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Chapter 771 – The Sigh of Frost Is of No Avail Against the Dark Sky

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

The Dragon was the highest-level divine creature in all continents and possessed a crushing power over other creatures, especially monsters, spiritual bodies, and the like.

Upon hearing the dragon cry, the demon beauty and refined maiden instantly paled, and shrieks of pain burst from their lips. Their spiritual bodies instantly began to fade as if on the verge of scattering.

Chen Changsheng immediately took this chance to use the Yeshi Step, stepping on the position of the Chen Constellation. He retreated backwards, sweeping up An Hua and the deputy general with a wave of his right sleeve.

A single wave of his sleeve seemed to even sweep up the countless stars in the night sky, as the world suddenly went dim.

In truth, this was because the profuse stars in the sky had been obscured.

Zhizhi had vanished from her original position.

A Black Frost Dragon appeared in the night sky.

The mountain range that was the dragon's body completely obscured the stars above the valley.

This was a most magnificent and most terrifying sight.

In Gaoyang Village, on the other side of the mountains, a drunk soldier saw this sight on the horizon and thought that he was seeing things.

When he realized that it really was a black dragon, he immediately fell unconscious.

Soon after, even more people in Gaoyang Village saw a black dragon stretching across the night sky. Screams and weeping replaced each other in turn, but never completely died away.

There were no screams or weeping in the valley, only hardy objects being frozen and torn apart.

Countless strands of Qi imbued with an icy energy shot out of the Black Frost Dragon's mouth and down to the earth.

The threads of ice drifting about the air disintegrated into the finest powder while the dry lakebed began to fracture as it froze. Before the emerging hot spring waters could begin to release any steam, they were frozen into glassy ice, and then this ice was frozen until it fractured again!

Anything in the world that was touched by this cold Qi would be frozen and then fractured!

This was the most powerful and most frightening move of the Black Frost Dragon, Deep Freeze Dragon Breath!

Deep Freeze Dragon Breath carried countless shards of frost, but not ordinary frost. This frost fell with incredible speed, acting more like a torrential rain that completely enveloped the lake and its surroundings.

With a terrifying rip, countless fine tears appeared on Nanke's dress. Traces of erosion could be seen on the Southern Cross Sword, and signs of cracking were already visible around the hilt.

In an instant, she was injured, her blood now changed in pigment by the frost splashing into the air.

A sharp and ruthless whistle burst from her lips.

The two demon beauties scattered into innumerable minute specks of light that surged behind her and formed two bewitchingly green wings.

Green light illuminated the dim lake, drawing out countless lines difficult to distinguish from each other.

Nanke was like a thunderbolt as she traversed back and forth through the ice-filled air and dodged the Deep Freeze Dragon Breath falling from the night sky.

The seal that Wang Zhice had placed on Zhizhi all those years ago had not been completely removed and Zhizhi had still not regained her full strength. Even if she had regained her strength, she was still an immature Black Frost Dragon, and the area which her Deep Freeze Dragon Breath covered was ultimately limited. If Nanke was able to fly out of the limits of the Deep Freeze Dragon Breath, she would escape this catastrophe.

Just then, another light began to shine.

It was not a green stream of light drawn out by Nanke's wings in the darkness, but a warm red glow like the reflection of the sunset in a river.

Twilight filled the ruins and a setting sun reflected its light off the night sky.

With a clang, the dagger left its sheath!

Chen Changsheng had used the move of the Three Forms of Wenshui with the fastest speed and widest range, Hanging Sunset!

Countless sword glows surged out of the sheath, akin to the innumerable streams of golden light on the surface of a river. They rose with the wind, now seeming like a net cast from a fisherman's boat.

The second technique was the Three Songs of the Fisherman of the Mount Li Sword Style.

Countless swords exploded in every direction, extremely sharp sword intents cutting at everything between the heavens and earth, forming an incredibly tight net.

Nanke might have been as fast as lightning, but not even she could avoid this net of swords in such a short amount of time and fly out of this frost-filled garden.

If she attempted to break through the net, the dragon breath raining from the sky would freeze and fracture her demon body, and if she attempted to resist the dragon breath, the myriad swords would pierce her heart!

If nothing unexpected occurred, her fate seemed sealed.

However, the Demon Lord was still present.

For some reason, Chen Changsheng and Zhizhi completely ignored the Demon Lord. From the outset, they had focused their strongest techniques completely on Nanke.

This was the case because Nanke was the weaker opponent, and the one that they could most easily break through.

As for the Demon Lord, given Chen Changsheng's and Zhizhi's strength, even if they used everything they had, they wouldn't be able to harm a hair on his head, so why bother?

And Hai Di was still here. Whether or not he was willing to ally himself with a human, he had to be keenly aware that tonight was his best and final chance.

The Deep Freeze Dragon Breath imbued with countless shards of frost fell on the lake and garden and also Hai Di's armor.

The black armor was instantly covered by countless raindrop-like ovals as the ice both corroded his armor and somewhat concealed the ripples of strength from Hai Di's body.

Hai Di would naturally strike, and he would strike with his strongest blow.

The broken monolith silently smashed towards the Demon Lord like a mountain!

Hai Di was well aware that even though the Demon Lord was heavily injured, his strength far from its peak, he was still no match.

He had no delusions of injuring the Demon Lord, only impeding him for a moment.

As long as the Demon Lord could not come to the rescue, Chen Changsheng might succeed at killing Nanke, after which they could turn the fight into three versus one and strive for sliver of hope.

It was evident that this had been Chen Changsheng's plan from the start and Hai Di acted precisely according to this plan.

What was the Demon Lord thinking? He paid no attention to the broken monolith dropping from the sky, nor did he look towards his daughter who might die at any time to the Deep Freeze Dragon Breath and countless sword Qis. Instead, he lowered his head to look at his ancient zither, his slender and firm fingers falling upon the strings and plucking.

There was a moving twang.

And then…it quickened.

Notes rose up in disarray like thousands of trees rustling as they collapsed.

Countless notes flew out from the zither strings, ignoring the Deep Freeze Dragon Breath as they shot in all directions.

The starry sky was obscured by the Black Frost Dragon's body, casting the valley and the lake into pitch-black darkness, the deepest depths of the night. Suddenly, countless sparks blazed to life in the darkness.

The sparks came from grinding and crashing. It was not rock on rock or metal against metal, but the notes of the zither grinding and crashing against swords.

The countless swords sent out by Chen Changsheng's Hanging Sunset and Three Songs of the Fisherman encountered countless zither notes.

Every encounter would release a clash and produce a flower of sparks.

From several thousand swords, several thousand zither notes, and several thousand encounters, several thousand flowers made from sparks bloomed in the air; an enormous tree of fire seemed to grow from midair.

Those sparks fell to the ground, but they were not frozen by the Deep Freeze Dragon Breath. They still blazed as they fell to the ground, flames spitting from the trunk of the tree.

The world was greatly brightened, yet it was precisely because of this that the darkness was all the more vivid.

Just like the Demon Lord's face.

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