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Chapter 769 – I Use My Blood to Save All Living Beings

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

A thousand years ago, he was the Demon Lord, and after a thousand years, he was still the Demon Lord, but even the Demon Lord was ultimately unable to escape the laws of history, falling in a rebellion.

Naturally, according to the laws of history, the originators of this rebellion were by necessity his most trusted subordinates.

As the left and right arms of the Demon Lord, Military Advisor Black Robe and the Demon Commander had vied for power with each for countless years, exchanging blow for blow. They were as incompatible as fire and water, both deeply loathing the other. It was only the Demon Lord's supreme prestige that barely managed to keep the situation stable, but how could this situation not be what the Demon Lord most desired, even intentionally fueled?

Who could have expected them to join hands and deliver unto the Demon Lord the stealthiest of strikes?

The Demon Lord had already been heavily injured after his excursion to Mount Han, and then he experienced such a fierce rebellion and was cast into the infinite abyss. The imperial throne ultimately came to rest on his youngest son. At the very beginning, both the noble clans of Xuelao City and the Human race to the south believed that the young Demon Lord was merely a puppet placed on the throne by Black Robe and the Demon Commander. Only after Divine General Han Qing was trapped and killed by the most insidious methods of the young Demon Lord did the entire continent finally understand that he was actually the primary driver behind this rebellion!

Brother against brother and father killing son for the sake of the imperial throne was a commonplace event for both the Demon race and the Human race. In short, the Demon Lord that not even Zhou Dufu, Emperor Taizong, the Tianhai Divine Empress, Yin, or Shang had been able to truly defeat was ultimately still knocked into the stinking ditch of history, defeated at the hands of his own son.

But hadn't he already died in the endless abyss? Why had he now appeared in this snowy mountain range?

As they stared at the middle-aged scholar's figure standing by the lake, An Hua and the general paled, and even breathing became a difficult task for them.

This was the question that perplexed everyone the most, that everyone wanted to know the answer to.

Nanke stood in front of Chen Changsheng, saying nothing.

She was keenly aware of how painful was the price one had to pay to climb out of that endless abyss, but even she had no desire to recollect it.

The Demon Lord would naturally not explain. He said to Chen Changsheng, "I am only about to die, but I am still not dead. I do not want to die, so I came to find you."

Chen Changsheng asked, "What did you come to find me for?"

The Demon Lord expressionlessly said, "I came to seek your aid."

"You want the Cinnabar Pill?" Zhizhi suddenly asked.

She was feeling things out with this question, her voice tinged with a little hope.

"It's not enough. There is too little blood mixed into the Cinnabar Pill."

The Demon Lord's answer shattered her final hope.

Upon hearing this reply, Hai Di, An Hua and the deputy general could not help but be stunned.

The Cinnabar Pill contained blood? Whose blood? If the Tang Seventeenth Master had heard these words, he would have immediately understood that those crystalline threads of red in the Cinnabar Pill were not blood coral, were not the blood of the little Black Dragon, but Chen Changsheng's blood!

After a moment, An Hua and the deputy general glanced at each other. They both saw the shock in each other's eyes, as both of them had also thought of this possibility.

In the past few years, the story of the Tianhai Divine Empress, the venerable Daoist master Shang Xingzhou, the emperor, and the Pope had been spread across the world.

Through the Orthodoxy's guidance and proclamation, everyone came to know that the Pope had a naturally sacred constitution, that his true blood was brimming with Sacred Light.

It turned out that the Pope was actually making his blood into medicine. It was no wonder that the Cinnabar Pill could regrow bones and treat the dying!

It was no wonder that there was a limit to the number of Cinnabar Pills, that only a small bottle could be produced each month.

It was no wonder that the Pope had not spread the recipe across the world.

It was simply impossible to copy the recipe for this pill. Just who besides the Pope could offer up this medicine?

As she looked forward, An Hua felt that Chen Changsheng's body had become much loftier. Bathed in starlight, it seemed incomparably divine.

To use one's blood to save all living beings, just how benevolent was this act, how grand this sentiment?

An Hua felt thoroughly ashamed when she thought about how she had felt greatly displeased by the master of the Cinnabar Pill in the Mount Song Army headquarters, and how she had even felt somewhat disappointed earlier.

Chen Changsheng said to the Demon Lord, "If I knew that Sir was still alive, I would have been more careful, because the fact that the Cinnabar Pill contains my blood truly cannot be concealed from you."

A few years ago, the Demon Lord had taken an enormous risk to make the long journey to Mount Han precisely so that he could eat Chen Changsheng.

After the coup of the Mausoleum of Books, the Pope had said to him that the only person in the world that dared to crave his true blood was the Demon Lord.

The Demon Lord had an intense craving, and he also had the methods, or courage, to resolve the problem of the toxin that might be concealed in Chen Changsheng's true blood.

Zhizhi looked to Chen Changsheng in concern, and also anger. In her view, if not for the fact that Chen Changsheng had lost too much true blood and greatly affected his cultivation in this past year for the sake of that lousy pill, Hai Di would not have been able to keep them here, and so they would naturally not have to face this terrible situation.

The Demon Lord calmly said, "Since I am still alive and have even found you, perhaps that is just your fate."

Chen Changsheng looked into his eyes and said, "Sir should be well aware that I was born as a poisonous fruit."

The corner of the Demon Lord's lips perked, revealing an enchanting smile. The landscapes on his face instantly brightened as his face became especially gentle and his voice pleasing to the ear. "I am a man. In the end, I still have more courage than little Tianhai, and I also have lived many more years, seen many more worlds, so perhaps I have the means of resolving these problems."

Chen Changsheng vaguely understood his meaning and replied, "But you are not sure."

The Demon Lord answered, "Even if I am not sure, it seems to me that you are."

Chen Changsheng gazed at a thread of ice drifting in front of him, but did not reply.

The Demon Lord looked into his eyes and said, "The Cinnabar Pill did not poison to death those human experts, indicating that you have already found a method to remove the poison in your true blood."

Chen Changsheng silently thought, what sort of poison is there? It's just a conflict between two different divine laws.

Zhizhi couldn't keep quiet. "So you want Chen Changsheng to remove the poison from his body and then serve himself up to you?"

"Why is that not okay? Once I eat you, my old wounds recover and I surpass my past self, I will naturally return to Xuelao City to seize the imperial throne. Although I am sure that I will gain the final victory, those two crazies, Black Robe and Big Sister, are people that not even I can completely see through, and that unfilial son of mine is quite the excellent madman. Thus, I will assuredly need a very long time and descend into a desperate struggle that is highly likely to last several centuries. My Divine race will find it impossible to go south. Is this not the greatest benefit towards your Human race?"

The Demon Lord calmly said to Chen Changsheng, "The Daoist faith has always emphasized governing the world with compassion. With the dignity of the Pope, you do not hesitate to use your own blood as a pill. It naturally must be so that you can save all living beings. Why can you not transform your own body into a pill and offer it to me? In this way, you can also save all living beings, and you can save even more. Your one death can be exchanged for centuries of peace. Is this not something to be happy about?"

It was clearly a most fantastical proposal, but his slow argument made it actually seem rather reasonable.

Zhizhi could no longer bear to listen, and shouted, "Then why don't you just go die!"

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