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Chapter 946 – It's Precisely Because of So Many Affections That One Deceives Oneself

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

Anyone would think of their home. Even when she was in the Orthodox Academy, living the happiest period of her life, Luoluo would still often think of him, think of her father, think of her mother, think of those big fellows in the Red River and the birds on the Celestial Trees.

She naturally wouldn't consider this wrong, but…

"Very good. At the very least, you are willing to believe that I did not do these things out of my selfish desires, even though you now believe that I am doing this for the Great Western Continent."

Madam Mu calmly said to her, "I will not deny that the Great Western Continent is my homeland, but both your maternal grandfather and grandmother have already taken their leave of this mortal coil, so do you really think that I would still value the Great Western Continent over White Emperor City? The rumors are false; how could I marry you off to your cousin?"

Luoluo was stunned by these words.

Although she did not have much real power to speak of, she was still the sole Princess of the Demi-humans. She had an extremely high status within White Emperor City, and the members of the Council of Elders, including the Xiang clan elder, had always doted upon her. Even if she didn't make any efforts to inquire, many matters would still be impossible to hide from her.

For instance, in the matter of this marriage, she had been able to easily find out that the source of this rumor was a guard of the Abyssal Pearl Pavilion, and this guard was one of Madam Mu's most loyal subordinates. It was precisely for this reason that she had never doubted the veracity of the rumor… Mother is not planning on marrying me off to Cousin? Then what did the Great Western Continent's diplomatic mission come here for? Why did Chief Elder send someone this morning to notify me that Second Cousin's name has already been registered for participation in the Heavenly Selection ceremony?

"This matter is the will of both me and your father. For the sake of safety, we have spoken of it to no one, including you."

Madam Mu continued, "In a little while, the Heavenly Selection ceremony will begin. I think that will also be the time to tell you."

Luoluo asked, "Mother, just what is it?"

Madam Mu rubbed her head and said, "Of course, it's still your marriage."

Luoluo was very nervous, inexplicably feeling somewhat anxious.

"Guardian Jin's words were not wrong, and nor were the Chief Elder's. You yourself know more than anyone else… His Holiness the Pope truly did repair your meridians. As long as you are given enough time, you will definitely be able to cultivate the techniques of the White Emperor clan to their peak, becoming the next White Emperor."

Madam Mu's expression turned grave as she added, "But I and your father are worried that there is not enough time."

Luoluo replied, "I don't understand Mother's meaning."

Madam Mu said, "You are the sole Princess of the Demi-humans, so you should do some things for this place."

Luoluo understood and fell silent.

Ever since she was little, she knew that she had a duty to bear.

Chen Changsheng was also well aware of this point, so he had never requested her to do anything.

If the Demi-human race was in a bad state, she would need to make a contribution, and there was not much time for her to mature into the new White Emperor.

Then she would have to be like the princesses over the countless years, seeking gains for the Demi-human race through marriage.

This was her marriage: a marriage alliance.

Her mother had done the same.

"Marry to Xuelao City," Madam Mu said, staring into Luoluo's eyes.

All riddles were answered here.

Luoluo's complexion instantly paled as she whispered, "Why?"

Madam Mu explained, "This generation's Demon Lord is truly an extraordinary individual. Only he is a suitable match for you."

Luoluo replied, "Mother, you know that this is not my question."

This was not a simple marriage, not about the love of a man and woman, and not a question of a partner of equal social status.

"Why? It's naturally for the future of the Demi-human race."

Madam Mu looked into her eyes. "At the moment, the Human race's luck is at its most flourishing. Originally, it was believed that after the coup of the Mausoleum of Books and the consecutive deaths amongst the Storms of the Eight Directions, the Human race would settle down for a while. Who could have expected that in a few short years, Wang Po, the Mount Li Sect Master, and the Prince of Xiang would break through one after the other, and even Mao Qiuyu is already at the threshold. And this isn't even counting Liang Wangsun, Xiao Zhang, your teacher, Xu Yourong, and Qiushan Jun. The number of human experts has quickly reached its former number, even exceeded it. Coupled with Shang Xingzhou's stratagems, when the time comes, just who in the continent could be their opponent? What will they do once they exterminate the demons? Or are you willing to see the subjects of the Demi-human race kneeling in front of the iron heels of humanity?"

Luoluo silently thought for a while, then said, "The Demon race should be even more concerned about this matter than we are."

Madam Mu replied, "Correct, so there is no need for us to doubt Xuelao City's sincerity and resolve."

Luoluo raised her head and said, "But what about the hatred between us? Mother, how did you convince the Council of Elders, the ministers, and the generals?"

Madam Mu said, "I have already convinced many people. Crucially, I have already convinced your father, so who will still object?"

Luoluo thought about how the Chief Elder had entered the mountain last night but failed to meet her father. However, upon returning, his attitude underwent a massive shift, as if he had guessed at something.

But this was not enough to convince her.

Perhaps it really was as Madam Mu said, that no one else in the Demi-human race would dare stand up and oppose this marriage alliance, but she still could.

She looked at Madam Mu and said, "If it's for the future of the Demi-human race, given the relationship between me and Teacher, the Orthodoxy will assuredly support us. When the time comes, even if the Great Zhou Imperial Court wants to invade, it would first have to resolve its internal matters."

Madam Mu replied, "You must first be sure that your teacher Chen Changsheng can gain victory in this war. Moreover, you must confirm that he and Shang Xingzhou truly are at odds with each other and that this is not a scheme used to deceive us and Xuelao City."

Luoluo answered, "Teacher is not that sort of person."

"It has already been five years since you and he have met. Five years is enough time to change many things. Moreover, the teacher-disciple relationship in the backdrop of the world is not powerful enough or firm enough to influence the relationship between the Human race and the Demi-human race. You understand what I mean."

Madam Mu gave her a pitying gaze. "Unless he is willing to give up on Xu Yourong and marry you. If that were the case, I would immediately end the Heavenly Selection ceremony."

Luoluo opened her eyes wide and innocently asked, "Why would Teacher marry me? After all, I'm his student."

Madam Mu gave her a forced smile. "You only regard him as a teacher?"

Luoluo firmly nodded her head. "Of course."

Madam Mu caressed her head again and said, "Silly child, even if you can deceive me, how can you deceive yourself?"

The morning wind blew in through the window, bringing with it the smell of lime unique to the beast dances, as well as the increasingly excited, or perhaps elated, beating of the war drums.

Madam Mu left, going to the Allbeast Platform in front of the Imperial Palace to preside over today's Heavenly Selection ceremony.

Luoluo sat by the window, somewhat angry, her head lowered in dejection as she tore at the freshly picked gardenia flowers.

Madam Mu's last words were true. Even if she could deceive everyone in the entire continent, how could she deceive herself?

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