect you from those one sided beast . ”

“U-Ugh . . . ”

Lily grasped me tighter, I was almost crushed this morning . . . too tight . Help me!

I pleaded to her, and she reluctantly released me . With a taste of freedom, I quickly got out of my futon and changed into my uniform .

I feel like Lily’s actions have been escalating every single day .

“Oh by the way, I prepared a present for Shiran-chan . ”

“A present?”

What on earth could she give me as a gift? I would usually be happy about hearing I was getting a present, but due to her unusual attitude, I can’t help but worry .

“Yeah! Shiran-chan isn’t very fashionable, so I thought a choker would look great on you!”

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I’m a bit disappointed it isn’t sweets . I want something sweet .  

When I invited Magnollia to go to that cafe . The cheesecake there was to die for .

“Close your eyes, I’ll put it on . Unless you hate my gift . . . ”

“Um . . . Right now? I don’t hate it but . . . Okay, I understand . ”

“Ufufu . It’s a special one . So don’t open your eyes until I put it on . ”

“U-Uh okay . . . ”

I have no choice but to close my eyes . After all, I have to agree to an honest request .

Lily went besides me while humming a song . There was a sound of her pulling something out of a bag, immediately after that, I felt her arm getting close to my neck .


. . . Huh? What is that rattling? That doesn’t sound like a choker . Somehow, I began to sense a feeling of dread . So I gently opened my eyes to see what it was .

What Lily had was a black leather belt . And the noise of that rattling noise was a metal chain that seemed connected to the leather belt . . .

That isn’t a choker, but a collar!?!

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“I’m sorry, but I just remembered I have something to go to . ”

“Eh . . ?”

I opened my eyes quickly and went towards the door . I feel in danger, so I just want to evacuate .

“Pardon me . ”

“Geeze, Shiran-chan you meanie . ”

Lily sharply replied, with an annoyed face . However, I just rushed out of the room .

While walking away, I looked back on the recent actions Lily has taken .

Is this the so-called Yandere?

I knew that there was a special attribute like that made for certains heroines, but . . . does there need to be one on the hero’s side? I would like to talk to the creators of “Flower of Eden”

In general though, such heavy feelings wouldn’t be aimed at a background character like me . Geeze . . .

She would have gotten away with it too if she didn’t bring out all her cards . Why the chain right away? Also how dense is Shiran . It’s kind of frustrating .

Like if you did .

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