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Chapter 870 – The Secret Sinking into the Depths of the River

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr


The taciturn blue-clothed stranger suddenly spoke. "Wuqiong Bi has assuredly sensed that his life has been extinguished."

As experts of the Divine Domain, Bie Yanghong and Wuqiong Bi had assuredly left an imprint on their son's sea of consciousness as a final guarantee of his safety.

The stranger's Qi could cut off all activity within this restaurant, as well as the cold Qi released by Mu Jiushi, from the world, but it could not cut off a connection created by true blood, between souls.

Mu Jiushi was roused from her somewhat perplexed mood and lightly flicked her finger.

A gentle wind rose from her fingertip and fell on Bie Tianxin's body.

With a rustle, the ice sculpture collapsed into countless shards, which were then ground by the wind into tiny crystalline grains.

The blue-clothed stranger stretched out his hand and took those grains on the floor into his sleeve, and then left the restaurant with Mu Jiushi.

A priest entered the room and used a broom to sweep the floor clean.

If Chen Changsheng were present, he would definitely have recognized this priest, as this priest was an old acquaintance of the Orthodox Academy.

Priest Xin of the Bureau of Ecclesiastic Education had appeared once more after three years, but now it was in Fengyang City. Why was this?

Priest Xin took a stool from the neighboring room and sat down in the nearby corridor. Closing his eyes, he began to wait.

His complexion was rather unsightly, because he was waiting to die.

A fishing boat left Fengyang City's port, traveling upstream. Once it was out of view, it began to speed along without any wind, traveling at unimaginable speeds.

In a short while, the fishing boat was several dozen li away.

The blue-clothed stranger stood on the bow of the boat, calmly regarding the swiftly flowing river. Was he trying to see something in there, or was he looking for the marks left behind not long ago when a certain person stepped on the water?

Mu Jiushi sat in the boat, looking at the stranger's back as she said, "The Black Dragon was not at Fengyang City today."

The blue-clothed stranger replied, "Yes."

Confused, Mu Jiushi asked, "Since we weren't able to act in Hanqiu City, why were we able to act today?"

The blue-clothed stranger answered, "First, our time is short. Second, I didn't know where the Black Dragon was that day, but I know where she is today, and nobody else knows."

Mu Jiushi didn't understand, but she trusted in his words.

The stranger had seemingly seen something, and lightly waved his sleeve.

The crystalline powder dropped from his sleeve and was instantly whisked away by the rushing river, leaving behind no trace, not even a ripple.

The River of Hatred had many tributaries. One of these tributaries had very clear water, with many trees growing along its banks, creating beautiful sceneries. It was called the Tong River.

In the upper reaches of the Tong River was a group of lush and tall mountains, one of the mountain ranges of the south.

There was a peak in the depths of these mountains that was wrapped in clouds year-round, making it seem particularly mysterious and sacred.

It was the holy land for countless cultivators and believers: Holy Maiden Peak.

South Stream Temple was on Holy Maiden Peak, and the region it administered was even larger. At least a hundred mountains and a thousand li of plains were under its management.

Like the Longevity Sect, South Stream Temple was also an ancestral hall of the southern Orthodoxy faction, with many small sects like Gentle Stream Monastery and the Lotus Pond subordinate to it. Paired with the common people that had lived here for generation after generation, it was a thriving place and very lively. This was especially the case for the small village on the banks of the Tong River, which was bustling to the extreme.

One afternoon, the river outside the village was as peaceful as usual when a gale suddenly sprang up, blowing the reeds flat and causing the grazing oxen to flee in panic.

Two green lights in the air flickered, then vanished.

A girl with a dull expression appeared on the shore of the river. It was Nanke.

Chen Changsheng got up from the ground, brushed the dust off his body, then glanced at Nanke. He wanted to say something, but ultimately chose to keep his silence.

Soon after, three people dropped from the air onto the meadow.

Tang Thirty-Six and Hu Thirty-Two were as usual, looking the same as they did when they had entered the Garden of Zhou.

But Zhexiu had a rather miserable appearance. His clothes were covered in even more dust than Chen Changsheng's, and they were also a little torn up. Surprisingly, his face was wounded as well.

Chen Changsheng was shocked, thinking, There should be no enemies in the Garden of Zhou, so just who was he fighting with so fiercely?

Seeing his gaze, Zhexiu explained, "I was fighting a round with those monsters."

These words caused Tang Thirty-Six to recall that sight and repeatedly shake his head. Hu Thirty-Two also showed a very complex expression.

As they sat at the highest point of the Mausoleum of Zhou, dust roiled around them, and the monster tide charged forward, their enraged howls seemingly about to tear the sky apart.

Zhexiu was like a rock, occasionally submerged inside the tide, then appearing again. They found themselves admiring him, but also worried.

Chen Changsheng did not ask why Zhexiu had fought those monsters, because he knew the reason.

Back then, in the Plains of the Unsetting Sun, the blind Zhexiu had carried Qi Jian on his back as they fled. He had long since established a deep grudge with those monsters.

Hu Thirty-Two gazed at Chen Changsheng, his expression even more reverential.

In Wenshui City and on their journey through the canyon, this archbishop had been extremely respectful to Chen Changsheng, and it had been a heartfelt respect. Now, however, his respect for Chen Changsheng came from an even deeper part of his heart.

How could one determine the ability and potential of a true expert? A very simple method was seeing how large a miniature world they could possess.

The larger the miniature world they could control, the more powerful they were.

He had now confirmed the rumor: the Garden of Zhou truly was in the Pope's hands.

Many years ago, he had held a post in the Hall of Pure Virtue and had once entered the Green Leaf World of the previous Pope.

He was certain that the Green Leaf World was far smaller than the Garden of Zhou.

This made him feel even more confident in the future prospects of the Pope, the Orthodoxy, and… himself.

Chen Changsheng naturally did not know that Hu Thirty-Two's entering the Garden of Zhou would have some positive effects, just like how he did not know what benefits would arise from bringing An Hua and Chen Chou into the Garden of Zhou.

His gaze at the moment was focused on that distant group of mountains.

The mountains were graceful and lush with greenery. Even under the light of the noon sun, there was no hint of dryness. Just looking at them would calm one's mind.

As one headed deeper into the mountains, they became lusher and greener, but the sight did not become boring. Gradually, the green was diluted by clouds and mist, adding to the beauty of the mountains.

In the deepest parts of the clouds, one could faintly see an extremely tall mountain. It seemed both real and unreal, its true appearance completely shrouded by the clouds.

Was that Holy Maiden Peak?

Seeing that distant mountain, Tang Thirty-Six became somewhat excited. After all, Holy Maiden Peak was a renowned holy land, and this was his first time seeing it with his own eyes.

Chen Changsheng's change in mood was more because Holy Maiden Peak was the place where Xu Yourong had lived and cultivated.

In her later letters, Xu Yourong had never described Holy Maiden Peak.

He had imagined it many times.

Although Xu Yourong was still probably in seclusion, unable to meet…

When he thought of how she was on that mountain, he still felt a deep longing.

It was just like that most cliché of descriptions.

He wanted nothing more than to sprout wings and fly over.

Nanke walked in front of him, raised her head, and gave him a very serious look. "You want to fly? Then just tell me."

Alas, it seems like Priest Xin has realized too late the consequence of playing the double agent too many times.

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