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Chapter 890 – Condemnation

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

Bie Tianxin was dead? Although his cultivation level was not enough to be ranked amongst true geniuses like the ones on the Proclamation of Liberation and Proclamation of Golden Distinction, he was still a famous person on the continent.

After all, not everyone could be like him, with both parents being experts of the Divine Domain. In truth, other than Luoluo, one could not find another.

A person like this had died? Who would dare to kill him?

As they thought this question, the thousand-some people on the plateau turned once more to Chen Changsheng.

Everyone knew that Chen Changsheng and the Orthodoxy, or to put it more accurately, the Orthodox Academy had a deep grudge with the mother and son that were Wuqiong Bi and Bie Tianxin.

And someone who could dare to kill Bie Tianxin and had the ability to… there were far too few people on the continent that could pull this off. Besides the Pope, who else could it be?

Chen Changsheng saw the hint of grief in Bie Yanghong's eyes and knew that Wuqiong Bi spoke the truth: Bie Tianxin was dead.

His mood sank as he realized that today's matter was even more troublesome than he had calculated yesterday with the Intellectual Sword.

Several years ago in the capital, the Li Palace had proposed the All-School Martial Exhibition, and he and the Orthodox Academy had once come into conflict with Bie Tianxin and his servant. But at that time, Bie Yanghong had sent a timely letter to Su Moyu to have him transfer from the Li Palace Academy to the Orthodox Academy, quickly pacifying the situation.

Afterward, Wuqiong Bi had snuck into the Orthodox Academy at night, attempting to kill Xuanyuan Po to establish her might, but ended up being beaten like a stray dog by Su Li's letter.

In these two incidents, Chen Changsheng and the Orthodox Academy had not felt like they had suffered losses, so he had never once thought about taking revenge on Wuqiong Bi and Bie Tianxin. With the passage of time and all the significant events that had ensued, he had even almost forgotten about these things. Some days ago, when he met Bie Tianxin in Hanqiu City, he hadn't even glanced at him.

"I ask that Sir please clearly explain what happened," Chen Changsheng said to Bie Yanghong.

Bie Yanghong gave him a deep glance, then said, "My son was unworthy, but I do not believe his crimes deserved death. I have come today to learn why he had to be killed."

Chen Changsheng replied, "The last time I met Bie Tianxin was in Hanqiu City, the first in three years."

Gou Hanshi rose and said, "I ask that Sir restrain your grief. This junior believes that there might be some misunderstandings in this matter and presumptuously requests for Senior to give some details."

Bie Yanghong placed his hands behind him and looked at the distant Tong River, his expression gradually chilling.

"My son died yesterday in the river canyon twenty li from Fengyang City. His body had been rendered into dust and thrown into the river. If not for the brand my wife and I had left on his body, as well as other secretive methods, it would have been impossible to find. Even if we had merely been slightly later, we would find it impossible to find him. This criminal was ruthless, malicious and meticulous, truly worthy of admiration."

This expert's admiration for the criminal who had killed his son was naturally sarcasm.

The more he admired, the more he wanted that person to die, and to die a most miserable death, countless times more miserable than having one's bones ground to dust.

The plateau was very quiet, everyone solemnly listening to his words.

Upon hearing Fengyang City mentioned, Tang Thirty-Six and Hu Thirty-Two glanced at each other, unease springing forth in their minds.

Chen Changsheng replied, "I truly did go to Fengyang City, but I did not meet your son."

Bie Yanghong was not surprised that Chen Changsheng would admit to going to Fengyang. With tens of thousands of believers as witnesses, who would dare deny it?

He looked into Chen Changsheng's eyes and asked, "Did Nanke fly you across a certain part of the river?"

Chen Changsheng recalled that sight and said, "Correct."

Bie Yanghong fell silent for a few moments, then said, "The remnants of his body were beneath that part of the river."

Chen Changsheng fell silent.

As one of those involved, he naturally knew that this was a plot. The problem was that that this plot was so formidable that there was nothing he could say.

Wuqiong Bi rushed up to Bie Yanghong and yelled, "Just what do you want to do, speaking such nonsense to him!"

A chilly wind blew back and forth across the plateau, throwing her white hair into a somewhat sorry state.

Chen Changsheng had never liked her, but when he saw her grief-stricken appearance, he felt sympathy. "It truly was not me."

Wuqiong Bi turned around and stared at him, her eyes filled with spite, seemingly ready to bite him. "Then hand over that evil dragon!"

Chen Changsheng was somewhat confused as to why Wuqiong Bi was so set on Zhizhi and asked, "Did someone see her personally kill Bie Tianxin?"

"No. Even if there were an eyewitness, they could have been bribed, and I would not necessarily have believed them."

Bie Yanghong looked at him and said, "But there are some pieces of evidence that can't speak, yet are even more worthy of trust, because they can't be bribed, they can't be faked."

Saying this, he extended his right hand.

The renowned little red flower was still floating on his pinkie, drifting to and fro in the wind.

But the crowd was not paying attention to the flower, but the objects in his palm.

An extremely pure star radiance emerged from his palm, covering ten-some extremely small grains of ice.

These grains of ice were too small. If one was just a little too far away, they would find it impossible to see those grains clearly. However, when the grains of ice appeared, the entire plateau suddenly dropped in temperature.

A thin layer of frost appeared on the grass around Bie Yanghong.

Just what object was this that it was so cold?

Chen Changsheng did not recognize these items, but he was extremely familiar with this cold Qi.

In the next moment, his expression flickered.

Could this plot truly be that difficult to break?

"This is the Deep Freeze Dragon Breath that only Black Frost Dragons possess. It cannot be imitated."

Bie Yanghong looked at Chen Changsheng and asked, "How will Your Holiness explain this?"

With these words, the chattering crowd gradually fell silent once more.

Countless pairs of eyes looked at Chen Changsheng.

Gou Hanshi and the Vice Principal of Scholartree Manor turned grave.

The Prince of Xiang and that Divine General at his side exchanged a silent glance.

Huai Bi gave a grim laugh.

Many important personages knew that there was only one Black Frost Dragon on the continent at present.

Those cultivators who did not know quickly found out through the chattering just now.

That Black Frost Dragon was the main character of the capital's legend of New North Bridge, and also the current Pope Chen Changsheng's Protector!

"Who says that the Deep Freeze Dragon Breath has to be the Black Frost Dragon's?

"Even if it is a Black Frost Dragon, who can determine that it's Chen Changsheng's Black Dragon?

"The Dragon race lives on the islands in the Southern Sea. The Golden Dragons left, but the Black Frost Dragons are still there. Who knows if a different Black Frost Dragon might have come to the continent?"

In such an oppressive atmosphere, someone who could ask such frivolous questions could only be Tang Thirty-Six.

He had already sensed that today's matter would be a problem that was incredibly difficult to deal with. Neither he nor Chen Changsheng could think of a method to resolve the situation.

Thus, he could only attempt to bring up an endless string of annoying questions to muddy the situation and see if he could find a way out.

Many people would act rather passively to Tang Thirty-Six's methods, and then finally respond to them when the situation became rather awkward.

But Bie Yanghong responded very simply. He said very seriously to Tang Thirty-Six, "My son is dead. Please do not act this way."

Tang Thirty-Six fell quiet for a very long time, then retreated.

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