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620 You’re Really Not Afraid Of Death

Doro said many things to dissuade Huanhuan, but she could not dispel Huanhuan’s idea of going to Nether City.

Just as Doro was feeling helpless, an armored dragon guard suddenly rushed in and said loudly, “Ma’am, the tide is rising!”

Doro’s expression turned cold. She immediately ordered, “Get all the warriors to gather by the sea!”


The guard ran away. Doro turned to Bai Di. “It’s dangerous here. Take Huanhuan and leave.”

With that, Doro strode away without looking back.

All the warriors had already gathered at the beach. Most of them had already transformed into their dragon forms and were staring at the sea in front of them warily.

The seawater was rising. The originally blue seawater was now extremely turbid, and small bubbles kept rising.

When the first water monster climbed ashore, a flying dragon immediately descended from the sky, grabbed the water monster, and tore it apart with its sharp claws!

Soon, there was a second, a third, a fourth…

More and more water monsters climbed the beach. They stepped on the white bones and pounced crazily on the dragons.

Doro stood high and calmly directed the battle.

Her long hair was blown up by the wind, making her look valiant.

Huanhuan’s family of four walked toward Vanilla Bay. On the way, they saw many people rushing to the beach. It seemed that they wanted to help kill the water monsters.

They even saw Luke in the crowd.

Luke didn’t seem to expect to meet them here. He paused and looked surprised. “Why are you here?”

“We just went to the camp to ask Doro something.”

Luke reacted quickly. “You went to her to ask about Nether City?”

“Yes,” Huanhuan admitted bluntly.

Luke’s lips twitched. “You guys aren’t afraid of death.”

“I’m afraid of death, but I can’t leave my friend alone just because of it.”

Huanhuan’s tone was firm.

That determination surprised Luke.

The little girl in front of him looked petite and soft, but her personality was unexpectedly firm.

Luke thought of something and was silent for a moment. He frowned and said, “I’m going to participate in the battle to hunt the water monsters now. If I come back alive, I’ll take you to Nether City.”

Huanhuan was very surprised. “Really? That’s great!”

Time was of the essence, so Luke didn’t tell them much. He joined the crowd and continued to run toward the beach.

Huanhuan asked, “What should we do now?”

Bai Di thought for a moment. “We don’t have anything to do when we get back. We might as well go to the beach and watch them hunt.”

This suggestion was agreed upon by everyone.

They followed the crowd until they were not far from the beach.

Huanhuan sat on Bai Di’s shoulder. Taking advantage of Bai Di’s height, she craned her neck forward and saw countless black water monsters climbing out of the sea. They were so dense that her trypophobia flared up.

The dragon warriors were fearless. Under the command of their commander, they attacked again and again, tearing the water monsters apart.

There were broken limbs of water monsters everywhere, and a rich fishy smell filled the air.

Even though she was standing relatively far away, Huanhuan still smelled it. The smell was very bad and nauseating.

Luke was a very rare green dragon. He was smaller than other adult dragons. Fortunately, there were many dragons of the same size as him, so he did not look too out of place.

Someone suddenly roared, “In order to protect our home, kill these water monsters!”

Immediately, countless dragon warriors roared, “Kill all the water monsters!!”

Their auras soared into the sky. They were all very hot-blooded!

Bai Di noticed that Luke was injured. He handed Huanhuan to Xue Ling to take care of, then rushed into the battlefield with Shuang Yun to save the injured Luke.

Since Luke refused to leave, Bai Di and Shuang Yun had to stay on the battlefield and help the dragons eliminate the water monsters.

The battle lasted a long time.

From daytime until the sun gradually set, the tide gradually receded.

The water monsters returned to the deep sea with the tide. There was a large area of blood on the beach, as well as bones.

The uninjured dragon warriors began to sweep the battlefield. They found the remains of their compatriots and brought them back for cremation. As for the remains of the water monsters, they scraped off their flesh. The remaining bones were thrown on the beach and became part of the beach.

When the sun rose again the next day, the morning light fell on the beach. It was another snow-white scenery. It was very beautiful.

Luke was injured.

When Huanhuan went to visit him, he was lying in the attic above his restaurant to rest. His arms were wrapped in thick cloth, and there were two red wounds on his face.

When he saw Huanhuan, he nodded slightly. “Sit.”

Dragons were tall, and their stools and tables were taller than usual. This was a tough situation for the short Huanhuan.

She stretched out her small arms and struggled to climb onto the stool, secretly regretting not bringing Bai Di and the others with her.

Luke couldn’t help but smile at her clumsy appearance.

Huanhuan’s senses were sharp. She immediately looked at Luke.

The moment she looked over, Luke’s mouth twitched, and his expression was as calm and cold as ever.

Huanhuan stared at his face. “Were you laughing at me just now?”


Huanhuan curled her lips. “You’re lying. You were clearly laughing.”

“Alright, I was indeed laughing at you just now.”

Huanhuan: “…”

The little girl, who got the answer she wanted, expressed that she was not happy at all.

She climbed onto the stool with difficulty and sat down. Her fair and tender face was slightly red from this action, making her look even cuter and more seductive.

“How are your injuries? Does it still hurt?”

Seeing the little girl showing concern for him so seriously, Luke couldn’t help but smile again. “They don’t hurt anymore.”

Huanhuan knew that whatever she did now was funny. She muttered gloomily, “Laugh if you want. I’m used to it anyway.”

It was the same at home. Bai Di, Shuang Yun, and Xue Ling often smiled at her for no reason. At first, she was a little angry from embarrassment, but later, she became numb to it.

Although Luke was still smiling, his smile was so faint that one couldn’t tell unless one looked closely.

“I’m not laughing at you. I just think you’re…” He thought about how to phrase it. “I think you’re quite cute.”

Ever since Huanhuan shrank into a little girl, almost everyone would say this when they saw her.

She had also observed herself in the mirror in private.

Yes, she was indeed quite cute.

She asked about his injuries.

Luke knew what she was worried about. He took the initiative to say, “They’re just superficial wounds. Long Zhu has treated my wounds. I’ll be able to walk in two or three days. I’ll take you to Nether City then.”

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