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Chapter 846 – Five Kinds of Peerless Techniques

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

Suddenly, the six government laborers unwound the chains from their bodies and cast them towards the light over the river.

The seemingly vacant light suddenly resounded with the clanging of metal, and then a furious roar.

The surprise and shock within this furious roar could be heard loud and clear.

Six chains went taut in the air, beginning to fiercely shudder.

One end of the chains was in the light while the other end was in the hands of the government laborers.

The government laborers silently began to move backwards, at the same time pulling back their chains.

The gray flagstones on the shore continuously cracked underneath their boots.

It seemed like the other end of the chains was tied to some incredibly heavy object.

The rays of light above the river slightly dimmed for a few moments.

A thin, black figure gradually appeared in the air over the river.

The six chains were respectively wrapped around his four limbs, his neck, and the tail that had at some point burst through his pants.

To his surprise, Chusu had been seized out of the light by the government laborers!

An incredibly cold Qi traveled along the chains to assail Chusu's body.

He could clearly sense that although he was a similarly cold existence, the Qi from the chains was different from his innately sinister and poisonous body.

The Qi transmitted through the chains was more austere and officious, their sinister appearance brimming with unconcealed killing intent.

The sinister Qi was not stronger than Chusu's gloomy and foul aura of cold, but it was more tenacious. Chusu found himself momentarily unable to escape these chains.

He knew that he was facing an extremely dangerous situation. If he could not break these chains quickly, the sinister killing intent traveling along the chains would lock down his soul, and the great array on the two shores of the Wenshui would bring down the thunder, exterminating him.

A hiss, cold and ruthless to the extreme, rose up over the river. The six chains juddered as if about to snap.

With a rip, Chusu's black clothes burst apart as two hideous wings made of gray flesh unfurled in the air, swiftly flapping in the snow.

Countless black plumes of smoke, stained with foul and sinister Qi, rose up from the wings.

He flew towards the six government laborers with unimaginable speed.

Black smoke enveloped his body, obscuring his face. Anyone could tell that this black smoke was a most potent poison. A single moment of contact would result in death.

The six government laborers appeared unmoved. Their right hands tightly grasped the chains while their left hands struck at the sky with their cudgels.

There did not seem anything masterly about the way these government laborers wielded their cudgels, but the cudgels seemed to be imbued with some mysterious sensation that was surprisingly similar to the Orthodox Academy's Toppling Mountain Staff.

The Orthodox Academy's Toppling Mountain Staff emphasized law and rules, the academy rules.

Since the cudgel style of the government laborers was related to the Toppling Mountain Staff, they naturally shared this similarity, emphasizing law and rules.

However, the cudgels did not enforce academy rules, but clan laws.

The Tang clan's laws.

The academy rules were like a mountain, as were the clan's laws.

If they wanted to strike someone, they would definitely hit their target.

The cudgels descended like a mountain. Even if one were as fast as lightning, as elusive as smoke, how could one escape?

Boomboomboomboom! After several successive explosions, the snow in front of the shore dispersed and ten-some ripples of white Qi appeared.

These ripples of Qi exploded around Chusu.

The cudgels seemed to suddenly lengthen, accurately thudding against his body.

Black blood spurted from his mouth and his deformed and twisted face was wracked with anger and pain.

He could not avoid these cudgels crashing down like mountains, or else he would lose any hope of finding victory.

The thuds from the cudgels striking his sturdy body were densely packed, and the exceptionally bright pivot of the array was splattered all over with black blood.

He had managed to endure, penetrating through the layers of cudgel blows to reach the other shore. He was now only several zhang from those six government laborers. By stretching out his hand, he could kill them all!

At this moment, the six government laborers did something completely unexpected. They let go of the chains in their hands, apparently unconcerned that Chusu might escape. They then held their cudgels upright, creating a makeshift fence to protect themselves as they retreated backwards.

The government laborers were retreating? Then who would prevent Chusu from killing the peddlers and fortune-tellers controlling the array?

The foul and toxic black fog traveled with Chusu, swiftly pervading the shore. The grass and fish in the water instantly died upon contact with it.

Just when this black and toxic fog was on the verge of touching those peddlers and fortune-tellers, it was suddenly torn apart.

It was like the deepest darkness had suddenly been torn into two by someone dropping from above.

What tore apart the black fog was two extremely ordinary fists.

There were two elders who sold sesame-seed candy standing on the shore.

The moment Chusu arrived, they had just finished tying a green cloth around their stalls, preventing the candy from being stained by dust, and then they walked out.

They bent their knees, lowered their waists, calmed their minds, clenched their fists, and punched.

It was uninteresting, commonplace. There was none of the grace of a cultivation expert, but something more like a boxing teacher in some rustic village.

Only true cultivation experts could understand the wondrous traits of these two punches.

'Uninteresting' meant that they had already brought this action down to the bare essentials.

'Commonplace' meant that they had already made this action an everyday routine.

This was what it truly meant to be upright and moderate.

And they were using the most traditional techniques of the Imperial clan!

Boundless light exploded from their fists.

This light was different from the light of the array pivot. There was no divine aura in these rays of light, only heat.

Their fists emanated endless heat, looking just like two blazing suns!

The foul black fog that had followed Chusu was instantly torn into shreds.

Burning hisses could be heard all along the river.

"The Blazing Sun Style! How can there be Imperial clansmen here!"

Chusu's flabbergasted shout erupted from the depths of the black fog.

His face and clothes were already covered in countless tiny holes, looking just like well-distributed sesame seeds on candy.

Countless rivulets of black blood flowed out of these tiny holes, creating an abnormally bloody and horrifying sight.

The astonished cries in the wind transformed into anguished howls of fury, making him sound just like an ancient monster that had been wounded.

With a strange yell, he charged towards the two elders, black blood streaming from him.

This black blood was his true blood, containing a poison many times stronger and more concentrated than the black fog.

Even if his opponents were possibly Imperial clansmen using the most traditional Blazing Sun Style, they could not resist this black blood.

The two elders' expressions became grave. With a swish, they cast off their long gowns and prepared to punch again.

At this moment, a girl walked in front of them.

Both Chusu and the candy-selling elders, at this most critical moment of this dangerous battle, had forgotten that there was also a little girl present.

It was the girl who wanted to buy cosmetic powder.

She had already been buying cosmetic powder in Wenshui City for a very long time. Although she was not able to buy cosmetic powder every time or only stood in front of the cosmetic powder stalls, she had already bought a great deal of powder.

She threw this cosmetic powder into the sky.

Red and white powder, peach and osmanthus, and even the cheapest gardenia flower powder was all present here.

The space above the river instantly became a world of cosmetic powder, countless fragrances mixing together.

No matter how swift Chusu's movement techniques were, he could not possibly avoid this powder that suffocated the world, so how could he avoid the fragrance?

The fragrance assailed him.

Cosmetic powder and fragrance fell on his body.

A shocked expression appeared in his eyes, then was swiftly dyed red and white by powder.

He even felt like his soul and blood had become fragrant.

He discovered that he had been poisoned!

How was this possible?

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