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Chapter 891 – Who Will Stand in Front of Him?

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

"All the evidence now points to Zhusha."

Bie Yanghong looked at Chen Changsheng and said, "I request for Your Holiness the Pope to hand her over to me. I wish to question her."

'Zhusha' was the name Wang Zhice had given to the little Black Dragon many years ago.

It was also the name that Bie Yanghong and the other experts of the continent often used to address her.

"I did not kill Bie Tianxin, and it certainly was not Zhusha."

Chen Changsheng said to Bie Tianxin, "This is a plot. The last time I met Bie Tianxin was in Hanqiu City. If you do not believe my words, you can go and investigate just who Bie Tianxin has been with these last few days."

Bie Yanghong calmly gazed at him. It was impossible to tell whether he was actually listening to these words.

Gou Hanshi said, "Right, my peer was very talented and had a brand on his soul personally placed by two powerful seniors, so ordinary methods should not have been able to harm him. The only possibility is that he was ambushed by a Divine Domain expert who cut off Qi… and it is rumored that Zhusha has still not been able to break free from Wang Zhice's seal, so she should not have been able to do such a thing."

Wuqiong Bi's eyes had gone completely red and she was in no state of mind to hear reason. She shrilly yelled, "That evil dragon can't do it, but don't forget that His Holiness the Pope has the Divine Staff! Besides you, just who else would hate to the bones this old lady and my pitiful son! I am only asking you if you're willing to hand over that evil dragon or not!"

Chen Changsheng fell quiet, then responded, "Forgive me; it is difficult for me to follow this order."

Wuqiong Bi gave an enraged smile and shouted, "Then don't blame this old lady for treating you impolitely today!"

The southern church's archbishop's expression changed at these words. He took two steps forward to the edge of the platform and shouted back, "Impudent! Who dare to treat His Holiness the Pope with disrespect!"

Wuqiong Bi shrieked back, "For the sake of a private grudge, he even used an evil dragon to kill the innocent! Just how is a person of such morality qualified to be Pope!"

The entire crowd fell into an uproar at these words. Everyone understood what she intended to do.

Wuqiong Bi persisted in her demand that Chen Changsheng bring out the Black Dragon. If Chen Changsheng did not agree, she would use this matter to attack him.

In her view, the Black Dragon was the true culprit behind the murder of the son, and Chen Changsheng was the true ringleader! She could not possibly let him go!

Even if she had to make an enemy of the Orthodoxy, contend against the millions of faithful in the world, she would still kill Chen Changsheng and take vengeance for her son!

"I would quite like to see just who will protect you today!"

Wuqiong Bi stared into Chen Changsheng's eyes and venomously spat, "If you are not willing to hand over the Black Dragon, you will take her place in having your muscles pulled out, your skin peeled, your bones ground to dust!"

If two experts of the Divine Domain attacked at the same time, they would possess a terrifying momentum.

If the Prefects of the Li Palace with their treasures were standing guard, Chen Changsheng would perhaps have nothing to fear, but this was Holy Maiden Peak. Experts on the level of the archbishop of the southern church and Hu Thirty-Two were far inferior to Wuqiong Bi and Bie Yanghong. Of course, if the Prince of Xiang and the other experts in the Imperial Court's diplomatic mission were willing to appear, the situation would change once more. The problem was that everyone could see the Imperial Court's shadow behind this matter, and even if it wasn't, why would the Imperial Court stick up for the Li Palace?

"Wang Po, get out here!"

Wuqiong Bi shouted at the gray sky, her cold voice shrieking, "Are you still protecting him today? Do you still have the face to protect him!"

The cultivators on the plateau were startled once more by these words. Had Wang Po also come today? Then where was he?

If Wuqiong Bi attacked Chen Changsheng to avenge her child, given Wang Po's normal behavior, just what would he do?

Quite some time passed, but the sky remained gloomy. Nobody appeared, nobody answered.

It seemed like Wang Po had not come to Holy Maiden Peak today. To many people on the plateau, this was excellent news.

If he was already at Holy Maiden Peak but chose not to appear, then this was even better news.

Because this meant that he thought that Chen Changsheng should hand over the evil dragon.

Countless gazes looked away from the gray sky and back to Chen Changsheng on the platform, displaying a diverse array of emotions.

There was delight, anxiety, apathy, and also a great deal of anger.

Wuqiong Bi began walking to Chen Changsheng, her eyes as cold as ice. The horsetail whisk began to move on its own, throwing the air into a frightening turbulence.

Hu Thirty-Two, the archbishop from the southern church, and the ten-some priests were already at Chen Changsheng's side.

With just them, how could they oppose an expert of the Divine Domain?

Scholartree Manor's group was quiet while the disciples of Mount Li speechlessly looked at each other. Gou Hanshi was in a pensive mood while Tang Thirty-Six was looking thoughtfully at Bie Yanghong.

Was it really as Wuqiong Bi said? Was there no one that could protect Chen Changsheng?

This place was Holy Maiden Peak. If there was someone who had the ability to change the situation, it was naturally South Stream Temple.

The Orthodoxy had split into the north and south, but in regards to the sanctity of the Daoist faith and in external matters, they had always been in step with each other.

In the past, South Stream Temple would assuredly have kept Chen Changsheng safe, as he was the Pope. However, with the matter of closing the temple, the two sides had engaged in a fierce conflict. Chen Changsheng's stance was unprecedentedly hardline. Presumably, South Stream Temple, or at least those three martial grandaunts, would not have a different view on this duty.

Just as expected, just when Ping Xuan and Yi Chen were prepared to say something, they were interrupted by a cold snort.

"Since it's a suspect in a murder case, that evil dragon should come out and give a statement, even if it's my Orthodoxy's Protector."

Huai Bi looked at Chen Changsheng and said, "If Your Holiness continues to strenuously protect it, one cannot help but suspect… that the evil dragon really was instigated by you. If true, your morality is lacking, and so what right do you have to sit on the throne of the Pope? How can you still have the right to comprehend the laws of the church and concern yourself with the matters of my South Stream Temple?"

Her words were harsh, and also malicious. They immediately removed South Stream Temple from this matter and pushed Chen Changsheng into an incredibly passive position.

Hearing this, Ye Xiaolian could no longer keep silent. She regarded Chen Changsheng as one of her idols and in no way believed these criticisms. Grasping her sword, she charged to the front of the platform and angrily yelled to the crowd on the plateau, "His Holiness the Pope is not that sort of person!"

Fuming, Huai Bi snapped back, "Sinful disciples, what do you plan to do!"

Ye Xiaolian did not turn her head.

Wuqiong Bi slowly approached, an indescribable might and pressure accompanying her.

Ye Xiaolian was currently at the upper level of Ethereal Opening, an excellent achievement given the time she had cultivated, but how could she directly confront an expert of the Divine Domain?

Even though Wuqiong Bi was still around a hundred zhang away, even though Wuqiong Bi was not intentionally pressuring her opponent, Ye Xiaolian's face instantly paled, her hands beginning to tremble.

But she did not yield, and soon after, several more disciples of South Stream Temple rushed in front of Chen Changsheng.

At this sight, even Ping Xuan, whose head had remained bowed ever since she was asked about closing the temple, finally raised her head.

She was well aware of what the Holy Maiden would do.

She calmly declared, "Form the sword array!"

Countless cracks echoed through the mountains.

Countless sword glows illuminated the gloomy sky.

Several dozen girls rushed in front of Chen Changsheng and formed the world-famous sword array of South Stream Temple.

Just like it was in Mount Han, and just like it was in the Orthodox Academy.

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