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Chapter 927 – Breaking Through the Sword Path

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

Chen Changsheng thought for a few moments, then took another step.

A slightly chilly wind brushed against his hair, causing some of it to drift away.

Sword intent, mighty and invisible, had come with the wind and silently struck.

This time, he thought for an even longer time.

He had to make a choice. Would he use the star radiance in his three-hundred-sixty-five Qi openings to form a Star Domain for defense, or would he use sword intent?

Ultimately, he chose the latter.

Because Su Li had been his teacher on the path of the sword.

Today, he naturally had to use the sword to challenge this path, as only this way could he turn in an eligible answer sheet.

Countless sword intents left his sheath and flew into the air.

The Qi and intent of these swords were a motley crew, not very similar. But mystically, they worked together in harmony, with no conflict between them.

Gou Hanshi was slightly moved at this sight, and praise appeared in his eyes.

Despite the high level Chen Changsheng had reached in the path of the sword, his sword intent was still far less concentrated and pure than Su Li's, making it a difficult challenge to win in terms of quality.

So he chose to use numbers to make up for quality.

This seemed very ordinary, but on second thought, it was extremely unusual.

Besides him, who else in the world could simultaneously possess so many sword intents and control them as they pleased?

Countless tiny grinding sounds could be heard.

The wind suddenly vanished, but the ivy on the stone wall began to sway.

This ivy that had grown together with this sword intent for centuries naturally wouldn't be harmed by it, but now was beginning to break and fall.

There was clearly nothing to see, but countless swords seemed to be engaging in silent battle in front of the stone wall.

In an extremely tiny area, countless sword intents were engaging in a most subtle contest.

The Qi of the world grew much more awe-inspiring with this battle and the light from the sky suddenly went dim.

Chen Changsheng walked up to the ivy.

Piece by piece, the ivy crumbled away, revealing the entrance to the path running through the stone wall.

He entered without hesitation.

The battle of sword intents continued behind him. The air in the entrance to the path was suddenly filled with countless holes and white eddies of Qi, obscuring the scene within.

After a few moments, the stone suddenly exploded with the cries of swords.

The path through the stone wall was very narrow, the sky a thin sliver high above him. While walking through this path, Chen Changsheng felt that his surroundings were rather dim.

The walls of this passage were covered in straight sword slashes, the two ends extremely thin while the middle was a little thicker. They looked rather mellow, but also extremely sharp.

Each sharp sword slash represented a sword intent.

Those sword intents rose from the walls and fiercely slashed at Chen Changsheng's face, simultaneously assailing his Ethereal Palace and sea of consciousness.

Chen Changsheng was not the least bit panicked. He steadily pressed forward, his sword held horizontally in front of his eyebrows like an iron chain.

This was the third sword Su Li had taught him: the Stupid Sword.

This technique emphasized one's personality, and with Chen Changsheng's persevering and composed personality, this technique in his hands was truly as hardy as a boulder.

Clingclingclingcling. The path echoed with sword cries that sounded like two swords were constantly clashing against each other.

The straight body of Chen Changsheng's sword lay in front of his eyes, and sparks flew all along its edges. The two walls of the path were instantly covered with several dozen new sword slashes.

His sword could block the visible sword intent, but it could not block the invisible sword intent that assailed his body.

As he proceeded further into the path, the aura of intimidating awe grew more and more concentrated. His sea of consciousness was already raging with waves that were being chopped into foam by the sword intent.

As this foam appeared and dissipated, he felt a stabbing pain in his eyes and a hacking sensation at his skin.

These sword intents were the true test. Someone without a firm will and a calm and pure spiritual sense would have found it impossible to endure.

His sword held before him, Chen Changsheng continued forward.

The path near the entrance was extremely narrow, but it gradually widened as he walked. However, this did not mean that the path was easier to walk. On the contrary, the sword slashes grew more and more numerous, the sword Qi emerging from them more and more majestic, the sword intents more and more awe-inspiring. More frightening was that these sword slashes were gradually forming a connection and creating an unending stream of attacks.

Each sword slash was a single attack of a sword. When connected, they would become a set of sword techniques.

It was only at this moment that Chen Changsheng truly began to confront Su Li's cultivation on the path of the sword.

Awe-inspiring sword intent emerged from the walls and obscured the light from above and the distant smear of green as it surged toward him like a sea.

Chen Changsheng's body slightly swayed as he almost lost his footing. His face slightly paled.

If he had not honed his mind countless times in the sea of sword intent within the Vault Sheath, he might have failed here.

How could he pass through this vast sea of sword intent? How could he break through Su Li's sword techniques?

Chen Changsheng attentively listened to the howls as the sword intent flew through the air, calmly assessing the tears the sword intents cleaved in the air, sensing their subtle changes.

As usual, his eyes were as clean as a small brook, free of dust. They reflected the drifting clouds and the sword glows that flashed between them.

His sword was no longer held in front of him but extended straight towards the sky.

The Stupid Sword could only defend. How could he break the sword techniques Su Li left behind? The answer, of course, was to use sword techniques.

A sword glow tore through the air, shattering the sword Qi coming down from the heavens. This was the Heavenly Dao Academy's Sword of Hithering Light, so fast that not even the heavens could catch it.

Several flowers made of swords trembled as they appeared in the wind and blocked each attack descending from the heavens.

There were thirteen of these sword silhouettes, each one of them a willow branch, seemingly delicate but incredibly tenacious, able to block any one of those sword blows.

There was the Blossoming Flower Brocade, Mountain Spirit Splits the Cliff, the sternness of the law sword, turning mountains that also welcomed guests. Finally, they ascended to burn the heavens.

These were all sword techniques of Mount Li, so they were naturally able to break Su Li's Mount Li Sword Style.

There were also the Orthodox Academy's Toppling Mountain Staff and True Sword of the Orthodoxy. He was the Pope and also the Principal of the Orthodox Academy, so he was followed by a divine aura!

It was just like when he contended against Xu Yourong's Sword of Great Light on the Bridge of Helplessness.

He used all the sword styles he had learned over his life.

Sword glows illuminated the gloomy path.

Countless famous, or obscure, or unorthodox sword techniques appeared at his hands.

Time slowly passed.

Chen Changsheng gripped his sword and continued forward. After some time, he finally reached the tail end of the path.

Even through the dazzling light of countless sword glows and the awesome might of the sword intent stabbing at his eyes, he could still see the lush valley beyond the path.

And yet, it seemed like he could only walk up to here.

He had used all the sword styles he had ever learned, but he had still failed to defeat all the sword techniques embedded within this stone wall.

It was only now that he understood something.

In terms of cultivation on the path of the sword, there were very few people in this world at a higher level than him, and none who knew more sword styles.

But today, he was facing Su Li. Su Li knew even more sword styles than he did and his sword intent was much more powerful and condensed.

Su Li was his teacher on the path of the sword, so how could he possibly surpass him on this sword path?

Chen Changsheng stopped and put down his sword.

Those sword intents sensed the change in his mood. They halted their attacks and quietly floated in the air, waiting for his decision.

Retreat, or continue?

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