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Chapter 929 – If You Want to Enter My Door, You Must Endure This Sword

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

What about Zhexiu? Chen Changsheng thought to himself, could it be that Su Li just wants to force Zhexiu to walk through this path brimming with sword intent to discipline him?

Or was it a test a father left for his son-in-law?

"My father's motives are not as beautiful as you imagine. He just doesn't want Zhexiu to meet me. In truth, he definitely didn't think that you would really be able to force your way through."

Upon hearing this voice, Chen Changsheng turned around.

And then he saw someone he had not seen for many years: Qi Jian.

The Qi Jian he recognized from the Mausoleum of Books and then the Garden of Zhou had been thin and short, a timid and weak young man. Thus, even though he had become aware of her true status ages ago, seeing her wearing a green dress still stunned him for quite some time.

"Long time no see," he finally said.

Qi Jian pushed her messy hair behind her ear and asked, "How many years? It's hard to tell the passing of time in these mountains, and I'm too lazy to keep count."

She was now a bright and cheerful young lady, appearing even healthier than she was in the past. There was none of the melancholy that Chen Changsheng had imagined.

Chen Changsheng looked around and discovered that this green valley was lush with plant life. He could see waterfalls in the distance and pools of water peeking through the trees while birds constantly sang. It was an exceptionally beautiful sight.

But to be imprisoned in a paradise year-round was still incredibly arduous.

Upon thinking of this matter and hearing her words, he became a bit more displeased at Su Li and all of Mount Li.

Seeing his expression, Qi Jian softly said, "Your Holiness the Pope, have you perhaps misunderstood something?"

Chen Changsheng asked in surprise, "Are you not imprisoned here?"

Qi Jian replied, "I truly have spent all of these last few years quietly cultivating the sword in this place."

Chen Changsheng asked, "Then why do you need to make excuses for your sect? It's no easy feat to enter and exit this place."

He still felt a little fear from those dangerous sword intents in that stone wall.

If he had to endure this trial each time he wanted to visit, not even the most breathtaking beauty could tempt him to visit this valley.

Qi Jian knew that he was concerned about her and faintly smiled. "Besides your method, there are naturally other ways."

Chen Changsheng froze and thought to himself, are there really other paths to this place? He asked, "Then when can you leave? He… is on that side."

Qi Jian's smile faded as she calmly and firmly said, "If he really wants to meet me, he naturally has to come and see me."

Chen Changsheng faintly understood her meaning, though he had no way of being sure.

The dragon of dust gradually settled and the light of the sun began to fall on the cliff once more. The path through the stone wall returned to true peace.

Everyone had apprehensive expressions, unaware of the situation within.

Zhexiu silently stared at the path, in a pensive mood.

Qiushan Jun declared, "He passed through."

Guan Feibai glanced at the position of the sun and an expression of shock appeared on his face. "He only needed forty-five minutes?"

Tang Thirty-Six had no understanding of how difficult it was to traverse that path, but based on Guan Feibai's reaction, he could tell that Chen Changsheng had used an extremely short amount of time. He proudly said, "If you think about it, his swordplay was personally taught by your martial granduncle. How hard could it be for him to go through that path?"

Bai Cai sneered, "When Eldest Brother passed through this path five years ago, he only used thirty minutes."

These words caused Zhexiu to glance at Qiushan Jun and Tang Thirty-Six to fall silent in astonishment.

Qiushan Jun's reputation had already spread across the world, but very few people had seen him personally take action, and Zhexiu and Tang Thirty-Six were no exception.

In truth, they had always wanted to know just how powerful Qiushan Jun was.

The shout in Wenshui City and the drawings on Holy Maiden Peak proved that Qiushan Jun was an extraordinary individual, but still, those did not involve cultivation or fighting.

It was only now that they knew that he truly was very strong.

Five years ago, Qiushan Jun had been younger than Chen Changsheng now and his cultivation was probably slightly inferior, and yet he had only needed thirty minutes to pass through that path?

Gou Hanshi explained, "Senior Brother has been learning the sword at this mountain since he was a child, and it was not his first attempt on that sword path. He naturally had a few advantages."

The disciples of the Mount Li Sword Sect knew of their second brother's way of doing things and were not surprised to see him speak on Chen Changsheng's behalf.

It was Tang Thirty-Six that didn't know how to respond.

Zhexiu ignored these words, heading straight to the path.

Those sword intents seeping out from the ivy on the stone wall floated about his body, instantly ripping through his clothes.

But he did not care. His face remained unmoved.

The disciples and Tang Thirty-Six watched.

Many people had already guessed that Chen Changsheng would be able to break through this path, as he cultivated in the path of Mount Li's sword.

But what of this infamous wolf expert?

He was the real main character of this affair.

To Chen Changsheng, walking this path was a battle.

To Zhexiu, walking this path was a hunt.

From a certain perspective, Zhexiu had a rather savage aura.

As a hybrid of human and demi-human, his body was as hard as steel, his perception extremely powerful, his intelligence extremely high, his spiritual sense incredibly formidable, and his reserves of true essence incomparably vast.

As the Tide Rush of Blood worsened, his meridians thickened, his spiritual sense grew fiercer, and his amount of true essence surged.

It was just like those monsters on the snowy plains. On the verge of death, they would become incomparably powerful.

Zhexiu was currently very powerful, and when Chen Changsheng was making his way through the path, he was observing like a true beast, not missing out on a single detail.

He was confident that he had already found the weak point of his prey, so now was the time to conserve his strength and cease all excess consumption of energy. He needed to charge straight over and bite through the throat of his target.

Pulling away the ivy, he walked into the path. He looked at the sword intents coming from both the earth and sky, but he did not take on a battle posture. "I didn't come to learn the sword from you, nor do I want to prove that I'm stronger than you. I just want to see her, and nobody can stop me."

He was saying this to the sword slashes on the walls of this passage, but he naturally wanted to say it for their owner to hear.

The cries of countless swords soared to the sky, seemingly infuriated, but in a short while, they stopped.

The path was quiet. Whether it was Tang Thirty-Six on the cliff or Chen Changsheng at the other end of the path, everyone was nervous.

After not hearing any sword cries for a long time, Chen Changsheng understood and asked, "Is this that method?"

Qi Jian calmly explained, "The swords can sense your thoughts and are impossible to deceive. If you're sincere, you can send them a message. Since you're not an enemy, there's no reason to stop you."

Chen Changsheng asked, "Then what's the explanation for those sword cries? They were even more furious than the ones I encountered."

Qi Jian pursed her lips, appearing to not care. In truth, she was very nervous.

Footsteps approached.

Zhexiu emerged from the path.

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