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Chapter 922 – The Reason Young People Live

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

By 'letter to the humans', Guardian Li was naturally saying that they should send a letter to Chen Changsheng.

Guardian Li believed that given the teacher-student relationship between the Pope and the princess, as long as Chen Changsheng knew of this marriage, he would find a way to resolve it. Whether it was a personally written letter or some other method, he could place significant pressure on the Empress, making her think a little before acting. However, for some reason, Princess Luoluo had never agreed. If this were three years ago, one could say that the Pope was too difficult to find, but the entire continent now knew that the Pope had begun to involve himself in the continent's affairs once more and had even taken part in many momentous events.

"Teacher… it's hard to say whether he's had a good time these last few years."

Luoluo softly added, "He still has many things that he needs to do. I'm not able to help him as his student, nor can I add to his troubles."

Guardian Li was somewhat anxious. "How is this adding to his troubles? And besides, back in the capital…"

Luoluo knew what she wanted to say and shook her head. "Back in the capital, from the Grand Examination to the Mausoleum of Books to the Garden of Zhou, you and I seemed like the Orthodox Academy's greatest backer, but in reality, the limitations of my status meant that we could never provide any strength. Moreover, just like now, Teacher never requested anything of me."

Guardian Li was somewhat perplexed as to what she meant.

"This is the reason Teacher never sent me any letters except to give homework."

Luoluo opened her eyes wide and seriously said, "None of you understand Teacher's intentions. He… he pampers me."

Guardian Li was startled, then asked, "Then Your Highness, how come you understand?"

Luoluo said matter-of-factly, "Because I'm Teacher's student."

Guardian Li originally intended to continue her persuasions, but seeing Luoluo's expression, all she did was sigh.

Luoluo comforted her, "No matter what Mother thinks, she doesn't mean me any harm. After all, I am her daughter by blood."

Guardian Li thought, this truly is the case. Empress only has this one treasured daughter; how could she not dote on her?

"But… what if Empress really does plan to marry you to Second Prince?"

"Are you talking about my cousin from the Great Western Continent? I met him once when I was still very young."

Luoluo recalled those childhood years and giggled. "He certainly won't want to marry me."

Guardian Li thought, that second prince has no means of inheriting the throne of the Great Western Continent, but if he marries you, he can become the next White Emperor. Why wouldn't he be willing?

"Who's willing to marry a tigress?"

Luoluo stretched out her little hands and assumed a pouncing posture. "If he really has gotten so bold and insists on marrying me, I'll bite him to death."

After saying this, she opened her mouth and growled. She didn't seem like a tiger, but a little cat, almost impossibly adorable.

Guardian Li could not resist, embracing Luoluo into her bosom and saying with a beaming face, "Who wouldn't like a little baby like my princess?"

Then she remembered something and huffed, "It's only the Pope that is not blessed with this happiness."

Luoluo couldn't help but giggle at this grumbling, then she blinked and whispered a few words into her ear.

Guardian Li froze at these words, then asked, "So this is what Your Highness was thinking?"

Luoluo opened her eyes wide and innocently returned, "I'm not thinking about anything."

Beyond the cliff, clouds lingered.

Tang Thirty-Six stared at Zhexiu's pale cheeks, his own complexion somewhat pale as he said, "Don't scare me like that."

Zhexiu realized that his joke had not been effective, so he had returned to his habitual silence.

Tang Thirty-Six turned to Chen Changsheng and asked, "Just what's going on here?"

Chen Changsheng replied, "Just as you saw."

Tang Thirty-Six was quite incensed, shooting back, "He was still brimming with energy yesterday; how was it possible to tell that he's at death's door?"

Yesterday, on the plateau, Chen Changsheng and Zhexiu had worked together to kill the White Tiger Divine General.

Although Chen Changsheng's swordplay was admittedly extremely powerful, Zhexiu had been the one who really determined the outcome.

Everyone who had witnessed that sight would probably find it impossible to forget.

Zhexiu had silently approached the White Tiger Divine General's back like he was a real ghost.

The White Tiger Divine General had been the second-ranked Divine General of the Great Zhou and he had been at the peak of Star Condensation. He could have been numbered among the top ten individuals beneath the Divine Domain.

Yet even when Zhexiu was at his back, he was still completely oblivious!

This matter itself was incredibly bizarre and terrifying.

And that wasn't even considering how Zhexiu's claws had torn a hole in the White Tiger Divine General's almost perfect Star Domain.

The level of strength Zhexiu had displayed on the plateau was far greater and more terrifying than what he had shown several years ago in the capital.

Tang Thirty-Six had been deeply shocked and thought that Zhexiu had had some sort of lucky encounter on the plains of the north, or perhaps had advanced by leaps and bounds through fighting demon experts. As for the illness, he thought it had been cured.

He had no idea that not only had Zhexiu's illness not been cured, it had even gotten worse.

The Tide Rush of Blood was a strange illness that Zhexiu had brought out from the womb. As he aged, the illness grew more serious, breaking out with increasing frequency.

Accompanied by unimaginable pain, his meridians would be broadened, his sea of consciousness widened, his strength climbing at shocking speeds.

This was not necessarily a good thing. It was just like a great river gradually rising, about to run over the dikes. While it seemed fierce and unstoppable, once the dikes collapsed, would any of the water remain?

The increase in the speed at which he strengthened signified that his body was getting closer and closer to collapse.

Based on his current status, Zhexiu was currently getting stronger at unimaginable speeds, which was also proof that the day was getting closer and closer. On this day, a furious tide of true essence would burst out of his meridians while his rapidly rising star radiance would tear his body apart. The result would be his death.

Tang Thirty-Six stared into Chen Changsheng's eyes and said, "Four years ago, you clearly said that you could cure his illness."

Chen Changsheng fell quiet for a few moments, then said, "I didn't think it would come so quickly, and also…"

He didn't finish his sentence, because he couldn't bear to finish it. In the last few years, Zhexiu had fought with the demon experts on the northern frontier far too often, placing a severe strain on his body. Moreover, he had not promptly taken his medicine. These factors led to Zhexiu's current serious condition.

Tang Thirty-Six continued to stare at Chen Changsheng.

Chen Changsheng understood what he meant and shook his head. "I sent him one from the very first bottle, but it did nothing."

Tang Thirty-Six asked, "Is there really no other method?"

Chen Changsheng replied, "Normal medicinal techniques don't have much effect. In my view, the simplest and most effective method is the one the Divine Empress used at the summit of the Mausoleum of Books, breaking up my body and soul and reforging them."

The Tianhai Divine Empress was dead, and it would be incredibly difficult to find a second expert of the Concealed Divinity Realm.

The reclusive Wang Zhice might have reached this legendary realm, but in the vastness of the world, where could one seek him out?

"Another method is to obtain a sufficient quantity of Sacred Light and insert it into his body."

Chen Changsheng continued, "If we can find a way to reach the Sacred Light Continent, then there's still hope."

Tang Thirty-Six's complexion slightly improved.

Although still elusive, hope was still hope.

And from Chen Changsheng's words, he could tell that Zhexiu's life was not as short as the ten days to half a month that Zhexiu had jokingly mentioned.

Tang Thirty-Six asked, "How long does he really have?"

Chen Changsheng thought it over but did not give a precise answer.

"I will think of a way to extend this period."

He truly needed a longer period of time, as it was not easy to find a path or method to reach the Sacred Light Continent.

More importantly, before they did this, they had to first resolve the matters on this continent.

Zhexiu said, "I will strive to live a few more years."

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