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Chapter 938 – The Angel from the Other Continent

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

Bie Yanghong's words were naturally for Madam Mu and Black Robe to hear.

Madam Mu stood with her hands held behind her. She appeared to be overlooking a vast sea, her expression incredibly solemn. She did not reply to his question.

The tree by the edge of the cliff had already been annihilated by the fist intent, but the place where Black Robe stood still had the tree's shadow.

The mottled shadow fell on his body, concealing his appearance, but unable to drown out his voice.

A bizarre laughter came from out of the black robe and then rumbled in all directions in a thunderous and deafening boom.

Bie Yanghong's expression gradually became calm, but his mood had sunk.

He had come today to avenge his son, but now it seemed like he might die here.

With a clang, his sleeve rose, with an illusory sword formed of the purest star radiance in his hand. It slashed at the white cloud several thousand zhang away.

There was a grinding sound, like a weighty mountain sliding across the ground. The white cloud swayed for a few moments and the little red flower, seeing a chance, transformed into a red streak of light. It returned to the mountain, floating over Bie Yanghong's head in a state of absolute vigilance.

The white cloud dispersed and golden light filled the world, bright and blinding.

If Black Robe had not laid down a seal beforehand, this light would probably have alarmed the entire continent.

At present, only a very small number of people on the two shores of the Red River could see this light.

But because it was too bright, they simply could not see what was happening inside.

Bie Yanghong and Wuqiong Bi could see, and their expressions became abnormally grave.

One could even see in Wuqiong Bi's eyes a confusion and fear of the unknown.

Two figures gradually appeared in the boundless light.

White wings, several dozen zhang in length, slowly flapped behind them.

These two figures were naked. The curves of their bodies were perfect and they were spotlessly pure. There was nothing extra to be seen on their bodies and it was impossible to put a gender on them.

Their bodies and wings released countless rays of light. They seemed absolutely divine but also brimmed with a destructive will.

Just what were these two people? Where had they come from?

"The Angels of the Sacred Light have already arrived. Do the two of you still plan on resisting?"

Black Robe's voice was abnormally dark and cold, but compared to the past thousand years, there was a new and indescribable emotion mixed in.

The sight of these two beings that he had termed 'Angels of the Sacred Light' had affected his mood somewhat.

The legends had become truth and had even appeared before his eyes. Bie Yanghong truly was very shocked.

But he was still one of the strongest experts on the continent, so he very quickly regained his composure.

And when his gaze pierced through the light and swept over the two Angels, he became indifferent.

"Just with these two monsters that are neither male nor female?"

It was hard to tell whether those two so-called 'Angels of the Sacred Light' had understood his words.

The battle began immediately after.

Two streams of light ignored the several thousand zhang between them and the mountain, seemingly piercing through space to reach Bie Yanghong and Wuqiong Bi.

Infinite light accompanied them, along with a terrifying pressure and divine attacks imbued with the aura of destruction.

In this bright and blinding light, Bie Yanghong and Wuqiong Bi for the first time got a close-up view of the two Angels' faces, even though it was only for an instant.

The two Angels had perfect faces and their expressions were ones of absolute apathy. There was nothing human about their emotions, only divine.

In the center of their eyebrows was an arc of light, gorgeous and holy beyond compare.

Through human eyes, these two Angels appeared very similar. It was only in terms of Qi that they were different. One was extremely callous while the other was extremely ruthless, but both were lacking any human characteristics. They were more like some lifeless substance, like fierce ocean waves or frigid ice and snow.

A sword glow tore through the waves of light at the callous Angel, but it was caught by its two wings.

Bie Yanghong felt a strength as majestic as the starry sky come through the sword glow.

The illusory sword formed from star radiance instantly shattered.

The little red flower whistled upwards, its petals bursting open, blocking off the shards of star radiance and the waves of light.


Countless cracks appeared on the mountain, bits of gravel flying every which way while a hole several zhang deep appeared.

Bie Yanghong stood in the bottom of this hole, his hands raised up.

The Angel apathetically floated in the air, one of its hands pressing down.

The situation on the other side was even more dangerous.

Seeing the Angel descend from the heavens, Wuqiong Bi recalled the legend she had read about as a child in the Ten Thousand Years Pavilion. She began to feel fear and unease, her mind shocked and trembling. She found it difficult to maintain her Dao heart, causing her lotus sea to drift uneasily and a gap to appear in her defense. The Angel transformed into a streak of light and plunged through this gap, a needle of light slashing down like a sword!

With a squelch, Wuqiong Bi's left arm was cut off, streaming with dazzling golden blood as it flew into the sky!

Hearing his wife scream, Bie Yanghong roared in fury. He pushed out his palms, jolting away the Angel with star radiance and true essence accumulated over centuries of cultivation. He rushed as quickly as possible to stand in front of Wuqiong Bi, his right hand once more forming a sword of star radiance to push the other Angel back.

The red flower flew back and entered a swift orbit around Bie Yanghong and Wuqiong Bi. Just like a shooting star, it exuded a formidable Qi, temporarily putting the situation at a standstill.

In just one exchange, Bie Yanghong knew that these two Angels from the Sacred Light Continent were monstrously terrifying.

These Angels seemed instinctively able to understand and utilize the laws upon which this world operated. If one placed them in the cultivation system of this continent, they would innately be experts of the Divine Domain. Moreover, their bodies seemed to be formed of the purest Sacred Light, incredibly sturdy and practically indestructible. Not even the Imperial clan of the Demon race could compare to them. Most terrifying of all was that they possessed unimaginable speed and reaction time. It was like they were actual rays of light, defying all principles to advance or retreat as they pleased.

When confronting such new and powerful foes, even Bie Yanghong, who was ranked high amongst the experts of the Divine Domain, found it very taxing. As for Wuqiong Bi, she was not even able to take a single blow. If not for Bie Yanghong's reaction time and divine speed, she might already be dead.

Wuqiong Bi knew that the situation was extremely dangerous, so she stubbornly gritted her teeth, not making a single noise. This was despite the fact that a vicious pain was coming from the stump of her arm and the divine might of the attack was still wreaking havoc within, preventing her from using star radiance to repair her body. However, she could not stop her face from being as pale as snow or her eyes from showing fear.

Bie Yanghong saw his wife's miserable state, his eyes chilling and his rage flourishing.

The two Angels floated in the air, expressionlessly looking down at Wuqiong Bi and Bie Yanghong.

The callous Angel's gaze rested on Wuqiong Bi's severed arm. Seeing the golden blood dripping from it, the Angel suddenly spoke.

It spoke with an apathetic expression, but its voice was dignified to the extreme.

It used the language of the Sacred Light Continent, the syllables archaic and complex.

Logically speaking, no one on the cliff should have been able to understand what it was saying.

Yet, mystically, once its words were blown about by the chilly wind of the mountains, they became the language of the continent.

"It truly is the stealers of fire. You have blasphemed against God and must die."

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