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775 Caught Unprepared

Huanhuan wanted to vomit, but Bai Di covered her mouth to stop her.

Huanhuan could only look at him with tears in her eyes.

It was really sour…

Bai Di kissed her forehead. “Swallow it.”

It took Huanhuan a lot of effort to swallow the fruit in her mouth.

Bai Di immediately stuffed a sweet fruit into her mouth. The sweet pulp quickly helped her dispel the sour taste.

Huanhuan snuggled into his arms. “More.”

“It’s not good to eat too many sweet things at night.” Bai Di helped her lie down. “Sleep well. I’ll give you sweet fruits tomorrow when you’re better.”

Huanhuan had completely forgotten that she could take sweet fruits from her space. Under Bai Di’s coaxing, she obediently closed her eyes and slept.

Seeing that her mother was asleep, Shuang Yin said a few words to Bai Di and tiptoed out of the tent.

In order to make it easier to travel, they only set up a tent for Huanhuan to rest in. The others slept in the open.

In any case, they were all beasts and were strong. It didn’t matter if they had beds or tents.

Shuang Yin sat by the fire and leaned against the tree trunk. She closed her eyes and slept.

Wang Shui sat not far from her and watched over her silently.

In a nearby grove, Quan Rong and his four attendants were lying in the bushes, carefully looking out.

Servant A said, “Young Master, we’ve been traveling day and night. It wasn’t easy for us to catch up to them. Why don’t we catch them off guard while they’re asleep?”

Quan Rong replied, “Are you stupid? There are only five of us, and there are more than 40 of them. How are we going to launch a sneak attack? We’ll die!”

Servant B asked, “Young Master, what do you think we should do?”

Quan Rong said, “Let’s hide and wait and see.”

Servant C said, “But there are mosquitoes everywhere and it’s hot…”

Quan Rong said, “If you’re going to continue talking nonsense, then get lost.”

The servants could only shut up resentfully.

There were a lot of mosquitoes in the mountain. Before long, the five of them were covered in bites. They were itching all over and wanted to grab the mosquitoes. However, as soon as they raised their hands, they were glared at by Quan Rong.

“Don’t move. What if they discover us?!”

Servant D said, “They’re far away. They shouldn’t be able to notice…”

“There are several experts among them. Their senses are very strong. Be careful. Don’t move!”

Hence, the servants could only lower their hands and grit their teeth to endure the itchy pain of the mosquitoes biting them.

It was one thing to be itching, but the weather was hot.

Large beads of sweat rolled down their cheeks, but they didn’t even dare wipe them.

The four servants thought that if this continued, they would die from the heat even if they were not bitten to death by the mosquitoes!

Half the night passed.

Servant A couldn’t take it anymore and said weakly, “Young Master, let’s retreat first, okay?”

The other three servants echoed, “That’s right. Let’s find a place to rest first. After we recover, we’ll slowly waste time with them.”

Quan Rong was in a worse state than them.

He had been pampered since he was young and had barely suffered. The harsh environment here was about to break him.

But he didn’t want to admit defeat.

He gritted his teeth. “A bunch of trash!”

The four servants lowered their heads, looking resentful.

Quan Rong stared at the beautiful figure sitting by the fire not far away and gritted his teeth. “We’ll stay!”

The four servants looked like they might faint at any moment.

They had been by their young master’s side for so many years, but this was the first time they had seen him show such a stubborn side. If their young master had used this determination to increase his strength, he would have long become the number one expert of the Blazing Flame Tribe.

At this moment, in the tent, Clement came out of Huanhuan’s sleeve.

Bai Di, who was sleeping, opened his eyes and glanced at Clement.

Clement flicked his snake tongue at him. “Hiss~”

Then, he swung his snake tail and slithered out of the tent.

Bai Di didn’t know what he was going to do, but he wasn’t worried about his safety. He had no intention of stopping him.

Clement slithered toward the forest not far away.

His mother was sick, so Bai Di didn’t make dinner that night. The dinner made by the others wasn’t delicious. He only ate a little at night and wasn’t full at all.

At this moment, he was really hungry and prepared to find some prey for supper alone.

Clement was very small, and his body was black. He slithered quickly through the forest. It was difficult for ordinary beasts to notice his existence.

He quickly found a nest of rabbits and rushed into it. He ate them one by one and destroyed their nest.

After eating the rabbits, his hunger eased a little. He slowed down and became a little lazy.

When he was looking around for his second supper, he accidentally discovered five beasts.

The aura on the five beasts was unfamiliar. Clement had never seen them before, so his mother probably did not know them.

This meant that even if he ate these five beasts, his mother probably wouldn’t know.

If his mother didn’t know, she wouldn’t be angry with him.

It was perfect!

Clement quickly slithered up the tree.

The thin little black snake wrapped himself around a branch and lowered his head. He stared at the five beasts in the bushes and involuntarily swallowed.

‘Delicious supper, here I come!’

Clement opened his mouth, revealing his sharp fangs. He pounced at the other party at lightning speed!

Quan Rong reacted extremely quickly.

He instinctively sensed danger approaching and rolled to the side without looking.

Clement missed and jumped up again the moment he landed on the ground.

Servant A, who was the closest, was bitten on the neck!

Servant A let out a terrified scream. “Ahhh!!”

Shuang Yin, who was resting by the fire, heard the sound and immediately opened her eyes. She looked in the direction of the forest.

Something was wrong!

Clement’s teeth were highly toxic. The poison seeped into Servant A’s body and numbed his nerves.

After Servant A shouted, he fell to the ground, foaming at the mouth and twitching.

After a while, he stopped breathing.

The other three servants were frightened out of their wits and scrambled to escape.

Clement was about to eat the prey he had just bitten when he sensed a murderous aura coming from behind.

He immediately jumped onto the big tree beside him and turned around to see the golden long-haired dog’s claws grabbing at him!

Clement quickly slithered up the tree.

The dog’s claws hit the tree trunk hard, breaking it!

With a click, the tree fell.

Clement, who was wrapped around the tree, fell as well.

Seeing this, Quan Rong rushed forward to slap the little black snake to death.

Instead of being afraid, Clement opened his mouth and bit the dog’s paw when it landed!

The pain hit him, and Quan Rong instinctively shook off the little black snake.

But the poison had already entered his body. Quan Rong felt dizzy and fell to his knees.

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