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Chapter 909 – The Most Resolute Stance

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

From a certain perspective, Chen Changsheng's skill in the sword was rather unreasonable.

As long as he could break his opponent's Star Domain, then even if his opponent had a far higher cultivation level, they would still be greatly troubled.

Three years ago on that snowy day in the capital, he wielded his sword and forced his way into the alley of the Northern Military Department. Back then, Xiao De of the Proclamation of Liberation and several dozen elite assassins from the Pavilion of Heavenly Secrets and the Department for Purging Officials had attacked as one, but still failed to suppress him because of this unreasonable skill.

A tinge of regret appeared in the White Tiger Divine General's eyes, after which it was slashed into nothing by the sword glows.

He knew that he had underestimated his foe.

But he would not give up. He waved his spear to protect himself while narrowing his eyes, staring into Chen Changsheng's.

The more swords controlled, the greater the rate at which true essence and spiritual sense were depleted. This was a principle that anyone could understand.

In his view, no matter how abundant Chen Changsheng's true essence, how calm and pliable his spiritual sense, this rain of several hundred swords could not persist for too long. He was confident that as long as he could endure for a while, perhaps as short as a few seconds, Chen Changsheng's true essence and spiritual sense would be exhausted, after which it would be his turn to attack.

The spear in his hand began to quicken its tempo, further tightening his defense. He even disregarded the sword glows hacking at his arms and legs, only protecting the vital areas. Warding off Chen Changsheng's several hundred swords and that other foe he still could not find, he waited for the moment to counterattack.

This way of thinking was not wrong, and could even be considered the most appropriate way to fight. But after several seconds, he came to the stunning realization that Chen Changsheng's true essence showed no signs of being exhausted, or even waning! Just what was this? Even if he began to cultivate from the womb, meditating and performing Meditative Introspection, he could not possibly possess so much star radiance or true essence! And why was his true essence so serene? He didn't seem like a young man, but some old priest that had spent several hundred years in secluded cultivation in a Daoist monastery!

The sword glows filled the sky, seemingly endless.

The swords flew through the air in an unbroken howl.

The White Tiger Divine General was speechless, and thus began to sense a very ill omen.

If he had earlier risked injury to break out, he might have been able to avoid this rain of swords.

But he had decided to defend and counter, so he had missed his best chance, and now he could not find a chance.

It was like a water snake in a stream that, as the water chilled with the coming of winter, was tempted by the fish in the stream that were swimming slowly due to the cold waters. After hesitating, it decided to stay by the stream, and in the end, not only was it unable to eat the fish, it was frozen into ice and thus drew its last breath!

It seemed like a very long period of time, but to the bystander, it was just a few seconds.

A pot of tea would still be scalding hot, a stick of incense just beginning to burn.

The White Tiger Divine General knew that he had to put everything on the line.

His true essence exploded, his spear stabbing through the air as he attempted to use his most powerful strike to force Chen Changsheng's swords to draw back in defense.

The rain of swords suddenly withdrew. Hovering around Chen Changsheng, they gleamed with countless sparks as they just barely managed to block the spear.

When the rain passed, what followed was the blue sky.

A blue streak of light flashed toward him while two hands covered in black fur descended on the Divine General's neck.

The White Tiger Divine General grunted as he slammed his spear against the ground, his furious true essence traveling through the ground and up to strike behind him.

And yet, the swords began to cry once more!

Countless sword intents of monstrous power hewed into the rock, severing the energy of his spear!

The White Tiger Divine General roared, using the remaining spear energy to take flight as he attempted to escape these attackers from both front and behind.

A shining bright sword glow flitted past his eyes and then flew into the skies.

Ten blue rays of light appeared above his head and then vanished into the air.

The Divine General's roar was suddenly cut off!

The plateau was silent.

A sword was stabbed into his chest.

A hole had appeared there through which blood gushed out.

There was a light snap.

A pair of hands had twisted his neck.

His head lifelessly drooped to the side.

The White Tiger Divine General, second-ranked Divine General of the Great Zhou, had been at the peak of Star Condensation and was already very close to Xue Xingchuan in terms of strength.

In every aspect, he was stronger than Chen Changsheng and Zhexiu.

But today, he was subjected to the combined assault of Chen Changsheng and Zhexiu. Not only did he fail to win, he did not even get the chance to counterattack.

He collapsed onto the plateau, blood spraying out of his body. In despair, reluctance, and confusion, he died.

The plateau remained deathly still.

Too many things had happened today, and the situation had changed too quickly. Even now, there were still many people that had not completely realized what was going on.

South Stream Temple had decided to close the temple and so held a grand ceremony, inviting the Imperial Court and various sects to attend. Pope Chen Changsheng staunchly opposed, but then Chen Changsheng suddenly became the mastermind behind Bie Tianxin's murder and the target of Bie Yanghong and Wuqiong Bi's revenge.

Just when Wuqiong Bi was about to kill Chen Changsheng, Holy Maiden Xu Yourong suddenly broke out of her seclusion and the pair used their combination sword style to shock everyone present. Bie Yanghong broke the combination sword style, but was blocked by Xu Yourong's Tong Bow and Wu Arrows. The White Tiger Divine General used this chance to launch a sneak attack on Chen Changsheng, and Wang Po's blade fell from the heavens to the rescue, but ended up being delayed by Wuqiong Bi.

At this moment, the mysterious blue-clothed visitor from the Great Western Continent launched a seemingly unstoppable blow against Chen Changsheng. It seemed unstoppable because it did not seem like there was anyone present that was able to block the blow, either because they were being obstructed or because they had no reason to.

Bie Yanghong was one of the latter, and his actions had caused the situation to take a turn while also exposing the true answer to the riddle.

The blue-clothed visitor's plot was exposed, and then he died. Logically speaking, the story should have ended there, but it did not.

If one said that the White Tiger Divine General's attack represented the stance of the Imperial Court and the venerable Daoist Shang Xingzhou…

Then the White Tiger Divine General's death naturally represented the stance of the Orthodoxy and Chen Changsheng.

Chen Changsheng had personally killed him.

There was no clearer stance in the world.

The Prince of Xiang squinted his eyes at Chen Changsheng. "Your Holiness, you just killed him like that?"

Chen Changsheng did not speak, and Hu Thirty-Two was the one to reply.

The archbishop firmly declared, "This person attempted to harm His Holiness the Pope, a monstrous crime for which the punishment should be ten thousand deaths."

It was just like several days ago in Wenshui City's old estate.

Tang Thirty-Six had demanded the Tang Second Master's death, his immediate death, his death before the sun had set behind the mountains.

The White Tiger Divine General dared to attack Chen Changsheng, so he had to die, die on the spot, die before everyone.

The Prince of Xiang said no more.

Bie Yanghong looked at him and said, "Once I return from killing Mu Jiushi at White Emperor City, I will go to the capital and ask the venerable Daoist if he had any knowledge of this matter."

He then turned to Chen Changsheng and Xu Yourong and said, "My apologies."

Finally, he exchanged greetings with Wang Po, then left with Wuqiong Bi.

Seeing the lonely figures of the couple disappearing into the sea of clouds, each person on the plateau felt differently, with some of them feeling sympathy.

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