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Chapter 896 – The Hopeless Situation After Three Sword Techniques

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

Chen Changsheng knew that even if he used all his moves, it was impossible for him to block these cold waves of silent extinction.

He had only one choice: retreat.

The problem was that an expert of the Divine Domain could freely travel through the world, their speed greater than could be imagined by a normal person. Only extremely talented people like Nanke, Xu Yourong, or Jin Yulu might be able to barely maintain such a speed for a period, but who could be faster?

Wuqiong Bi flew up in front of the platform, her horsetail whisk on the verge of descending.

Chen Changsheng suddenly vanished and appeared several dozen zhang away in front of the mountain path, Stainless Sword in hand.

Wuqiong Bi's intimidating pressure continued forward, the aura of silent extinction enveloping the world as it pressed forward. The mountain path suddenly crumbled, countless cracks spreading across the stone steps.

One could see a vivid sword glow over the plateau. Chen Changsheng appeared at one end of this sword glow, already two-hundred-some zhang away.

The Qi of silent extinction pursued him like a harrying rain cloud.

When he was just about to be struck by this Qi, Chen Changsheng disappeared once more. Carrying an awe-inspiring sword intent that could tear through the air, he arrived at a stone outcrop on the edge of the plateau.

Wuqiong Bi's horsetail whisk had still not been able to descend, as it had failed to lock onto his body.

He did not have the speed of Nanke or Xu Yourong. He was able to move so quickly because he was not using a movement technique, but something that he was most skilled at: sword techniques.

At the moment that South Stream Temple's sword array fell into disorder and Wuqiong Bi flew through the sky, he had unsheathed the Stainless Sword.

And then, he had unhesitantly used three sword techniques. There was no pause in this process, not even a thought required.

These three techniques were the True Sword of the Orthodoxy, the final move of the Mount Li Sword Style, and Hanging Sunset of the Three Forms of Wenshui.

These were the three most resolute sword techniques he had mastery over. Of course, he also added the Yeshi Step into the mix.

Everyone who saw this was deeply shocked.

Many people knew that Chen Changsheng was talented in the sword, with some people even willing to call him a grandmaster of the sword, despite his age.

However, not many people had personally seen him use a sword. Only today did they realize that the Pope's cultivation in the path of the sword was truly unfathomable. In the face of a full-force attack from an expert of the Divine Domain, he could use his sword energy to move around, his response seemingly natural and unrestrained.

In the blink of an eye, Chen Changsheng was several li away, at the edge of a cliff. He had succeeded in avoiding Wuqiong Bi's most furious killing move.

But his sword energy was exhausted, and even worse, he had been pushed by Wuqiong Bi into a geographical dead end. How could he continue to retreat?

Wuqiong Bi flew to the sky above him. Her pressure was a little weaker than before, but her killing intent was even greater!

The world resonated with her, dark clouds enveloping the mountain, causing the light to dim.

A harsh and spiteful howl tore through the dark clouds, resounding through the world.


She waved the horsetail whisk down towards Chen Changsheng.

The threads of the horsetail whisk crackled with tiny arcs of lightning as they madly beat against the air.

These arcs of lightning illuminated her pale cheeks, stained through and through with loathing. She seemed like a ferocious ghost, striking fear in the hearts of onlookers.

Right when the horsetail whisk was about to hit Chen Changsheng, a sword glow once more swept across the gloomy sky.

This sword glow was not particularly bright, and actually seemed rather dim, but it gave off a rather reliable feeling.

The Stainless Sword had already been joined with the Vault Sheath, turning into a long sword.

This was the strongest form of the Stainless Sword, and it was also the form Chen Changsheng would choose whenever he was in a hopeless situation.

The sword glow did not come from the swinging of the sword, but from the sword itself.

Chen Changsheng's left hand gripped the hilt while his right hand held the tip of the sword as he held it horizontally in front of him.

His hands were extremely steady, not trembling in the slightest.

His sword was like a chain, or a river dike.

This was the third sword style Su Li had passed down to him, that was now famous throughout the world: the Stupid Sword!

The horsetail whisk fell upon the sword.

In a few seconds, the bright surface of the sword, which seemed like it had been washed by water ten thousand times, showed several extremely minuscule hints of corrosion.

The Stainless Sword was forged from the most precious dragon whisker of the Golden Dragon. It was absolutely smooth and would not be stained by the slightest filth or blood. It was absolutely firm and would not be damaged by any object. The Golden Dragon's whisker could be described as the perfect material to make a sword from. From the moment the Stainless Sword appeared, it was ranked on the Tier of Legendary Weapons, but now it seemed like it could not endure. Why?

Those signs of corrosion came from the lightning and the fierce Qi of silent extinction suffused in the horsetail whisk.

The lightning and Qi were not actually damaging the Stainless Sword, but they had already destroyed the sword intent that Chen Changsheng had placed on it.

The fierce Qi of silent extinction that came from the bottomless depths of the sea easily destroyed the clear and calm sword intent from Xining Village's old temple.

This did not mean that the former was more profound than the latter, but that Wuqiong Bi's cultivation level was far above Chen Changsheng's.

This threshold was too high, and it was forged from steel, impossible to easily cross. Anyone who attempted to cross it with just courage and daring would end up battered and beaten.

There was a massive boom.

Fierce winds howled across the plateau, shredding several wutong trees into splinters. Ten-some cultivators who had not been able to flee in time were sent flying off the cliff. Their howls of terror were suddenly silenced. Their meridians had presumably been severed in the air, severing their lives as well.

The sword intent was shattered, powerless to continue. The Stainless Sword and the Vault Sheath were jolted back, striking Chen Changsheng in the stomach.

With a thud, Chen Changsheng was smashed into an outcrop of rock, sending shards of rock flying everywhere. His face was pale, his expression somewhat dark.

If not for the fact that he had used the three sword techniques to avoid Wuqiong Bi's attack when it was at its strongest, he would assuredly be heavily injured and almost powerless to rise.

Of course, the most important reason was that he had been bathed in the true blood of the Black Frost Dragon. Even a body that had undergone a perfect Purification would not have endured.

A scream suffused with ruthlessness burst from Wuqiong Bi's thin lips.

This scream was brimming with pleasure from killing one's hated foe, and also endless loathing.

She would not give Chen Changsheng a single chance to counter, nor a chance for anyone else to save him.

Her horsetail whisk exuded endless waves of Qi, and their aura of silent extinction descended towards Chen Changsheng.

Innumerable green lotuses manifested in the air, cutting off the surroundings.

Gou Hanshi's expression shifted. Brimming with star radiance, he flew through the air. His sword was already in hand, but it was clear that he was too late.

Hu Thirty-Two and the archbishop from the southern church were also rushing over.

The South Stream Temple disciples were even more surprised, their faces paling as they gasped in surprise. They wanted to hurry over, but they ended up even slower.

At this moment, who could save Chen Changsheng?

Strangely, Tang Thirty-Six did not move. He stared at the ruthless red in the very center of the plateau, his hand gripping his most powerful protective magical artifact as he seemed to ponder something.

Strangely, Bie Yanghong also did not move. He quietly gazed someplace beyond the plateau as if still considering Chen Changsheng's proposal.

Regardless of what he felt, since his wife was about to kill the enemy who had killed his son, he should have been watching.

Just what was he thinking? Just where was he looking? Or was he waiting for someone?

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