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Chapter 903 – The Flower's Weight upon the World

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

Wuqiong Bi's horsetail whisk and Daoist robe wrapped the blade descending from the heavens in layer after layer of defense.

Wu Arrows were flying all around Bie Yanghong like a torrential rain.

The White Tiger Divine General's spear was stabbing forward.

As the blue-clothed visitor predicted, the spear was not able to pierce through Chen Changsheng's body.

A Qi most divine appeared, the Orthodoxy's Divine Staff appearing behind Chen Changsheng's back and blocking this fierce and treacherous blow!

The White Tiger Divine General roared, his true essence exploding. The spear pierced through the divine radiance and continued to press towards Chen Changsheng.

With a zing, Chen Changsheng brought his sword to bear, blocking the White Tiger Divine General's attack, causing his face to pale even further.

At this moment, another Qi appeared over the plateau.

This Qi was difficult to describe with words. It had a very unique odor, rich with the scent of blood, but it was not fetid. All it did was cause an incomparable fear.

It had the stench of seawater, but it also had the smell of blood flowing from fish that had had their fins cut off and been thrown back into the sea.

This Qi was powerful to a terrifying level. Even the sacred Qi of the Orthodoxy's Divine Staff was suppressed by it!

This Qi came from the blue-clothed visitor.

At the final moment, there was no more need to hide. He brashly exuded his Qi to the world, revealing the unimaginable power of his cultivation!

The cultivators from that minor southern sect near him began to vomit blood and collapse under the fierce oppression of this despotic Qi.

The blue-clothed visitor swung his palm at Chen Changsheng's back over a vast distance!

Above the plateau, a massive blue palm appeared. Imbued with the sea wind and bloody waters, it howled down at Chen Changsheng's head.

This blue palm contained a massive energy, like the sea itself was slamming down!

Compared to the blue-clothed visitor, Wuqiong Bi's lotus sea was far weaker!

When she sensed this Qi and saw the blue-clothed stranger, Xu Yourong's face paled as she thought, where did this expert come from!

The blue-clothed visitor was much stronger than Wuqiong Bi, so he had to be an expert who had spent many years immersed in the Divine Domain.

The problem was that there were not many of these experts on the continent, so who could not recognize one of them?

This visitor's Qi clearly did not belong to any of the known Divine Domain experts, so just where did he come from?

Tang Thirty-Six, Gou Hanshi, Hu Thirty-Two, the priests, and the South Stream Temple disciples were all dumbstruck, incapable of even gasping in surprise.

Chen Changsheng was already using his battered body to resist the White Tiger Divine General and now being ambushed by a terrifying Divine Domain expert; anyone could see that his situation was hopeless.

Who could save him now?

The Garden of Zhou's monster tide or Nanke? Or was it the Heavenly Tome Monoliths on his wrist?

No, none of them would do.

The cultivation of this blue-clothed visitor was far too terrifying!

Suddenly, the blade energy in the sky exploded, the light coming down from the sky seemingly gaining a cold gleam.

It was apparent that Wang Po had perceived the blue-clothed visitor's Qi and killing intent, and wanted to break through the lotus sea to save Chen Changsheng.

Thread by thread, the horsetail whisk began to collapse, and the blade was on the verge of descending.

But it still did not fall.

Clear light illuminated the plateau, forceful blade intent falling at the same time.

The visitor remained unmoved.

He had calculated very clearly.

Three seconds was three seconds.

Wuqiong Bi was able to block that blade for at least three seconds.

After he killed Chen Changsheng, the blade energy descending from the heavens might injure him, but what did it count for then?

Wuqiong Bi and Bie Yanghong had to bear the crime of killing the Pope, so they would assuredly work with him.

With three experts of the Divine Domain working together, no matter how strong that blade was, what could it do?

No matter how cautious the Prince of Xiang was, could he still not possibly see how the situation would turn out?

Given the temperament of the Chen Imperial clan, he would assuredly step forward and strive to put on the most sterling performance.

Wang Po would undoubtedly die!

Wang Po dead.

The Pope dead.

The Holy Maiden dead.

The Li Palace broken.

Holy Maiden Peak still.

The Orthodoxy waning.

White Emperor City already in hand.

Coercing Xuelao City to control the Imperial Court.

Dividing the world into three.

Then dividing the world into two.

And finally ruling the world alone!

This painting of breathtaking beauty had already floated in the imagination of him and his clansmen for many years, sketched out in secret.

Today, it was finally welcoming a most glorious beginning.

The blue-clothed visitor's eyes remained dark and cold, but in their depths, that flame called ambition was already beginning to blaze.

As long as his palm landed, no matter what treasures Chen Changsheng still had, even the divine artifacts of the Orthodoxy, they would all be crushed into powder.

For this, he was even prepared to lose several fingers.

And yet.

In the next moment.

A dark red smear suddenly appeared on his painting of immaculate beauty!

All the designs, like the powerful army, the strolling on the Divine Path, the peering into the abyss, were all smeared by that red tint, their images ambiguous and impossible to clearly make out!

The red grew more and more vivid, as if turning into blood.

The flames in the depths of the visitor's eyes were suddenly extinguished.

Because his palm did not fall.

Chen Changsheng did not die.

His palm had been blocked by a little red flower.

All the red that he saw came from this flower.

A massive thud resounded in the ears of everyone on the plateau.

It was like something striking wet cotton, or wet mud, or a moist red1. 

A little red flower had appeared behind Chen Changsheng's back.

And then, it began to bloom, blossoming with countless petals, swaying and rising, bearing the descent of the massive palm of blue light.

The shadows were instantly disordered, killing intent suddenly rising. The blue-clothed visitor's pupils suddenly constricted.

He naturally recognized that red flower.

All cultivators recognized that red flower.

This little red flower had been tied to Bie Yanghong's pinkie finger for many years.

It was only today that the string had finally destroyed itself together with the black vortex created by the Falling Star Stone, leaving the red flower free to travel as it wished.

But where the red flower went and what it did naturally complied with its master's intentions.

Its suddenly appearance behind Chen Changsheng's back, blocking the blue-clothed visitor's lethal blow, was naturally Bie Yanghong's intention.

Why had Bie Yanghong suddenly rescued Chen Changsheng?

After all, Chen Changsheng was the foe who had murdered his son. Even if Chen Changsheng's willingness to leave with him had engendered some doubt, was it to this extent?

The visitor could not understand, nor did he continue thinking.

Because thinking required time.

As an expert of the Divine Domain, he needed only a thought to almost instantly calculate the cause and effects of many things.

But the blue-clothed visitor did not have even this amount of time to waste.

Three seconds was truly a short period of time, passing by in a flash.

The blue-clothed visitor immediately flew off the cliff, not even giving another glance at the battle.

Whether the White Tiger Divine General could kill Chen Changsheng or whether the Prince of Xiang was prepared to act were things that he no longer cared about.

He left like a thunderstorm, the drifting of his sleeves shattering trees as he instantly traveled several hundred zhang.

But the little red flower seemed to have a mind of its own. After shattering that blue palm, it suddenly vanished. It abruptly appeared in the air outside the plateau, scattering its petals, raining down to encompass an area several li in radius, sealing off the blue-clothed visitor's escape routes.

Each garish red petal contained a terrifying energy, every one of them as heavy as a mountain.


1.'Moist red' as well as the chapter title 'The Flower's Weight Upon the World' are both references to the poem '春夜喜雨' by Du Fu, which describes the beauty of flowers in the morning after a night of spring rain. The original line can be translated as 'Dawn shows the moist red, the flowers weighing heavy all across the city'.↩

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