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Chapter 1999: Disperse In All Directions

Just as Su Mo and Elder Jia Shen were engaged in their battle, a great war had begun on Heavenly Sorcerer star.

Long Teng and Wu Chong were like two Empty Gods that caused the sky and ground to crack as they battled. Heavenly Sorcerer Star was a mess as 10% of it was destroyed.

The difference in their strengths was minimal and it was hard to tell who would win in the short term.

Si Kongyan and the others fought against the experts of the Sorcerer Tribe.

However, the five were evidently at a disadvantage under the combined attacks of the Sorcerer Tribe experts.

That was because there were 18 Martial Sages of the Sorcerer Tribe, of which three were King Sages.

The 18 Martial Sages were strong and when they combined their attacks, they suppressed Si Kongyan and the group.


Yi Xiaoxiao transformed into her real body and the massive dragon body blocked a majority of the attacks, lessening the pressure on the rest of the gang.

All of this was sensed by Su Mo’s Spiritual Senses and they added an invisible brick of pressure on him.


Su Mo stretched his hand forward and the Seven-colored Pagoda flew towards Elder Jia Shen.

“Kill!” At the same time, Su Mo attacked immediately as he prepared to kill Elder Jia Shen as fast as he could.

Sword tore through the sky as boundless Chaotic Sword Qi that was filled with an immense killing intent flew at lightning speed towards Elder Jia Shen.


Saint Elder Jia Shen retreated backwards as fast as he could against the Seven-colored Glazed Pagoda and the Sword Qi. At the same time, he punched with both fists and two palm prints counter-attacked the Seven-colored Glazed Pagoda and the Chaotic Sword Qi.

The palm print swept out like a large moving mountain with devastating auras that flooded the sky. There were even a few hundred thousand Evil Spirits in the palm print.

Dark, cold aura sent chills down spines.

Boom! Boom!

Two loud explosions shook the sky as a palm print smashed against the Seven-colored Glazed Pagoda.

However, the force of the palm print was reduced by half by the Seven-colored Glazed Pagoda and it was insufficient in the face of the pagoda.

On the other hand, the other palm print was no match for the Chaotic Sword Qi that it struck against.


The sound of cloth tearing echoed as the powerful Chaotic Sword Qi tore the palm print apart. Without slowing down, it continued towards Saint Elder Jia Shen.

“Not good!” Saint Elder Jia Shen exclaimed with fright. However, his reaction was fast and he swerved to the side, barely managing to avoid the attack.

Right at that point, the Myriad Souls Sealing Heaven Array slowly disappeared from above the heavenly Sorcerer Star.

Since the array was closed, the protective array slowly diminished.

“Every Sorcerer Tribe member, spread out in all directions and escape!” Without hesitation, Saint Elder Jia Shen yelled, his voice booming through the star.


At the same time, Saint Elder Jia Shen straightened himself and shot to the starry sky, speeding away as fast as he could.

The elder knew clearly that if he didn’t escape, he would not be Su Mo’s match.

Once he was killed and Su Mo returned, the entire Sorcerer Tribe would be massacred.

As such, all the Sorcerer Tribesmen had to escape.

Furthermore, Wu Chong did not seem to be a match for Long Teng either and the Sorcerer Tribe seemed destined to lose.

Although the tribe had a large number of Martial Sages, they could only temporarily hold back the five other attackers.

Regardless of whether it was Su Mo or Long Teng who attacked them, it would be a nightmare for the Sorcerer Tribe.

Shoosh shoosh shoosh!

In an instant, the entire Sorcerer Tribe population of a few billions Sorcerer Tribesmen flew into the sky and dispersed like a swarm of flies.

There was a large number of Sorcerer Tribesmen. Although the battle between Su Mo, Jia Shen and Long Teng and Wu Chong had caused large-scale damage to the star that directly caused weak Sorcerer Tribesmen to perish, a majority of tribesmen were unharmed.

“You won’t be able to escape!” Su Mo’s eyes flashed coldly as his body jerked and he chased after Saint Elder Jia Shen.

Shoosh shoosh shoosh!

Wu Chong and the other Martial Sages of the Sorcerer Tribe also dispersed in all directions, not wanting to continue their fights.



“Be destroyed!”

Shouts reverberated through the sky as Si Kongyan, Zhan Luan and the rest started to attack, not wanting to let all the Sorcerer Tribesmen escape.

Si Kongyan brandished his sword, making a hundred meter long Sabre Radiance draw across the starry sky and sweep through the ground. Fresh blood stained the air as limbs were sliced and bodies were destroyed.


Jiang Fengran pushed both hands forward and a wild tornado pressed out from them.

These strong winds instantly sliced through numerous Sorcerer Tribesmen within a kilometer’s radius from him.

Roar! Roar!

Two ferocious dragon roars rang through ears as the Eight-winged Drake stretched out both claws for two large, gigantic Claw Radiance to easily wipe out a few hundred thousand Sorcerer Tribesmen.

Long Teng’s immense golden dragon body danced in the sky as he opened his mouth and let out a strong dragon breath.

The dragon breath was like a violent soundwave sweeping through the nine heavens and grounds, with its starting point being Long Teng.

Bam bam bam!

Explosions boomed through the sky as the single dragon breath easily destroyed a few hundred thousand Sorcerer Tribesmen.

Long Teng did not chase after Wu Chong because he knew that his efforts would be in vain if Wu Chong was determined to run.

With the mass escape of the Sorcerer Tribe, the six people began a blood bath, carrying out a large-scale massacre of the Sorcerer Tribesmen.

Ah ah ah~~~

Pitiful, piercing screams tore the air and in the blink of an eye, a countless number of Sorcerer Tribesmen had died.

However, there were simply too many Sorcerer Tribesmen, their population being in the billions. There was no way for the six people to kill everyone.


Su Mo slowly flew further and further away from heavenly Sorcerer Star as he remained determined to kill Elder Jia Shen. He was certainly a more important target compared to the average Sorcerer Tribesmen.

Su Mo was willing to let off the regular Sorcerer Tribesmen but he had to kill Elder Jia Shen.

However, Elder Jia Shen’s speed was incredibly fast, travelling hundreds of kilometers in a second. It was hard for Su Mo to match up to the elder’s speed.


With a mental thought, a Natal Spiritual Sword appeared below his feet and Su Mo mobilized his mental strength to its maximum to push the Natal Spiritual Sword forward.

Su Mo’s current mental strength was so strong, it was scary. The speed the Natal Spiritual Sword moved at meant it could not be seen by the naked eye. It was like a laser beam that shot through the sky.


The lightning-fast Su Mo slowly pulled the distance between him and Elder Jia Shen closer.

“How could this be?”

As Elder Jia Shen observed Su Mo’s speed, his face hardened as hard as steel.

His heart felt tormented as he could tell that Su Mo was only at the peak of the Middle Stage Martial Sage Realm.

He was an Empty God who could disregard every existence below him. Yet, he was being chased after by a Middle Stage Martial Sage. He had never imagined that this would happen.

However, he was now the weaker one of the two and he did not have any other choice but to increase his speed and try his best to escape.