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Chapter 876 – Donation Money

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

Ah, silence. If one did not explode into rage to break the silence, then one could only allow the silence to awkwardly persist.

The black-clothed Daoist nun had given an order with her status as a senior martial grandaunt, but none of her disciples had responded. This was the most awkward of situations.

Tang Thirty-Six was able to resolve all awkward situations because he had a very thick skin.

She clearly did not have such a thick skin, so she felt herself in a very awkward situation, which transformed into rage. Her face slightly blushed, her level brows angled downward.

Ye Xiaolian knew that these were signs of her martial grandaunt's fury, which caused her deep concern. She stepped forward to say a few conciliatory words, but she was too late.

With a snort, the Daoist nun's figure blurred. She lunged down the mountain path, her right hand swatting towards Tang Thirty-Six's chest.

A howl rose over the mountain path and Tang Thirty-Six felt like a massive mountain was charging towards him. It was such terrifying power that he instinctively took out his sword and slashed.

With a clang, the Wenshui Sword left its sheath, shining with a bright light, like countless rays of golden light shining upon the Wenshui.

This black-clothed nun was at a far higher level of cultivation. Just a simple swat of her hand felt like a mountain descending. Even if he used the Three Forms of Wenshui, how could he possibly block it?

Tang Thirty-Six knew that he couldn't block it, so his attack was not aimed at the Daoist nun, but behind him.

The sword technique he used was not the defensive Gathering Evening Clouds, nor was it A Stream of Maples and its fiery lethality. He used his fastest movement technique, Hanging Sunset.

The mountain exploded with golden rays of light, all of it shining from his sword. A seemingly real layer of water seemed to form over the sea of bamboo.

Like a setting sun sinking beneath the mountains, the light suddenly dissipated. The setting sun on the water's surface traveled east with unimaginable speed. One would truly find it difficult to find a faster speed.

The figure within the setting sun was Tang Thirty-Six. Utilizing his swift movement technique, he retreated ten-some zhang.

Boom! The sea of bamboo raged with massive waves, the two rows of bamboo lining the mountain path snapping and falling. A pit several feet deep appeared on the mountain path, sending debris flying in all directions.

Tang Thirty-Six, Wenshui Sword in hand, stood several zhang away, startled by the scene before him.

The black-clothed Daoist nun's strength was truly frightening. Even more frightening was that she had immediately struck out with such a powerful move.

If he was not mistaken, this was one of the supreme techniques of South Stream Temple, the Drifting Cloud Palm!

If he had not reacted so quickly and so resolutely used Hanging Sunset, he would have had to directly confront this palm.

Then wouldn't his sword have snapped like the bamboo?

And he would probably be lying in that pit, heavily injured, or even dead.

The power of the nun's palm was not yet expended. From ten-some zhang away, it continued to attack Tang Thirty-Six.

Tang Thirty-Six's eyes flashed with an extremely rare ruthlessness. Grasping his sword, he prepared to step forward.

Ten-some dull thuds resounded over the mountain path.

Hu Thirty-Two grasped a very ordinary-looking dagger and used a very strange stance to continuously block the palm.

With each strike, a white wisp of wind would appear on his dagger.

The remaining energy of the palm strike was transformed into ten-some wisps of refreshing wind, gradually scattering.

The Daoist nun stood on the mountain path, frowning at this sight, but she did not attack again.

She had not expected that this pair would be able to block the thunderous blow she had unleashed at the peak of her anger, and was somewhat astonished at their level.

In her view, the young master's sword style and movement techniques were quite good, but the truly formidable one was the priest.

"You know the Drifting Cloud Martial Arts?" she said to Hu Thirty-Two.

Without waiting for Hu Thirty-Two's answer, she turned and walked into the bamboo forest.

Tang Thirty-Six had avoided her palm and Hu Thirty-Two had used the Drifting Cloud Martial Arts, which shared the same source as her Drifting Cloud Palm, to disperse the last of her attack's energy, but if she had attacked with her full power, she still had a chance to wound the pair. Yet just when she was ready to push her energy to its limits and unleash her most powerful attack, she suddenly felt a hint of foreboding, like some beast in the bamboo forest was staring at her.

So terrifying was this beast that even she felt it dangerous.

Ye Xiaolian walked up to her side, intending to explain. She was very concerned that her martial grandaunt would continue to attack.

"Martial Grandaunt, they are…"

The black-clothed nun was of extremely high status, yet she had not been able to succeed in dealing with two juniors in one strike. With her status, it was best for her to leave the matter there, but she still felt rather depressed about it.

Coupled with the danger she sensed in the bamboo forest, she was in a foul mood, certainly not in one that would hear Ye Xiaolian's explanation. With a snort, she angrily waved her sleeve.

Her sleeve fell on Ye Xiaolian's left shoulder, letting out a clap.

Ye Xiaolian grunted in pain, her face instantly paling. This sudden strike had injured her.

Tang Thirty-Six could no longer stand by. He leaped over the pit and to Ye Xiaolian's side. As he supported her, he looked at the Daoist nun and said, "Stop, old woman."

These words shocked the disciples of South Stream Temple, even Ye Xiaolian.

The black-clothed Daoist nun was currently one of the seniormost elders of South Stream Temple. No one ever dared to show her the slightest disrespect, let alone call her 'old woman'.

They were unaware that Tang Thirty-Six had even dared to address the Tang Old Master as a useless old man.

The nun turned around and emotionlessly regarded Tang Thirty-Six, waiting for him to speak.

To the disciples of South Stream Temple, their martial grandaunt appeared to be looking at a dead person.

Tang Thirty-Six angrily said, "I felt very unhappy when I saw you scolding her just now. How could you scold such a beautiful and delicate girl?"

Ye Xiaolian glanced at him and softly reminded, "You've scolded me even more ruthlessly than that."

An unnatural pause ensued, after which Tang Thirty-Six continued, "Even if I've scolded her, does that mean that you can scold her? And besides, all I did was lightly scold her, but you were even willing to strike her?"

The nun impassively replied, "She is a disciple of my South Stream Temple. If I hit her or scold her, what can you do?"

Tang Thirty-Six answered, "I can make it so that the money that the Tang clan donates to South Stream Temple next year will be halved."

Hearing the phrases 'Tang clan' and 'donation', the black-clothed nun narrowed her eyes and asked, "Just who are you?"

Ye Xiaolian indicated that she no longer needed his support and answered, "Martial Grandaunt, he is Tang Tang."

The Daoist nun froze, then harshly said, "So you were that young master of the Tang clan. It's no wonder that you think that just with you…"

"For every extra word you speak, I'll halve the donation again."

Tang Thirty-Six gave her a serious look and continued, "Starting from now, every extra word will result in next year's donation being halved. Relax, no matter how small it gets, there will still be some left. With your intelligence, you might find it hard to understand why, so you don't need to understand. All you need to know is that whatever I say will absolutely be carried out."

The black-clothed nun's complexion turned gloomier and gloomier, her features growing increasingly vicious. She slowly raised her right hand.

The mountain path was utterly silent, with not even a gust of wind, yet the bamboo forest slightly swayed.

At the tensest moment, a serene and gentle voice rose from the distant cliff and was clearly transmitted to everyone on the mountain path.

The bamboo forest was pacified, and the mountain winds began to warmly and gently blow.

"Junior Sister, invite our comrade of the Li Palace and the young master of the Tang clan inside."

Tang Thirty-Six's expression became slightly grave. He was not worried when facing this monstrously powerful Daoist nun, but the owner of this voice had subconsciously made him nervous.

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