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Chapter 934 – Someone Is Breaking Through the Clouds, Descending with the Light of the Sun

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

Luoluo asked, "Has Royal Mother left the palace again?"

Guardian Li whispered, "It seems like she has gone to the opposite shore."

Luoluo asked, "Aunt returned a few days ago?"

Guardian Li answered, "Presumably."

Luoluo asked, "The incident at South Stream Temple was true?"

Guardian Li hesitated, but she still responded in the affirmative.

Luoluo fell quiet for a while, then said, "Then they really do want to harm Teacher."

Upon hearing these words and sensing the emotions in her voice, Guardian Li did not dare respond.

"I didn't think that the legend of New North Bridge was true and that Teacher has known that black dragon this entire time."

Luoluo gazed at the vague shape of the green mountain deep within the mists and said, "But where is Mother keeping her right now?"

Guardian Li whispered, "It's not possible to investigate."

Luoluo sighed. "Aren't I very useless?"

Guardian Li did not know how to respond. Although the princess was one of the most noble existences in White Emperor City, how could she influence the actions of the Empress?

Luoluo suddenly rallied herself, a happy expression appearing on her bright and pretty face. "But it doesn't matter. Teacher said before that living is the most important. It doesn't matter if we're useful or not, only if we can live according to our hearts or not, if we can live happily."

On another cliff in the sea of clouds, there was also a petite figure, but this one did not seem weak or fragile. Perhaps because she had never experienced hardship as a child or had been educated differently, Mu Jiushi always had self-confidence written all over her beautiful little face, making her seem bright and cheerful with an intimidating aura of nobility.

Madam Mu could naturally tell that her younger sister was in a very depressed mood and was only pretending to not care.

She walked to the edge of the cliff and embraced Mu Jiushi, tenderly saying, "It truly is difficult to be a woman of the Mu clan."

These words and the warmth of her older sister's body made it impossible for Mu Jiushi to keep pretending. Burying herself in her sister's chest, she sorrowfully said, "I don't even know when that fellow started following us. Sister, aren't I too useless?"

She was naturally referring to Qiushan Jun.

Madam Mu said, "Imperial Uncle's scheme was flawed from the start, so how can you be blamed?"

Mu Jiushi raised her head, a confused expression her face. "Flawed?"

Madam Mu explained, "Even if there was no Qiushan Jun and everyone on the plateau believed that Zhusha killed Bie Tianxin, so what? Imperial Uncle wanted to use Zhusha's name to burn Chen Changsheng, but he never thought about the fact that the Pope of the Human race is not so easy to kill."

Mu Jiushi had not gone to South Stream Temple, but she was well aware of the events that had taken place on the plateau. Her eyes wide, she said, "But Chen Changsheng really did almost die there."

Madam Mu shook her head. "From the start, Shang Xingzhou was using Imperial Uncle, but he never had any intentions of personally taking part. Didn't you see how the Prince of Xiang never once struck, just stood on the sidelines like a bystander? And only someone as idiotic as White Tiger would strike before the conclusion was clear."

Surprised, Mu Jiushi asked, "Wasn't the Prince of Xiang not attacking to intimidate Wang Po?"

Madam Mu replied, "As someone who's already crossed that threshold, every action of his has a deeper meaning. How could he be swayed by external forces?"

This made Mu Jiushi think, didn't Imperial Uncle die for nothing then? With hatred in her voice, she spat, "The people of Zhou are truly crafty and sinister."

Madam Mu reminded her, "An undertaking of a thousand years should never suffer from a moment's impatience. It was only because the esteemed Imperial Uncle's life was reaching its end that he took such a risk, hoping to see if he could get a little lucky. But you and I do not need to be so impatient. Once matters on this side are taken care of, we can make new plans."

Mu Jiushi thought about the grand undertaking her older sister was speaking of and couldn't help but get excited. "But I'm just worried that Sister will be here alone and without allies."

Madam Mu smiled. "I'm not a solitary recluse like Tianhai."

Mu Jiushi was still worried, saying, "But this is truly too grand of an undertaking. The demi-humans and demons have irreconcilable grudges, so how did you manage to convince the elders and ministers?"

Madam Mu explained, "It would naturally be challenging to pull off this feat in the past, but now is actually the best opportunity. Shang Xingzhou's ambitions are too blatant. Everyone knows that he wants to unite the world and everyone knows that he has this ability. Chen Changsheng himself is an outstanding genius with lofty prestige, and that emperor is also extraordinary. If the teacher joins with his two disciples, let alone the demons, how can your sister's husband and those elders and ministers not worry?"

Mu Jiushi argued, "The venerable Daoist is certainly scary, and Chen Changsheng… he's also not bad, but that emperor spends all his time in the palace. It's hard to see anything unusual about him."

Madam Mu replied, "One who is skilled in war has no fame and the skill of a shepherd can be seen by observing the growth of the flock. Since that emperor began reigning, the Imperial Court has been well ordered, every talented person being utilized. Government affairs proceed smoothly and the people are peaceful and working happily. He's even better than his mother, on par with Emperor Taizong."

Mu Jiushi fell into deep thought, saying, "So that was how it was."

Then she remembered another matter, asking in concern, "Then what of Wuqiong Bi and Bie Yanghong? Once they recover from their injuries, they'll assuredly come by to take revenge in a few days."

Madam Mu replied, "No, you are wrong."

Puzzled, Mu Jiushi asked, "Could they be afraid of Sister's majesty and the demi-human experts and so don't dare to come?"

Madam Mu gazed into the sea of clouds and indifferently said, "When I said you were wrong, I did not mean that they would not come, but that they are already here."

As she spoke, thunder clapped in the sky.

Boom! The sea of clouds began to roil, spreading in all directions, but not tearing open. In the gloomy and wet forests within the clouds, countless monsters ran for their lives. In the slightly turbid waters of the Red River, ten-some massive aquatic monsters roared and lowered their heads.

The sea of clouds was pulled outwards, causing the center to become thinner and thinner until a hole appeared.

The light of the sun spilled through this hole, along with two figures.

This was a most beautiful and mystical sight.

Mu Jiushi's expression suddenly changed as she watched these two figures land on a nearby green mountain to the west. Madam Mu remained calm and silent, her thoughts a mystery.

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