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875 You’re Still Too Young

Originally, Zhi wanted to say something, but before he could say anything, he was dealt with by Bai Di and Shuang Yun.

He died without any suspense.

He fell to the ground with his eyes wide open. His lips trembled as he made an extremely weak sound.

“You guys will definitely…”

Before he could finish, he stopped breathing completely.

Shuang Yun used frost to freeze him into ice, then shattered him into pieces.

After getting rid of this big problem, Shuang Yun felt quite comfortable. When he saw Bai Di frowning, he couldn’t help but ask, “Don’t tell me you’re still thinking about what Zhi said just now? He was just unwilling to die and wanted to tell us some harsh words to satisfy himself!”

Bai Di said, “But he does know something…”

“What could he know?”

Now that Zhi and Yan were dead and the contract between Zhi and Yan and Bai Di had ended, Bai Di could tell him everything that Zhi had shown him in the small inn on the mysterious dragon continent many years ago.

“He showed me Huanhuan’s past. She was once the soul of the Divine Wood and was sent to another world. Someone once prophesied that when the beast continent encountered another crisis, she would be summoned back to become the new prophet. And she would end up sacrificing her life.”

Hearing this, Shuang Yun immediately exploded.

“What bullsh*t prophecy is that?!”

Bai Di’s expression was very ugly. “I strongly opposed her becoming a prophet because of this. I hoped to change the prophecy, but later on, I realized that I couldn’t change it with my strength. In the end, Huanhuan became the new prophet as the prophecy said.”

He worked hard to become stronger because he wanted to protect Huanhuan and save her at this critical moment.

There was a loud rumble!

The two bolts of lightning finally caught up to Xue Ling and struck him hard.

With his current strength, taking two lightning bolts was not fatal. At most, it would hurt a little.

However, he deliberately gathered all his strength and exposed himself to the heavenly lightning without any protection.

When the two bolts of lightning struck down at the same time, intense pain assaulted him.

Despite the pain being worse than death, Xue Ling gritted his teeth and refused to shout.

After the lightning disappeared, Xue Ling swayed and fell to the ground.

Bai Di and Shuang Yun hurriedly ran over and helped Xue Ling up.

Xue Ling was charred by the lightning. Even his hair had turned into an afro. His red feather coat was tattered, and he spat out thick smoke.


Bai Di was very surprised. “Your beast soul has fallen back to demigod level!”

Xue Ling curled his lips and smiled smugly. “The heavens wanted to force me to leave, but I won’t. When the lightning struck me just now, I deliberately revealed a flaw and was severely injured. My strength was forced to fall back to the demigod realm.”

He was the only person who would risk his life to stay in the beast continent and refuse to become a god.

Now, he did not have to worry about being forced to become a god again. Zhi and Yan had already been dealt with. There were no more major problems. The remaining small problems could be left to Bai Di and Shuang Yun to deal with.

Xue Ling no longer had anything to worry about. He closed his eyes and fainted.

Heavenly lightning was not easy to resist. Although he took the opportunity to let his strength fall back to the demigod realm, his body was seriously injured. It was already his limit to be able to hold on and talk.

The Silvery Frost White Wolf carried Xue Ling back to the rock mountain. On the other hand, Bai Di led the beast soldiers to counter-attack the monsters.

At this moment, the monsters were like headless flies, wandering around blindly. Coupled with the light spots that kept falling, their bodies were burned as long as they touched them, and their strength would be greatly reduced too.

Bai Di commanded the beast soldiers to chase after them.

More than half of the monsters were quickly killed.

The remaining half of the monsters could only flee in a sorry state.

Shuang Yin led her four brothers and a team of elite beast soldiers to chase after them, vowing to eliminate them completely.

At the same time, in the territory of the demons, Wu Huo did not find Tao Wei. Instead, he found Sang Ye and Clement, who had just dealt with Tao Wei.

Clement did not expect that after finishing a piece of old meat, a piece of fresh meat would be served to him.

His eyes were glowing as he looked at Wu Huo. “Hiss~”

‘Don’t stop me, I’m going to eat him!’

Sang Ye watched expressionlessly as his son opened his bloody mouth and pounced on Wu Huo.

This was the first time Wu Huo had seen the heaven-devouring python.

It would be his last time too.

He turned to run with the black cat, but his speed was too slow compared to the heaven-devouring python.

The heaven-devouring python bit down and swallowed Wu Huo and his beloved black cat into his stomach. He ate cleanly without even spitting out any bones.

After eating, the heavenly-devouring python turned his head and bared his teeth at Sang Ye. “Hiss, hiss!”

‘When we get back, don’t tell Mom that I ate someone again, or I’ll bite you to death!’

In the face of his son’s threat, Sang Ye was quite calm. “If you don’t listen to me in the future, I’ll tell your mother how many people you ate just now.”

Clement: “…”

Wait, wasn’t he threatening the other party? Why was he being threatened by the other party instead?

Why did he suddenly feel like he had been tricked?!

Looking at his son’s dumbfounded expression, Sang Ye said calmly, “You’re still too young.”

Sang Ye took out the letter written by Bai Di from his space. He learned that Zhi and Yan had been killed, and the monsters had been defeated. Most of them had been eliminated, and only a small number of monsters were fleeing back.

Bai Di hoped that Sang Ye would bring his men to stop those monsters.

Sang Ye immediately led his legion to the entrance of the abyss.

Clement didn’t really want to go. He wanted to go home immediately and cling to his mother. It had been a long time since he had seen his delicious-smelling mother.

However, Sang Ye told him, “If you don’t deal with those monsters and they find an opportunity to counter-attack later, they might take revenge on your mother. At that time, your mother will be in danger.”

Upon hearing this, Clement was instantly enraged. His snake tail smashed into the ground.

“Hiss, hiss!”

‘I’ll eat whoever dares to bully Mom!’

Clement followed Sang Ye to the entrance of the abyss and intercepted the monsters that tried to escape back to the abyss. He killed them all.

A few of them tried to escape, but Shuang Yin and the others caught them and killed them on the spot.

All the monsters were cleaned up.

This soul-stirring battle finally ended with the defeat of the monsters.

The plants and animals that were infected by the demonic aura returned to their original state after touching the golden and green light spots. The demonic aura dissipated bit by bit and finally disappeared from the beast continent.

Every tribe and every beast city was celebrating this hard-won victory.

They had defended their homes and protected their families.

Each of them was the most powerful hero!

At the same time, Bai Di, Shuang Yun, and Xue Ling were rushing to the City of 10,000 Beasts. Even Sang Ye had temporarily left the demon race. He was rushing to the City of 10,000 Beasts with his son.

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