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Chapter 936 – The Wind Blows the Shadow of the Tree into the Shape of a Black Robe

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

When Madam Mu spoke, her visage was serene and indifferent, making her seem incomparably confident and powerful.

She was a Princess of the Great Western Continent, the Empress of the Demi-humans, and she had been a Saint for many years.

Tianhai had died on the peak of the Mausoleum of Books, Yin had returned to the sea of stars, and the Holy Maiden of the south had followed Su Li to the distant Sacred Light Continent. Of the Five Saints, only she and the White Emperor remained.

She and the White Emperor were unquestionably two of the strongest people in the world.

Even though the White Emperor was in secluded cultivation and she had to fight Bie Yanghong and Wuqiong Bi alone, her loss was not guaranteed.

And this wasn't even considering that this place was along the Red River, with countless demi-human experts residing in White Emperor City. With an order from her, they would come sweeping over like a tide.

"Empress, you have misunderstood."

Bie Yanghong said, "We have never held the extravagant hope of killing you. We only wish to take Mu Jiushi away and question her."

Mu Jiushi's small face paled at these words and she dared not respond.

Madam Mu smiled. "The two of you want to take away my younger sister and ask her what Young Master Bie's final words were, and then?"

Wuqiong Bi could no longer repress her feelings as she harshly exclaimed, "If she cannot give an explanation, this old body will naturally tear her limb from limb!"

Madam Mu's smile faded as she gazed at Bie Yanghong. "Do you think I will agree?"

Bie Yanghong replied, "You should understand very well that I have the ability to delay you for a while. This period is enough for my wife to finish what she wants to do."

Madam Mu calmly stared at him for a long time. All of a sudden, she began to laugh.

The mountains and clouds echoed with her joyless laughter, suffused with determination and apathy.

"I think that Sir Bie has also misunderstood."

Madam Mu's laughter faded as she said, "I've never thought about protecting Little Shi."

Bie Yanghong's gaze turned stern. "Empress's meaning is?"

"Everyone says that I was exiled from the Great Western Continent by Imperial Uncle. For centuries, countless people thought that this was an injustice against me, like Tianhai or Old Yin. However, none of them knew that it was my ardent desire to leave and that all my skills were taught to me by Imperial Uncle. To me, Imperial Uncle was both teacher and father, the one that I respect the most."

Madam Mu expressionlessly declared, "You've killed him, so I naturally have to take revenge and kill all of you. I've never thought of doing anything else."

Bie Yanghong fell quiet.

With his and Wuqiong Bi's strength, although it was very difficult for them to kill, or even detain, Madam Mu, the opposite was true as well.

Unless she had a helper.

But who would help her?

The blue-clothed visitor was dead, the Great Western Continent's scheme exposed.

He and Wuqiong Bi were both Storms of the Human race and had come to exact vengeance for their son. Even Shang Xingzhou would not appear in these circumstances.

Moreover, they had come so quickly that they were confident that White Emperor City simply had not had the time to set any traps.

The sea breeze came in an unending stream from beyond, causing the clouds both in the sky and between the mountains to twist and writhe, but not disperse.

The hole that Bie Yanghong and Wuqiong Bi had torn through the clouds was gradually covered and the sunlight shut out, casting the cliff into gloom.

A tree stood on the edge of the cliff, extremely tiny in comparison to the massive tree in which the little Black Dragon was imprisoned.

The tree had a shadow.

In such a dim light, this tree should have a very faint shadow, yet it was only getting darker.

The little red flower floating by his pinkie sensed something. It howled through the air, aiming at that tree in vigilance.

Bie Yanghong looked at Madam Mu and said, "Empress's ambition and boldness are truly terrifying."

"Imperial Uncle insisted on assassinating Chen Changsheng to stir internal discord in the Zhou Dynasty, but I knew that this was no easy task and was highly likely to fail."

Madam Mu calmly concluded, "This being the case, I naturally made a few backup plans."

Bie Yanghong sighed.

He had prepared for countless tricks beforehand, utilizing the will of the heavens for a long time to make many predictions, but to his surprise, he was still unable to surpass Madam Mu.

He said to Wuqiong Bi, "In a little while, if I can open up a path, you will leave. I will follow afterward."

Wuqiong Bi's heart went cold at these words. Just what had happened?

No matter how strong Madam Mu was, their working together should still have been enough to fight one battle. Why did he need to be so pessimistic, speaking of defeat before they had even begun to fight?

If this really was the case, why had they traveled over such a vast distance to come to White Emperor City?

Wuqiong Bi had a crude and ruthless temperament, but she was still an expert of the Divine Domain. Just a little thought was enough for her to understand what was going on. Her gaze fell on the tree at the edge of the cliff as well.

The shadow cast by the tree was getting darker and darker, gradually becoming like the color of ink, or perhaps a black curtain.

The breeze from the Western Sea rustled the leaves of the tree, shifting the shadow on the ground like it was blowing against a sleeve.

It was an actual sleeve.

The robe was black.

It was shaking in the wind.

A person appeared beneath the tree, their figure completely cloaked in a black robe.

Wuqiong Bi paled.

Bie Yanghong turned extremely grave, with an expression of unprecedented solemnity on his face.

He knew that this was the most dangerous moment the two had ever encountered in their lives.

They were about to face their most frightening opponent since the Tianhai Divine Empress.

The mountains were utterly silent, with not even the sound of wind.

The black robe shifting in the wind gave an abnormally sinister feeling.

Upon seeing this legendary Demon Military Advisor, Mu Jiushi felt a terrible fear and hid far away.

Bie Yanghong looked at Madam Mu and said, "You dared to collude with the demons? Does the White Emperor know? Do the demi-human elders?"

Madam Mu calmly answered, "You are the first to see it."

Bie Yanghong asked, "Did you ever think that if someone finds out about this, you will no longer be Empress?"

Madam Mu replied, "There's no need for you to worry about White Emperor City's affairs."

Bie Yanghong said, "Are you saying that you are confident that no bystanders will learn of this?"

It would be very difficult for him and Wuqiong Bi to kill or even defeat Madam Mu, but in the same way, it was also very difficult for Madam Mu to kill this couple.

Even though Madam Mu was a Saint, even though she had invited the most mysterious and terrifying Demon Military Advisor to assist her today.

To kill an expert of the Divine Domain was no easy feat.

On the plateau of South Stream Temple, the blue-clothed visitor had only died because the situation had changed too abruptly, with him changing from the trapper to the trapped, resulting in him being grievously unprepared.

But even in these circumstances, Bie Yanghong and Wang Po had paid a heavy price to kill him.

Madam Mu was truly powerful and Black Robe was also terrifying, but Bie Yanghong had been enlightened by his experiences in the coup of the Mausoleum of Books, causing him to advance in strength.

He was confident that he could resist them for a few moments.

He only needed a few moments or the smallest crack to send a warning to the outside.

The demi-humans might be working with the demons. This news was certain to stun the entire world.

No matter how tense was the standoff between the Great Zhou Imperial Court and the Orthodoxy, how fierce the conflict, they would have a single stance on this subject: determined suppression.

All experts would hurry over, whether it was the heads of the noble clans, the Sect Master of the Mount Li Sword Sect, or Wang Po.

Even the venerable Daoist master Shang Xingzhou might personally take action.

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