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Chapter 898 – Unity Sword Art

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

Wuqiong Bi could not think of an answer, could not understand how the combined might of these two juniors was able to resist the attack that was the sum of all her cultivation.

Though the attacker, even she had not been able to understand, so those people on the plateau who had not gotten a clear picture would naturally be even more confused.

In truth, not even Chen Changsheng and Xu Yourong themselves completely understood what had happened.

They glanced at each other. They had some guesses, but they didn't dare voice them.

"This is impossible!"

Furious and unwilling to the extreme, Wuqiong Bi swung her horsetail whisk down once more. The green lotus leaves madly swayed, unleashing countless waves of silent extinction. Massive waves rose up on the surface of the sea and rampaged towards the cliff, as if the laws of the world were enveloping this plateau.

The weaker cultivators couldn't even think about resisting. The mere sight caused their Dao hearts to crumble into fine powder and drained them of any intent to fight.

Gou Hanshi, Hu Thirty-Two, and the others knew that there was no longer any hope of breaking apart this battle, so they stopped at the perimeter.

The battle had entered its most crucial moment. Tang Thirty-Six could not restrain his emotions, and tore his gaze away from Bie Yanghong to look over.

The disciples of South Stream Temple, the experts of the Imperial Court, the Guardians of the two great clans, the elders of the sects of the south… everyone was watching.

The cultivators on the plateau had their own standpoints and biases, but at this moment, everyone miraculously felt the same anticipation.

This sort of matter had never occurred before. It was such an astonishing matter that even the thought of it was absurd.

But today, everyone had personally witnessed such a sight. Since it had already happened once, would it happen again?

The wind crazily howled as Wuqiong Bi's horsetail whisk brought that seemingly real yet unreal sea of lotuses in a wave of extinction towards Chen Changsheng and Xu Yourong.

The temple sword flew through the sky, shining countless rays of holy light on that sea of lotuses, a radiant and enchanting sight.

At the same time, or perhaps only at certain brief moments, the Stainless Sword flew behind those shards of light, following close behind the temple sword, blazing with countless flames, a bright and beautiful image.

The two sword glows complemented each other, illuminating the gloomy lotus sea.

The two sword intents resonated with each other, growing even more powerful than before, their awesome might cutting out a gap in the aura of extinction enveloping the plateau.

The two sword techniques of Chen Changsheng and Xu Yourong seemed to combine into one. To put it another way, their swords seemed to become one.

Their sword energy grew many times more powerful, even able to cut open the true laws of the world imbued in the lotus sea!

Dust suddenly rose and gradually settled.

Chen Changsheng stood in front of Xu Yourong, blood trickling from the corner of his mouth and his clothes sporting several new tears. He had suffered significant injuries.

Xu Yourong's hair was somewhat disordered. Several strands of black hair were drifting in the wind, half-obscuring her beautiful eyes.

Wuqiong Bi was also in a rather sorry state. The front lapel of her Daoist robe had been cut off, her topknot had been loosened, and her hair dropped onto her shoulders, blown to and fro by the wind.

None of this was important.

The important thing was that Chen Changsheng and Xu Yourong had not retreated a single step.

Wuqiong Bi had not advanced a single step

The two sides had fought to a draw.

Everyone could see this, but no one could believe it, even though this was the second time they had seen it.

Two cultivators still not in the Divine Domain had actually engaged in a direct confrontation with a Divine Domain expert and fought to a draw!

They had not relied on any divine artifacts, only on their cultivation in the path of the sword!

Such an event had never occurred in all of history!

Starting from when the Heavenly Tome Monoliths descended to the Central Continent, such a thing had never happened!

The plateau remained quiet. No one spoke, all of them too shocked.

Whether it was Gou Hanshi or the Vice Principal of Scholartree Manor, whether it was the Old Lady of the Mutuo clan or the head of the Wu clan, whether it was the White Tiger Divine General or the Prince of Xiang, they were all too shocked to speak.

No one noticed that in one corner of the plateau, a cultivator of a small southern sect, dressed in blue and wearing a bamboo hat, was approaching the scene of battle. No one noticed that in the Imperial Court's diplomatic mission, an extremely unremarkable soldier was approaching the White Tiger Divine General.

Wuqiong Bi descended onto the plateau. She looked at the horsetail whisk in her hand, a perplexed expression on her face.

She had been immersed in the Divine Domain for many years and had been cultivating for even longer. Not even she could count all the strange things she had experienced.

But none of them had inflicted a greater psychological blow to her than the events of the last two days.

How could there be someone who dared to kill her most beloved son?

How could two juniors fight her to a draw?

She recalled all the sword styles she had encountered in her life but still could not understand.

Xu Yourong had used the eighth move of South Stream Temple Sword Style's introductory moves while Chen Changsheng had used the Blazing Sword that Su Li had taught him. Let alone being similar, these two sword techniques could be said in terms of sword intent to be complete opposites, incompatible in every way. But why was it that these two sword techniques harmonized so well when used together?

This was undoubtedly no ordinary combined technique. This sort of combination was so perfect that it was not merely intentionally working together. It was more like they were secretly in accord with the laws of the world, acting according to what was natural. The defense was flawless, the attacks unfathomable, and the sword energy increased as its might continued to multiply!

Like Wuqiong Bi, many insightful experts on the plateau were pondering this question.

So were Chen Changsheng and Xu Yourong.

The first time, Xu Yourong had broken out of seclusion and flown over as a fiery Phoenix, intending to use the sword intent accumulated from her two years of seclusion to force her way in.

She had not expected that the attack that Chen Changsheng used would have such a large effect.

When his sword and her sword met, they seemed to form a connection.

This was an incredibly mysterious connection. One could only sense it, as it was too difficult to describe with words.

They used different sword styles, but this connection allowed them to naturally cooperate. Even their sword intents seemed to become one.

On the second time, this feeling was even clearer, even more distinct.

They could accurately sense what the other was thinking.

The two swords were also apparently able to sense the trajectory and angle of the other.

The sword techniques were still different, but their sword intents were as one.

It was like two jewels hidden beneath a layer of mossy rock. As they ground against each other, they revealed their true appearances and then combined into one jewel of peerless beauty.

But just what had happened? How had it happened?

Xu Yourong smiled at him and asked, "When did you learn the Unity Sword Art?"

Chen Changsheng replied, "When I went to see you on the summit yesterday, I was bored, so I read a few books."

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