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Chapter 947 – The Whole World Chooses

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

Guardian Li walked in, looking at Luoluo while hesitating to speak.

Luoluo knew what she was thinking, softly saying, "Mother and I think differently… This way won't be of any benefit to the Great Western Continent."

Guardian Li sadly said, "Is Your Highness really going to be married off to such a faraway place?"

The Princess of the Demi-humans was to be married off to Xuelao City. It had been more than two thousand years since such a thing had occurred.

Luoluo silently thought, if this really can prevent war from breaking out, perhaps it really might be fine. It's also good for Teacher, but…

That young Demon Lord probably won't participate in the Heavenly Selection ceremony, so why all that ruckus outside the palace? If even if that young Demon Lord really does marry me, he won't wait in White Emperor City to inherit the throne, so… just how will this story come to an end?

The Great Western Continent's diplomatic mission had arrived and the Heavenly Selection ceremony had also begun. The Celestial Trees buried in the mists on both shores of the Red River began to let out a low drone.

Although it was rumored that the empress had already chosen the Second Prince of the Great Western Continent as Princess Luoluo's future husband, many young demi-human experts had traveled overnight through the mountains and forest to enter White Emperor City. The vast majority of them had entered White Emperor City several days ago to make preparations.

Since the Council of Elders had succeeded in having the ceremony proceed according to the laws of the Demi-human race, everyone had a chance. As long as one was selected, they would be handed over to the Wildfire of the Celestial Trees for the ancestral spirits to choose. Could the ancestral spirits of the tribes possibly be biased to the outsiders of the Great Western Continent?

Early in the morning, the sun was still incapable of tearing apart the thick fog shrouding the banks of the Red River. It was still dim outside, but White Emperor City was already awake.

The swift cadence of the war drums rose from various places. The demi-humans of different tribes bowed to the giant trees barely discernible in the clouds and then began to dance.

As the ceremony continued, the nine massive trees gradually grew more distinct. The heat they produced could be felt from several dozen li away, like invisible flames were erupting from the ground and being spread across the world by the colossal trees.

As the war drums beat and the banners of various tribes fluttered in the streets of White Emperor City, the young experts from the vast domain of the demi-humans left the meeting halls of their tribes, accompanied by their elders and companions. Hope and anxiety could be seen on their faces as they walked towards the Imperial Palace at the highest point.

A dense sea of people gradually gathered, somewhat frightening in its uncanny silence. In the depths of this silent sea was a particularly eye-catching carriage, because the banner on this carriage was not an ordinary one but a princely one that was flapping in the wind.

Countless gazes fell on this carriage. No matter how confident and proud the various young experts from the demi-human tribes were, when they saw this princely banner, they subconsciously showed an expression of respect. This was because this banner represented the supreme power of the southern lands of the Demi-human race, the Shi clan, and because there was a man sitting beneath this banner.

This man had an indifferent expression. His black hair drifted loose in the wind, and a harsh yellow light would occasionally flash through his eyes. His body exuded an extremely powerful, even frightening Qi. He was the most talented demi-human expert in the last two hundred years. Due to Wang Po's breakthrough and Xiao Zhang's fugitive status, he had now advanced to second place on the Proclamation of Liberation.

Xiaode was his name and Shi was his surname. He represented the will of the southern demi-humans, and more importantly, his own will was incredibly formidable. And it was no secret that in the last few years, his will was firmly set on marrying Princess Luoluo and becoming the next White Emperor.

To absolutely no one's surprise, while he had kept his silence in the turmoil of the last few days, he had now finally appeared.

If this level of expert wanted to participate in the Heavenly Selection ceremony, who could be his match?

The Great Western Continent's Second Prince was already awake and finished freshening up. He was reading a book when he seemed to hear something. He quietly thought for a few moments, upon which his lips curved into a mysterious smile. He put down his book, tied his bright yellow belt, and proceeded out of the Imperial Palace.

The fog had not dispersed, seemingly fusing with the yellow sands.

The young Demon Lord had not slept in his room but had instead elected to lie on the sand. His hands cushioned his head, one of his legs was raised, and his eyes were closed. He seemed very relaxed.

If others were to know of his identity, he would assuredly encounter the most terrifying encirclement and assault, but he seemingly did not care. The increasing volume of the war drums also had no effect on his mood. After some time, he finally opened his eyes. Rising and flicking the sand from his body, he went to the back gate.

He quietly stared at the two stone statues as he took out a bamboo hat. Placing it over his head, he left.

The stone statues had also disappeared, with the places where they had stood now vacant. The sand drifting in the light morning breeze ultimately buried the golden blood of yesterday.

Xuanyuan Po had woken up very early. To put it more accurately, he had not gotten much sleep last night.

His room was currently occupied by that incomprehensible couple, so he had spent the entire night sitting in the courtyard.

But his lack of sleep had not been out of lack of comfort. He was just a little nervous about the events about to take place.

The beating of the war drums resounded in his ear, each strike urging him on his journey.

But before this, he still had some things to do.

This was a habit he had developed from his days living with Chen Changsheng in the Orthodox Academy.

The more important the task, the more calm one had to be. Even if one could not calm one's mind down, one had to at least carry out the most important tasks.

He opened the door and entered the room. Through the paper door, he asked, "I'm going to buy breakfast. What do you want to eat?"

The nine massive Celestial Trees loomed in the mists, releasing invisible yet assuredly real waves of heat.

There was no hurricane from the Western Sea, but the Red River began to slosh with massive waves, crashing with deafening might into the shores.

No demi-human felt fear, because they knew that this was caused by the massive monsters living within the Red River.

The massive monsters living within the Red River were called Jing. They had gigantic bodies but very gentle temperaments. They lived off the red aquatic grass that unendingly grew within the river, and never harmed any living creatures. The demi-humans regarded them as guardians. The massive waves on the Red River were the Jing sensing the transformation of the Wildfire and celebrating.

White Emperor City was also a scene of celebration. Although the rumors and the tense atmosphere of the last two days made them somewhat uneasy, the Heavenly Selection ceremony was still a rare grand occasion for the Demi-human race. The people put their anxiety in the back of their minds and began to dance along with the incessant beat of the drums.

The several hundred stone walls used to divide the districts were packed with people. It was like the walls had suddenly been heightened in the span of one night, though the work was rather untidy. When the people saw those youths walking towards the fighting platforms, they waved their arms, yelled, and leapt, and the newly heightened stone walls seemed to get a little higher.

It truly felt like the whole world was celebrating.

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