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Chapter 404: Dark Magic Team
Facing Benjamin’s provoking rant, the bishop simply raised his chin and gave a cold snort.

"Such an arrogant and conceited child."

At the same time, he raised the chalice and held it high with his eyes closed. The other priests did not hesitate to place their hands together to fill the cup with holy light.

Benjamin couldn’t help but grumble under his breath at that sight.

... Fuck, not this again.

It was unfortunate that he still required time to heal and could not strike yet. Therefore, he took a few steps backwards and instructed the mages in the team to start their counterattack.

"Joanna, Tony, Creed, it’s all up to you."

He walked to the three and whispered in their ears.

The first two were mages had known each other for a long time. As for the third mage, he was a new addition. What the three had in common was the ability to cast advanced level magic.

However, their Spiritual Energy was not that sufficient as they could only summon advanced level magic once. Therefore, Benjamin could only use them as a trump card and be prudent on using.

And now, it was time for them to shine!

The three mages nodded with resolve in their eyes. They closed their eyes and started chanting. The other mages surrounded and protected them, casting one layer of protection after another.

With their opponents still idling, their casting time was now ample, unlike previously where they could only summon a weak simple element shield. Now they could summon all kinds of ice walls, wind armor, stone walls... Piled up together to barricade the front of them. It looked sturdier than before.

However, facing this thick and trusty defense barrier, the bishop did not bat an eye.

After accumulating enough holy light, he once again raised the chalice up high. The glittering cup of holy light suddenly went dim and then a compacted ray of light shot from the chalice like a high voltage laser.

"Get down!"

Benjamin’s face changed at the sight and shouted.

The mages all crouched down in panic and the three mages who were still chanting, were carried by Benjamin’s summoned water steam to fly aside so as to carefully have their chanting position undisturbed.

At the same time, the highly condensed ray of light fired straight through.

The heavy magic barrier that blocked the front, was penetrated by the ray of light like tofu, leaving a hole the size of a thumb. Benjamin was who guarded heavily and in preparation crouched, suddenly realized that the ray of light was heading towards him.

"Quick! Intangible form!"

He shouted in his heart.

By having everyone get down and moving away the three mages, now he could not avoid the ray of light in time.

Zzzz! The ray pierced through Benjamin’s lower abdomen.

At that moment, everyone held their breath. The other mages lifted their heads in despair. Even the three mages had almost halted their recitation. While at the other side, the bishop was overjoyed.

"See. This is what you get for insulting god..."

The bishop was halfway through his speech when he choked.

"Insult, my ass!"

Benjamin touched his perfectly fine abdomen and swore back. He lifted his head and shouted at the mages around, "Quick, attack now!"

The mages was stunned for a moment and quickly got back up and started chanting.

Another round of thousand fire balls formed on top of their heads.

"How... How could this be?"

The bishop was still in denial and could not accept the fact that Benjamin was unharmed. However, another round of fireballs was about to be launched so they c

ould only raise the cup and accumulate the energy of other priests to summon a holy wall in front of them.

Densely packed fire balls were fired there but the holy wall still stood.

That didn’t make the bishop’s face any less tense.

"Lara, bring your men!"

Because at this moment, the few mages specialized in dark element magic within the team was instructed by Benjamin to step out.

They casted the dark shadow corrosion in unison.

As the air was filled with an obscure magic oscillation, a few intermediate level magic was summoned in forms of countless dark shadows, intertwining towards the holy wall.

The holy wall had just shielded against the fire balls and has yet to shape shift when these shadows snuggled up against it. In an instant, the contact point between the shadows and holy wall started to belch out smoke and sizzle, like an heated iron thrown into cold water.

The shadows started to shrink at a visible speed and the mages, with Lara leading them started to tire. However, their opponents wasn’t in the best of shapes either. The holy light under this sort of erosion couldn’t maintain its integrity and the priests that were providing the holy lights did not look so good.

— The effect of the dark shadow erosion was taking a toll on them.

"Such a sinful fellow that you even taken in the dark magic."

The bishop cursed and upturned the cup. The holy wall and dark shadow evaporated and dissolved into elements returning to nature. The priests could now take a deep breath and wipe away the sweat from their foreheads.

Benjamin patted the mages on their shoulders, "Not bad, you guys did great."

The mages who used dark element magic were rare and has a peculiar personality. However, as they and the priests were two conflicting principles, Benjamin took to dividing them out to form a small team.

And this dark magic team could now perform its magic.

It could be seen that the chalice did consume the priests of their energy. Hence, after multiple exchanges, the priests could be drained of their Spiritual Energy and the bishop could no longer go on a rampage with that cup!

"Let me see how long you can stand."

Benjamin’s Spiritual Energy had recovered a tad and so he summoned a stake of ice arrows and tossed them out like a blizzard. His intention was to force his opponent to defend with the chalice.

Under such constant energy consumption, the one that could no longer hold out should be them.

But this time, he miscalculated,

"Troops, listen up! Charge! Kills these rebel mages and I will buff you up with blessings.

The bishop suddenly commanded.

The soldiers guarding by the side of the priests stunned for a moment but military training has taught them to obey orders. They obeyed the bishop’s command and charged against Benjamin’s ice arrows fearlessly.

The bishop himself instead kept the cup away and recited an incantation.

He devoutly opened up his arms and a soft holy light spread out like silk onto each and every soldier. The soldiers seemed like they were now glowing and their determination to charge against them was somehow strengthened.

As the rain of ice arrows launched, the rest of the mages all piled on more magic, in order to demolish the entire army. However, such a large scale attack did not seem to impair the enemy as much.

Some soldiers went down — that’s about it.

Most of them were protected by the holy light’s blessing and so they weren’t hurt by the ice arrow fatally. The little cuts did not slow them down but instead incited the will to fight. In the dark of the night, up to thousands of people shouted in fury, bearing armor and swinging their swords. It wasn’t long until they charged up to the mages. It was a shattering scene.

"Let them entertain you for a while."

The bishop let out a cold smirk and raised the chalice once more.

He took a small knife to cut his finger and dripped a few drops of blood into the chalice. He then closed his eyes and recited. The priests beside him, with their never before seen seriousness, started pouring holy light into the cup.

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