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Chapter 869 – I Will Wait for You in the Abyss

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

From Hanqiu City to Fengyang City, this young couple had traveled together. Although they were not as close as normal lovers, their expressions and movements were much more natural.

Mu Jiushi stood at Bie Tianxin's side, very naturally leaning into his chest.

Even though this sight had occurred several times, Bie Tianxin was still very excited, his heart immediately beginning to beat faster.

Mu Jiushi gave a naughty smile, apparently finding his attitude very amusing. She extended a pure white hand and pressed it against his chest.

Beneath her palm was his heart.

Bie Tianxin naturally would not care about her action, but soon after, his expression turned abnormally grave.

A stranger dressed in blue clothes and wearing a copper mask had inexplicably appeared in the room.

Upon seeing this blue-clothed stranger, Bie Tianxin narrowed his eyes.

Who was this person that they were able to noiselessly enter this room without alerting him or Mu Jiushi?

The stranger did not release any sort of Qi, but Bie Tianxin had already faintly guessed at their cultivation, and he felt his lips moisten.

He was only in the Star Condensation Realm, but his parents were experts of the Divine Domain, so he had experienced far more than his peers.

When traveling the world, Bie Tianxin had never worried about his safety, because no one had ever dared to show him the slightest disrespect.

If there was anyone in this world who would dare risk the fury of two Divine Domain experts by attacking him, it could only be another expert of the Divine Domain.

Bie Tianxin did not know who the blue-clothed stranger was or why the stranger had come to find him, but he sensed incredible danger.

"Quickly leave. Don't worry about me."

Bie Tianxin stared at the stranger while he spoke to Mu Jiushi.

Mu Jiushi's petite face revealed a somewhat strange expression, a smile and yet not a smile, apparently moved yet also derisive.

But she did not leave, nor did she ask anything. She didn't even take her hand off his chest.

Bie Tianxin felt this to be rather strange, but all his attention was currently focused on the blue-clothed stranger. He had no time to think about this detail, and he still had a very important thing to do.

After all, he was the son of Wuqiong Bi and Bie Yanghong. Although he did not reach Luoluo's absurd level, he naturally carried several powerful magical artifacts on his person in his travels.

For instance, such a magical artifact was currently concealed in his sleeve. This magical artifact could not defeat a Divine Domain expert, but it could create a divine enchantment that could let him endure for a while, and when this magical artifact activated, his parents would sense it, no matter how far away they were.

This was also the reason he could remain composed and have Mu Jiushi leave first.

But he soon found it impossible to remain composed, and his complexion swiftly paled. He discovered that there was something wrong with the magical artifact in his sleeve.

An indistinct yet unbreakable Qi had appeared around the restaurant, presumably laid down by the blue-clothed stranger. It prevented any signal from getting out.

But what of the magical artifact? Why had it failed at the most crucial moment?

He looked toward Mu Jiushi on his chest, sensed that the palm on his chest was getting colder and colder. He vaguely guessed what had happened, and his eyes showed pain and disbelief.


This was the question that Bie Tianxin most wanted to know the answer to.

Mu Jiushi raised her face to him and naughtily stuck out her tongue. Laughing, she said, "Because I've never liked you."

Bie Tianxin heard the answer, but he still found it impossible to believe. His body trembled in anger and sorrow as he shakily said, "Is that so?"

"I never allowed you to tell anyone else, including your parents, precisely because I never thought about being together with you."

Mu Jiushi straightened her body, her delicate palm still tightly pressed to his chest, seemingly unable to part with his warmth.

"So that your pitiful self can die with some understanding, your journey to Hanqiu City was precisely so that you could meet Chen Changsheng, after which we could kill you. However, certain matters made it inconvenient for us to move, which is why we've delayed it until now. In truth, if you carefully thought about it, you would have known this was a trap. You're just too stupid."

She jeered, "What right do you have to marry me? I'm someone that's going to be the Pope."

Seeing the expression on her face, Bie Tianxin shook off his earlier fear and unease, leaving only pain and anger. He muttered, "So you originally schemed to plant the crime on Chen Changsheng and make the continent fall into endless turmoil. Presumably all this is your Mu clan's plot, and now that I think of it, Madam Mu going to White Emperor City back then was also problematic."

Mu Jiushi did not expect that on the verge of death, the hedonistic young master she so disdained would become much calmer and wiser, and she couldn't help but be a little flabbergasted.

But matters had already reached this point, and things were already past the point of no return.

"Of course, just what sort of person is my older sister? She was the most intelligent genius of my clan! How could she possibly be forced off the Great Western Continent just because of the throne?"

Mu Jiushi calmly said to him, "My sister's husband is the hero of a generation, but even he ultimately could not overcome the beauty of a woman and ended up being deceived by her for so many years. Although you're far inferior to my sister's husband, you don't seem so bad now. Please calmly die. I promise you that I won't forget how well you treated me in our time together."

Bie Tianxin stared into her eyes. "You want to frame Chen Changsheng, but no one will believe you."

Mu Jiushi lightly said, "Everyone knows that you were killed by the Black Dragon."

Immediately, her small hand released an extremely pure and cold Qi.

Bie Tianxin's body was instantly frozen, making it impossible for him to move.

He noticed that her eyes had become abnormally deep and serene, like a cold pool.

He understood what Mu Jiushi intended to do, and how she intended to frame Chen Changsheng.

Mu Jiushi calmly looked at him as cold energy continued to pour out of her palm.

Bie Tianxin's mind and body were cold, perhaps because of this cold Qi, or perhaps because of her cruelty and lack of emotion.

Frost covered his eyelashes. They looked like the fringes of ice covering the trees of the north, rather pleasant, but also somewhat tragic.

He stared at Mu Jiushi's face, as if wanting to forever remember that beautiful, pure, yet absolutely malicious face.

"I will not go to the sea of stars. I will soon go to the abyss, where I will never forget you. There, I will await your arrival."

These were Bie Tianxin's final words.

After saying this, he closed his eyes and stopped breathing.

His Ethereal Palace, star openings, meridians, blood, and flesh had all been frozen into crystal by the supreme cold, all of it devoid of life.

After some time, Mu Jiushi finally took her palm off his chest.

She gazed in silence at the ice sculpture that was Bie Tianxin for a very long time, her face somewhat pale.

Was it because the bitterly cold Qi had caused her to consume too much true essence, or was it because of Bie Tianxin's final words?

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