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If they left the god's design attic, it would be difficult to enter again.

god's design attic was an ethereal Secret World, it was basically impossible to enter without opening.

If they leave, then even if the shrine's reinforcements come, it will be useless.

Just as the presbyter of god's tribe's faces darkened.

The two ancient strong s from ancient world moved slightly, and a 'Bodhisattva' stood in front of the Refining Platform, slightly extending a hand.

Black hands.

It was as hard as steel.


His hand was filled with a black baleful aura, like ten thousand tiny black snakes slowly moving on his arm. It was extremely terrifying.

The presbyter of god's tribe looked surprised, and said: "We still have a ancient strong."

"That's right!"

"I forgot about the two lords."

"Hahaha …"

They knew very well in their hearts why the two ancient strong s had come to the god's design attic.

They came to practice.

Come to cripple the god's design attic.

However …

The presbyter of god's tribe cautiously asked: "Master, do you want to compete with him in artifact forging?"

They did not know the situation of these two Bodhisattvas. They did not know whether they knew how to forge artifacts or not. If they could not even hold a hammer on the stage, then it would be embarrassing.

The 'Bodhisattva' nodded his head, looked at White-brow and said faintly, "Let me see how far your ancient alchemy has been cultivated, and also let you experience the true ancient alchemy."

As soon as he finished.

Inside the god's design attic, Long Fei trembled slightly, "A real ancient alchemy?"

"What do you mean?"

"Could it be that the ancient alchemy that I used to cultivate in the past is not authentic? "Tch!" Long Fei expressed contempt in his heart. He had the inheritance of the ancient power on him.

How could the ancient alchemy he cultivated in be fake?

However... Long Fei looked at the black baleful qi on his hand and his heart tightened, "A black colored Refining Fire, that was basically not released at all, and the Refining Fire is already wrapped in his body, this ability …."

Very strong!

The aura on his body was extremely strong.

It felt as if there was an endless amount of power within it.

Abbot Whitebrow made a gesture of invitation, saying, "Let's see who's the true owner of the ancient alchemy."

As soon as he finished speaking!

The refining competition had begun.

The Bodhisattva waved his hand. "Boom!"

The black flames moved.

The surrounding presbyter of god's tribe s were shocked and immediately rolled out. Their mouths were covered in mud and they looked extremely miserable, but they did not dare to complain at all.

He even started praising her.

"What a powerful Refining Force."

"Amazing, it's going to be amazing!"

"The lord is mighty!"

… ….

The black aura moved and wrapped around a piece of Deep Sea Mysterious Iron. In the air, a black flame burned crazily. The power of the Heaven and Earth, and naturally, the Tao technique started to move.


The power of the Tao technique was naturally different from the world of the ancient alchemy that Long Fei cultivated in.

The power he released was incomparably tyrannical. Furthermore, it carried a sense of viciousness, evil, ruthlessness, and an endless amount of killing intent.

Darkness attribute ancient alchemy?


On the other side, Abbot Whitebrow did the same thing. However, the power he released was as weak as an ant compared to his opponent's.

Bai Mei's eyebrows tightened, her heart was not in a mess, she cultivated according to the secret technique Long Fei taught her, step by step.


The 'Bodhisattva' coldly looked at White-brow's actions, and said with a cold sneer: "A ancient alchemy like yours is simply a blasphemy to the ancient power."


As soon as his words fell, he flipped his hand.


The black infernal energy rushed out like a wild beast.

Abbot Whitebrow raised his eyes, his reaction wasn't slow either. The Refining Force released from his body surged forth to block the attack.

The two forces collided.

And then …

Abbot Whitebrow's eyes narrowed.

It was as if his power had been neglected, and did not have the slightest effect on the black power. Not only that, his mind suddenly started to become chaotic.

All sorts of evil powers surged into his mind.

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Bai Qi closed his eyes.

Resisting evil thoughts, but … A black infernal energy rushed out, as if the heavens were suddenly pressing down on them.


His entire body was crushed down from the air.

It crashed to the ground.

The semi-finished product he refined also turned into powder in an instant.


He spat out a mouthful of blood, and his face turned pale.

The people of god's design attic moved forward together.

"Can this kind of place be called a refining location?"

"How laughable!"

The 'Bodhisattva' coldly said. He raised his right hand, and the black infernal energy gathered once again, covering half of the refining plaza. His eyebrows moved.




It was as if a layer of black sky had crashed down, and all the people in god's design attic were squashed until they kneeled on the ground, the ground had caved in, and fresh blood gushed out of their bodies.

he was able to crush everyone in god's design attic with one hand!

It was terrifyingly powerful.

The people of god's tribe were stunned.

Those sect powerhouse s all looked as if they had seen a god. Their eyes were filled with worship, and they were on the verge of kneeling down and kowtowing.

"Hahaha …"

presbyter of god's tribe laughed out loud, "Abbot Whitebrow, you are crazy!"

"How arrogant!"

"You think you can compete with the ancient strong with just this little bit of Refining Technics? "Hahaha..."

The clan elders of the god's tribe were all excited.

The ancient strong's Refining Force had far exceeded their expectations.

He could crush the entire god's design attic with a single hand, he was too strong.

If they had known this would happen, they wouldn't have needed to fight in a war of attrition. A ancient strong would have been enough.

Whitebrow was crushed to the point of incomparable pain.

It was the same for the elders of the god's design attic s and their disciples.

… ….

"Do you want to make a move?"

"god's design attic is finished."

"Make your move!"

"I'm going to lose control of my power."

… ….

Li Yuanba stared at the ancient strong and frowned, "Ancient Devil."

"Do you know him?" Qing Yi asked.

Li Yuanba said: "I know the Black Fiend Qi on his body."

"They should be the earliest creatures in the ancient world, and also the first batch of creatures bred in the ancient world. The reason they are called organisms and not monsters is also because they are not humans and not demons, it is because they have not successfully evolved."

Qing Yi didn't understand.

Li Yuanba continued: "emperor Xuan actually let them out, what is he trying to do? Isn't he afraid that the ancient world will experience chaos again? "What good will it do him?"

Qingyi said: "In the past hundred years, he rarely goes into seclusion in Universal Realm, and no one in god's tribe knows what he wants to do."

"In this past year, he had constantly arranged for powerhouse s from the ancient world s to enter the Universal Realm. Why would these evil people all listen to his orders? "

Li Yuanba said: "emperor Xuan must be doing something."

Qing Yi said, "Do you want to make a move? The people of god's design attic will not be able to hold on any longer. "

Li Yuanba looked again and was about to make his move.

The god's design attic's door was pushed open once again.

'Clang! 'a loud sound was heard. All the black infernal energy suddenly vanished!

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