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Chapter 782 – Another Darkness

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

The young Demon Lord spoke no more. He lowered his body and lightly touched the Demon Lord's forehead while softly reciting something.

He was not speaking in the ordinary Demon language. His words carried a natural sorrow, sounding like a final prayer or blessing.

About to die, his father was.

The brightness in the Demon Lord's eyes had already faded into the gloom, just like that star in the north.

On the other side, Nanke held his hand, but he did not care.

He only calmly gazed at the young Demon Lord, softly patting the back of his hand, and then slowly closed his eyes.

As his eyes closed, his breathing becoming extremely prolonged until there was no gap, and then it stopped.

The deep blue starlight around the wound on his abdomen spread in all directions, transforming his demon body into solid ice.

The cold wind no longer howled, the starlight seemed to retreat into the distance, and the darkness deepened. All was quiet, as if even time and space had frozen.

The Demon Lord had died.

A generation of legends had come to an end.

A hastily written period could finally be placed on that most magnificent span of history from one thousand years ago.

To the Human race, this period of history had already announced its end with the departure of Han Qing from the pavilion in the Mausoleum of Books and the collapse of the Lingyan Pavilion.

To the Demon race and the entire continent, only tonight had it truly ended.

After some time, the young Demon Lord wiped the tears from his eyes, ceased his sorrow, and stood up.

As he rose, the darkness in the sky seemed to pour into his body, making him seem incomparably large and powerful.

The legacy of countless generations of the strong had finally and totally been passed on to him.

From this moment on, he was the sovereign of the northern reaches of the continent, the master of the Demon race. He no longer needed to be prefixed with ‘young’ or ‘new’.

He was the Demon Lord.

He looked at Chen Changsheng.

"A grand figure like my royal father should not leave the world in such a lonely and ordinary fashion. Fortunately, he has a Pope of the Human race like you to be buried with him, which I suppose is a meager comfort. You can die now. Of course, you'll have to leave those things of yours behind."

Chen Changsheng asked, "What are you referring to?"

After a pause, the Demon Lord replied, "The Garden of Zhou? The Heavenly Tome Monoliths? Although I lost a father tonight, the compensation I will receive won't be too small."

Upon hearing this, Chen Changsheng confirmed that the Demon Lord really did know where his confidence came from, so where did the Demon Lord's confidence come from?

"Don't try to enter the Garden of Zhou." The Demon Lord looked into his eyes and said, "Although I'm not an expert like my royal father that can cut off your connection with space, I can guarantee you that when you try and pass through space, I have countless methods of making you fail."

Chen Changsheng thought this over, then asked, "Black Robe?"

The Demon Lord was somewhat surprised, commenting, "That you could so quickly think of the reason means that your head's still sober."

After the disturbance in the Garden of Zhou, the Li Palace and Mount Li had performed an extensive analysis and confirmed that Black Robe had an extremely deep understanding of the Garden of Zhou, and also possessed some way of affecting the Garden of Zhou's laws. At the time, the Soul Pivot that Nanke had used to control the monster tide had been destroyed and Black Robe's iron plate had been run through by the Heaven Shrouding Sword, but who could guarantee that Black Robe had no more methods?

Chen Changsheng had been heavily injured at the hands of the previous Demon Lord, the little Black Dragon had been thrown far away, the Green Leaf was not here, he had not yet fully comprehended the Heavenly Tome Monoliths, and he did not dare enter the Garden of Zhou. Anyone would think that escaping alive would be an incredibly arduous task for Chen Changsheng, but he himself did not think so.

"If I want to leave right now, it's actually very simple," Chen Changsheng said to the Demon Lord.

The Demon Lord appeared a little surprised as he asked, "Is that so?"

Chen Changsheng explained, "It's fine if I just kill you."

He was very calm as he said this.

The Demon Lord slightly perked his brows. "Do you feel that you have the right to say such words?"

"Why don't I have the right?"

Chen Changsheng continued, "You're older than me, but not much older than me. You're skilled at patiently enduring, but that doesn't mean that your true talent is higher than mine. You are the Demon Lord and I am the Pope. I also have about the same number of treasures and moves as you do. From every aspect, I'm not lacking compared to you, so why can't I fight a battle with you?"

Level of strength, cultivating talent, lucky encounters, status and authority…the young Demon Lord was naturally one of the supreme figures in the world.

But there were two people in this continent that could compete with the young Demon Lord in every aspect.

Chen Changsheng and Xu Yourong.

The Demon Lord quietly stared at him and then suddenly smiled. "That's truly reasonable, but it seems like you've already been heavily injured tonight."

"Yes, but why are you talking so much with me?"

Chen Changsheng continued, "This means that you aren't confident that you can kill me, and this gives me a lot of confidence, the confidence to kill you."

After saying this, he stretched his hand out towards the darkness.

Several stone pearls, the Heavenly Tome Monoliths, silently flew back through the darkness and onto his wrist.

Many of his bones had been broken, but his left arm was still whole. Earlier in the night sky, it was his left hand that he had intended to use his sword with.

At this moment, his left was still tightly gripping his sword, very stable.

Several thousand swords flew back from the lakebed, then scattered and silently hovered around his body, also very stable.

The Demon Lord sensed the awe-inspiring sword intent in the night sky and slightly narrowed his eyes. "Tell me, what would it be like if it were Su Li using these swords?"

This question had nothing to do with the current situation, appearing quite abrupt and sudden.

It was just like the Demon Lord's strike.

The Demon Lord's weapon was not the stone pestle called the Astral Executioner, but a goat horn comb.

To be more precise, it was a powerful magical artifact very similar in appearance to a goat horn comb.

It was called the Heavenly Demon Horn.

The Heavenly Demon Horn, carrying a thick black Qi, descended towards Chen Changsheng.

Blackness filled the snowy valley, obscuring the starry sky. It was like a real darkness, but also like a bottomless abyss, stirring fear in one's heart.

At this sight, Chen Changsheng thought of that darkness he had seen hovering above the snowy plains after leaving the Garden of Zhou, and his expression turned solemn.

The young Demon Lord had patiently endured for many years, concealing all his talent and ability underneath his dissolute and unruly appearance. Tonight, he finally revealed his edge.

After obtaining the complete legacy, his cultivation had become unimaginably powerful!

In the younger generation of the Human race, it was very difficult to find a similarly powerful individual.

Whether it was him or Xu Yourong, they were all clearly a level below. Even if Qiushan Jun were here, he probably wouldn't be able to win.

Perhaps one of the high-rankers on the Proclamation of Liberation like Xiao Zhang or Liang Wangsun might have been able to put up a fight.

He was currently severely injured, the might of his swords one-tenth of what they were at their peak. He could only rely on treasures and external objects to fight, so he was even less of an opponent.

But he had not been lying earlier. He truly wanted to try and kill the Demon Lord.

Because he had other methods, other helpers.

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