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Chapter 797 – Reunion in the Garden of Zhou

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

Chen Changsheng looked around the Mausoleum of Zhou and very quickly found the people he was searching for.

The figures of An Hua and that deputy general were extremely distinct at the end of the stone path leading up to the mausoleum.

Normally, he would have been able to very quickly charge over there using a movement technique, but now, he could only very slowly climb down.

An Hua and the deputy general noticed him and waved their hands at him. They were also shouting something, most likely reminding him to be careful.

They were rather far away from him, so Chen Changsheng simply could not hear what they were saying. Moreover, the howls and roars of the monsters surrounding the Mausoleum of Zhou were truly too loud.

After some time, he finally reached the end of the stone path.

"Your Holiness!"

An Hua ecstatically prostrated on the ground while the deputy general got down on one knee.

Chen Changsheng indicated that they should stand and apologized, "I'm sorry for making the two of you wait here for so long."

On that night in that garden nestled in the mountains, he was first attacked by Hai Di, and then Nanke and the Demon Lord appeared. At this most perilous of moments, he sent An Hua and the deputy general into the Garden of Zhou. Afterwards, he fell unconscious from his heavy wounds and, upon waking, forgot about them.

Through careful counting, one could determine that An Hua and the deputy general had spent quite a few days in the Garden of Zhou, and he did not know how they had managed to endure.

On that night in the snowy mountains, just when they believed that they would die in the thick Demon Qi, An Hua and the deputy general suddenly discovered that they were in a completely unfamiliar world. They had appeared on an imposing mausoleum, surrounded by a vast and boundless plain populated by many strange beasts that were already on the verge of extinction in the continent.

If they had been able to walk around this world, they might have realized that this was the legendary Garden of Zhou. However, when the monsters discovered the presence of the two humans, they immediately surrounded the Mausoleum of Zhou, making it impossible for the pair to leave. Fortunately, An Hua was carrying a few rations and, having graduated from the Thirteen Divisions of Radiant Green, was skilled in the Sacred Light technique. The injuries of that deputy general not only did not worsen, but even gradually improved. However, one could imagine the mental pressure they faced when surrounded by such a ferocious and terrifying tide of monsters.

Only today did they finally see Chen Changsheng.

Chen Changsheng said, "I've come to bring you out."

"For some reason, these monsters haven't entered the mausoleum, but they also won't let us leave."

An Hua looked towards the dense monster tide as she fearfully spoke. In her view, no matter extraordinary the Pope was, he was still alone, and was also very young. It was simply impossible for him to deal with so many terrifying monsters.

Chen Changsheng walked up to the stone path and looked towards the monster tide that seemed to stretch towards the horizon.

After several years, the Garden of Zhou's self-repair was now complete, and the seal on the Plains of the Unsetting Sun no longer existed. The number of monsters had gradually increased and now even exceeded the original number.

Chen Changsheng waved his hand.

Countless howls, some clear and some ruthless, erupted from the mouths of the numberless monsters, sounding just like the simultaneous explosion of countless claps of thunder.

The deputy general became abnormally nervous and An Hua somewhat paled as she thought, just what is His Holiness planning on doing?

What happened next completely surpassed their imaginations.

The countless monsters prostrated, a ripple spreading through the tide. They seemed extremely docile.

Several thousand gray demon vultures flew in an orderly fashion past the stone platform and then off into the distance.

The monsters gradually dispersed, vanishing into the plains.

In the end, only two gigantic monsters remained. Upon careful examination, one could see a little black dot in front of them.

"Is that the legendary Monster Bull?"

The deputy general looked at the taller of the two monsters and thought of that description he had once read about.

He had already recognized the other giant monster as the Mountain-toppling Fiend, a terrifying existence on the Ranking of Monsters. Although it was rare, in battles against the demons, one might occasionally see the silhouette of this sort of monster from a distance. As for the Monster Bull, it had truly been many years since it was last seen on the continent.

Chen Changsheng led them out of the Mausoleum of Zhou.

As An Hua thought of the previous scene and looked at his back, her face filled with admiration and reverence.

With a wave from His Holiness, the monster tide dispersed.

Could this be His Holiness's miniature world, just like the Green Leaf World of the Li Palace?

They walked down the mausoleum, passed through the stone plinths which once held the stone monoliths, and came to the White Grass Path.

The weather was excellent, allowing one to see very far, yet it was not possible to see that temple. Perhaps this was because the figure of the Monster Bull was too massive, taking up the entire horizon.

Chen Changsheng looked up at the single eye of the Monster Bull and nodded his head. He then greeted the Mountain-toppling Fiend, after which he looked towards the thing in front of the pair.

An Hua was finally able to make out that the black dot she had seen on the mausoleum was actually a yellowish-brown monster.

This was a very small and thin monster, its fur tattered and its body and limbs damaged. It appeared very pitiful, but for some reason, its eyes gave off a particularly gloomy and frightening feeling. This was the case even when it threw itself before Chen Changsheng and hugged his thigh while constantly muttering something, like some dog kissing up to its master.

The deputy general suddenly thought of a possibility and his face suddenly became incredibly concerned. With a trembling voice, he asked, "This is an Earth Monkey?"

An Hua had originally wanted to treat this monster's injuries, but upon hearing this name, her face instantly paled.

When the Pavilion of Heavenly Secrets was drawing up the Ranking of Monsters, a massive argument had broken out about whether to put the Earth Monkey in the rankings and where to rank it. This was because this monster skilled in concealment and hiding in the earth was not actually that strong. It was far inferior to the innately godly might of the Mountain-toppling Fiend, and was certainly not like the Monster Bull, which could fight against a thousand armies. And yet… all cultivators would rather face a Mountain-toppling Fiend or Monster Bull than fight an Earth Monkey alone. This monster was far too intelligent, too sinister and crafty, cold-blooded and cruel.

An Hua and the deputy general were truly unable to associate the fearsome reputation of the Earth Monkey with this yellow dog hugging Chen Changsheng's thigh.

Chen Changsheng affectionately rubbed the Earth Monkey on its head. Through its strange muttering shouts, he came to learn of the recent situation in the Garden of Zhou, but he still did not agree to its request to leave the Garden of Zhou.

He had thought many times about how to deal with the monsters in the plain. He had also discussed with Xu Yourong whether or not he could put those monsters in the plain he had gifted her. After the seal over the Plains of the Unsetting Sun was broken, the monsters did not just restore their numbers, their strength also increased in all aspects, so they were probably capable of living safely. However, the Monster Bull, Mountain-toppling Fiend, and the other monsters on their level had long since grown used to living in the Garden of Zhou. They knew that the outside world was exceptionally dangerous, so they had no intention of leaving.

Although the Earth Monkey was crippled and far weaker than it had been in the past, it still wanted to go outside and look around. To the Earth Monkey, the word 'danger' was the sweetest honey, yet Chen Changsheng refused to let it leave the Garden of Zhou. Part of his refusal was out of concern for its safety and the other part was out of concern for the safety of the outside world.

The Earth Monkey somewhat resentfully rubbed against his thigh, but did not continue to nag him, much less dare to show any hatred in its eyes. It didn't even appear disappointed. Using its two forelimbs to support its crippled body, it climbed back up to the coiled horns of the Mountain-toppling Fiend and very obediently waved its hands at Chen Changsheng.

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