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Chapter 937 – The Sight of a World Extinguished

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

Madam Mu was well aware of what Bie Yanghong was thinking and said, "None of you will have the chance."

Bie Yanghong said no more. With a shake of his right arm, his sleeve flew through the air.

Innumerable waves of Qi rumbled like thunder towards Madam Mu.

It was very difficult to notice that as he moved, a little arrow made of green jade shot out in the opposite direction, silently flying towards the Red River.

If this jade arrow was allowed to break through the clouds and flee with the winds, it would end up eighty thousand li away, notifying the human experts in the capital and in the south.

A strand of his soul was attached to the arrow. Words were not required, since this wisp of his soul contained the information.

But the moment this jade arrow touched the light peeking through the clouds, the sky suddenly dimmed as if night had come early.

Black Robe waved, transforming into a darkness that blocked the jade arrow while also concealing the surrounding area from the eyes of heaven.

Wuqiong Bi howled, her horsetail whisk spinning thousands upon thousands of eddies in the air, shrouding her surroundings in the Qi of silent extinction and transforming it into a massive sea of lotuses.

Deep with the lotus sea, a flower bloomed. Swaying in the wind, floating on the water, it slowly drifted. In reality, however, it was swiftly making its way to the horizon.

With an indifferent expression, Madam Mu waved her two sleeves, commanding the winds from high in the sky.

This wind came from the Western Sea, its moisture penetrated with cold. Like a sharp blade, it sliced the thick sea of clouds into shreds.

Countless white clouds dropped like a flock of sheep, falling into the wet and savage forests. The Qi in the atmosphere instantly froze as if it had become extremely sticky and thick.

Wuqiong Bi groaned as she felt the lotus flower formed from her true essence rapidly slow. Although it had not been destroyed, it was now impossible for it to leave.

Bie Yanghong remained calm, not affected in the slightest.

The jade arrow had not been Bie Yanghong's actual strike, much less his strongest.

He had used the jade arrow to attract Black Robe's focus and Wuqiong Bi had used the lotus sea to take away Madam Mu's gaze, giving him the time to move.

The hands of cultivators could be used to wields swords or grasp pestles, and one could also put the fingers together and make a palm. However, the simplest posture was to clench one's hand into a fist.

Bie Yanghong's fist thundered towards Black Robe beneath the tree.

After he had experienced the Tianhai Divine Empress's fist in the coup of the Mausoleum of Books, Bie Yanghong's strongest move also became a fist.

He and Black Robe were still separated by several hundred zhang, but a gloomy path abruptly formed between them.

The nameless tree on the cliff shuddered as a fist formed from star radiance traveled through that path with unimaginable speed. With a strength that seemed capable of cleaving mountains and dividing seas, it exploded towards Black Robe's face. Before it struck, its momentum caused Black Robe's clothes to flap in the wind.

Black Robe was slightly disturbed, causing the sunlight to descend once more. One could faintly make out Black Robe's sickly green chin and those two eyes, glowing like cold stars.

Seeing Bie Yanghong's fist, Black Robe's eyes flashed with admiration and caution.

Whether it was in his identity as Demon Military Advisor or in some other identity, he had met many truly legendary experts, and he himself was one such expert.

Bie Yanghong's fist still managed to threaten him, and he knew that he had to treat it seriously.

A metal plate, so gloomy that it seemed completely devoid of light, appeared in front of him.


Bie Yanghong's fist crashed against the metal plate.

The metal plate had already been heavily damaged, and now that it suffered another full-force blow from a Divine Domain expert, it cracked as it bent.

Black Robe's body swayed and then he retreated two steps.

With a puff, the small tree behind him shattered, its shards swept away by the wind.

A cliff thirty-some li behind him, on the opposite shore of the Red River, was suddenly implanted with several dozen deep fissures.

Rocks tumbled down as the cliff split in two and rumbled into the river, stirring astonishing waves.

The true might of a Divine Domain expert at full power could truly split mountains and block rivers!

And yet Bie Yanghong grew even more vigilant.

There had always been many speculations regarding the enigmatic Demon Military Advisor Black Robe.

As an expert of the Human race, he was no exception.

Everyone knew that Black Robe was assuredly an expert that could rank amongst the legends, but no one knew just how strong he was.

Whether during the generation of Emperor Taizong and Wang Zhice or the current generation, only Su Li had ever exchanged blows with Black Robe.

In addition, Su Li had been prioritizing escape back then, so he had been unable to accurately assess Black Robe's strength in that battle.

It was only today, when Bie Yanghong launched his punch, that he had some measure.

Bie Yanghong was not a proud person, but he was keenly aware of his battle prowess amongst humanity's experts, and this punch of his had used ninety percent of his strength.

Black Robe had easily received it.

The metal plate was most likely some divine artifact, but even so, Black Robe's strength was still somewhat unfathomable.

But this did not matter.

Because even this punch was not Bie Yanghong's strongest move, nor his true move.

He clearly understood that the priority in today's battle was not whether he and his wife could win, but whether or not they could inform the experts of the Human race.

The jade arrow, the lotus sea, and this punch were all smokescreens.

The instant he punched, the string on his pinkie finger had already silently snapped.

The little red flower had already reached the sky.

Neither Black Robe nor Madam Mu would be able to stop it from leaving.

The red flower rocketed through the sky, drawing a thin red line in the azure heavens.

A white cloud was calmly floating in the sky.

If someone had been observing this cloud from the very beginning, they would have realized that whether it was when Bie Yanghong and Wuqiong Bi broke through the clouds, Black Robe revealed himself, or the winds of the Western Sea wreaked havoc, the shape of this white cloud had never changed. It had not even trembled.

Since this cloud was so sturdy, it should have been somewhat darker, but in the clear blue skies, it remained so purely white that it seemed unreal.

The red flower flew into the cloud and then vanished.

It had not flown out of the white cloud and vanished into the blue yonder. It had just disappeared.

Bie Yanghong had not noticed this white cloud at the start. Only now did he abruptly sense something and raise his head.

The cliff was silent.

Not he, Wuqiong Bi, Madam Mu, or Black Robe made another move.

The white cloud began to drift and then gradually break apart.

A gap appeared in the center of the cloud. From the ground, it looked like an eye.

This eye looked down upon all the creatures of this continent.

A ray of light shot out of this gap.

It was a golden ray of light, containing an unimaginable radiance, a most holy and divine light.

But this light was also incredibly somber, apparently wanting to crush all things, destroy all things.

Bie Yanghong vaguely knew the answer. In deep shock, he muttered, "Are none of you afraid of extinguishing the world?"

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